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The Bible Wheel had been debunked by its author.
Read all about it: Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy.

Isaiah 65.17f

Added March 19, 2003

666 - God's Secret Place: If you think 666 is intrinsically evil, be prepared to have your predjudices turned on their ear! This article is my effort to obey the imperative "let him calculate" found in Revelation 13.18. It is a very large article, containing ten distinct topics. It is profoundly integrated with many other articles, most notably those relating to the Creation Holograph and the Holographic Decalogue. It required the addition of over 100 identities in the Gematria Reference, which now contains exactly 2300 entries.

Driven Out: I added a large article listing multiples of the prime number 503 that originates in the exile from the Garden of Eden and culminates in the value of the Abomination of Desolation.

613 = The Circumcision: One of the most profound identities - which early on convinced me of the coherent divine design of the united Greek and Hebrew languages - is based on the quintessentialaly Jewish Number 613. If you know any Jews willing to look, point them to this article!

Added March 8, 2003

A Tale Told Twice

Ahab and Naboth: Seven common elements - including two KeyLinks - retell the story of Ahab's murder of Naboth and theft of his vineyard. Every hair on my body stood on end as I wrote this article! Such glory in God's Word - such power displayed!


A Bible Reading Plan: Stephen Kolk, a dear Brother in Christ, has put together a Bible Reading Plan that follows the pattern of the Wheel.

Themes of the Bible Books: Stephen Kolk also put together an over-view of how Christ is revealed in each book of the Bible. When I get more time, I will link these up with the relevant Spoke articles.

Added March 6, 2003

The Isaiah - Bible Correlation

Isaiah - Bible Link Index: The Index now contains 194 Links (including 158 KeyLinks) between 41 Chapters of Isaiah and the corresponding books of the Bible. The evidence of divine design is utterly overwhelming. This is an absolute MUST READ (if I do say so myself)!

Prophesy Not!: The links between Isaiah 30 and Amos (Book 30) are unlike anything I have ever seen in all the Bible. There are over 20 KeyLinks between these correlated passages! This is the greatest denisty of KeyLinks I have yet to discover in Scripture.

Throne of Judgment: The establishment of the Lord's Kingdom forms the basis of many links and KeyLinks between Isaiah 9, I Samuel and Psalm 9.

Spoke 6

Israel has no King!: The loss of Israel's King is one of the major themes of the Book of Hosea. Is it a coincidence that this is the name of the last King of Israel?

Ephraim: The name Ephraim is greatly maximized in Joshua and Hosea on Spoke 6. This then integrates with the theme uniting Isaiah 28 and Hosea (cf. The Pride of Ephraim). I now have published 39 distinct word distributions that reveal common themes uniting books on common Spokes.

Names, First and Last: This documents the phenomenon where proper nouns such as Gibeah, Ramah, and Bethaven make their first appearance in Joshua (Spoke 6, Cycle 1) and last in Hosea (Spoke 6, Cycle 2). This is another example of word distributions being integrated with the structure of the Wheel.

The Sixth Hour: The sun went dark at the sixth hour when Christ - the Light of the World - was crucified. This integrates with many themes from Spoke 6.

The Sixth Seal: Six Seals are opened in Revelation 6, culminating in the darkening of the Sun and a cosmic cataclysm. This integrates with many themes found associated with the Number Six throughout Scripture.

Added March 3, 2003

The Isaiah - Bible Correlation

Isaiah - Bible Link Index: I now have documented 80 links and KeyLinks between 30 Chapters of Isaiah and their corresponding books of the Bible.

Isaiah 56 - Titus: There is an extremely deep integration of Isaiah 56 and Titus, based on the meaning of Lamed as Teacher/Pastor.

Inner Cycle of Romans

Romans 12 - Renew your Mind! I discovered a new Greek/KJV KeyLink between Romans 12 and Titus today. The word Anakainosis/Renew appears only in Romans 12 and Titus in both the Greek Text and the KJV.

Added February 28, 2003

The Isaiah - Bible Correlation

Isaiah - Bible Link Index: I now have documented the links between 28 Chapters of Isaiah and their corresponding books of the Bible. I was absolutely astounded when I put this together. For years, I have been habitually adding records to my database, but have never reviewed all the entries (it contains about 2000 links and KeyLinks now). So imagine my surprize when I discovered over a DOZEN independent KeyLinks just between Isaiah 30 and the Book of Amos! The Index now contains 72 links and KeyLinks, with 8 first order projective links.

Spoke 9

I have finally scetched in the basic documentation of Spoke 9, with many links throughout Inner Cycles as well. I only have two Spokes to go (6 and 8) and I will have basic documentation done for every Spoke! Here are a few of the new articles:

Tet Alphabetic Verses: These are linked to many Spoke 9 articles.

Believing Lies: The Ninth Commandment manifests with perfect clarity on Spoke 9 in the theme of II Thessalonians, and is also linked to Romans 9 and 0 (Spoke 9, Cycle 3)

Who hath believed our report?: Isaiah 53 and II Thessalonians are linked with a beautiful Question and Answer based on the Ninth Commandment.

A Taste of Honey: The Tet KeyWord Ta'am first appears in I Samuel (Book 9) in the story of how Saul cause his people to sin agains the Lord by eating flesh with the blood, first prohibited in Genesis 9

How Thou Art Cut Off: The greatest density of the phrase "Cut Off" appears in the tiny book of Obadiah. This article relates this to the eatbalishment of the Covenant and the cutting off of the Messiah in Daniel 9 and 0 (Spoke 9, Cycle 3)

Throne of David: The link between Isaiah 9 and I Samuel is based on the establishment of God's Kingdom.

Head and Tail: The shape of Tet and its symbolic meaning as serpent both play a role in the profound link between Isaiah 9 and Revelation 9.

Spoke 7

Zayin Alphabetic Verses: Documents the Zayin KeyWords.

Divine Annunciation: Isaiah 7 is linked to Judges with a KeyLink based on one of the most important prophecies in all Scripture!

Romans 7: : This links to the Seventh Commandment and the Motions of Sin (and the busy buzzing nature of the letter Zayin.

Spoke 7 of the Psalms Cycle now has three articles: Psalm 7, Psalm 51, and Psalm 73.

Gematria Reference

There are now 2154 identities online.

Added February 20, 2003

Renew Your Mind: Oh! The never-ending wonder of God's Word! This morning I thought to open Scripture and write another article linking the Inner Cycle of Romans to the Bible Wheel. On the way to Romans 9 (which is what I thought I was going to write about) my eyes fell upon Romans 12.1 and the Lord opened my mind to the supernatural integration of His Holy Word. In the space of an hour, I had discovered two new KeyLinks and another word distribution maximized on Spoke 12, all perfectly integrated with articles I wrote months ago.

Romans 12 - The Pastoral Chapter: Just when I thought I would stop for the day I noticed that the admonition to hospitality was common to Romans 12 and Titus. I then reconsidered the character of Romans 12 and noticed it is truly a "Pastoral Chapter" just like Titus is a Pastoral Epistle, and when I begain to write the article, I discovered yet another KeyLink to Titus!

False Prophets and Unclean Spirits: I stumbled upon yet another KeyLink between Revelation 16 and Zechariah this morning when I was writing the article on Romans 12. We now have six KeyLinks documented between these geometrically correlated passages.

I have submitted the Bible Wheel site on another Christian site index - If you think it is important to get this information out, then please vote each time you visit. You are allowed one vote per day on each site.

Added February 19, 2003

Then the LORD answered Job out of the whirlwind, and said, Who is this that darkeneth counsel by words without knowledge? Gird up now thy loins like a man; for I will demand of thee, and answer thou me.

Job 38.1f

Answer Thou Me: Is it possible to improve on the Bible Wheel? The answer would certainly be "yes" if the Wheel were a mere happenstance of history, or even a carefully crafted human invention. This article presents a few of the challenges faced by anyone who would deny the divine design of Scripture.

The Feast of Weeks: Pentecost is the 50th Day after Passover. It is prescribed in terms of a "week of weeks." This forms the basis of a very strong link between Deuteronomy and Daniel on Spoke 5 with a cc of .85! It is an awesome discovery I just saw this morning. This is yet another example of the never-ending power of the Wheel to reveal the depths of God's Wisdom in Scripture.

Isaiah-Bible Link Index: I have listed about 22 of the primary links between chapters of Isaiah and the corresponding books of the Bible.

Spoke 1 Link Index: I updated the list of primary Spoke 1 links and KeyLinks, which now contains over 35 elements. I also have added a [Verify] hyperlink that automatically opens a window to the SearchGodsWord site and performs the appropriate search to prove the validity of the KeyLink.

Old News 2002: All my announcements for October through December of 2002 have been moved to the Old News section.

Added February 14, 2003

Quph Alphabetic Verses: I have added an article that systematically analyses the Quph KeyWords God used in the Alphabetic Verses. There are many links to elements on the Bible Wheel and Inner Wheels and Cycles.

The Burden of Egypt: Isaiah 19 opens with two Quph KeyWords and contains a total of six Quph KeyWords used by God in the Alphabetic Verses. In this verse-by-verse analysis, we discover an extremely strong integration of the nineteenth letter with Spoke 19 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah.

The Secret Revealed: Updated (about doubled in size).

Isaiah 5 - Hovei!: The Fifth Chapter of Isaiah contains the greatest density of the Heh KeyWord Hovei (Woe!). This is the negative image of the Blessings we find in Matthew 5 and Deuteronomy.

Dew of Heaven: The phrase "Dew of Heaven" appears only in Genesis 27 and the 27th Book, Daniel. This is an update of the article that I have had published for a while, now with additional KeyLinks and integrated with the Coordinated Debuts in Genesis and Isaiah article.

Gematria Reference: There are now 2104 intwrwoven identities online.

Added February 10, 2003

Inner Cycle of Romans: I have added eight articles documenting the integration of Romans chapters 1, 2, 3, 4, 11, 13, 14, and 15 with the general structure of Scripture. I will write more as I get time. These were simply the most obvious links - comprising no less than half the book! I did this all in one day. As I reach critical mass in the documentation of the Bible Wheel, the interlocking pieces fall together with ever increasing ease, simplicity, and rapidity, rather like a jigsaw puzzle as you near completion. This is, of course, one of the great signs of the truth of the Wheel, there is never a need for a forced fit (God forbid!). Indeed, the words of Solomon ring with Truth and Clarity (Proverbs 4.18):

But the path of the just is as the shining light, that shineth more and more unto the perfect day.

Coordinated Debuts in Genesis and Isaiah: The principle of First Occurrence shines with great clarity in the coordinated debuts of nearly 30 key concepts in Genesis and Isaiah, with many of these concepts linking directly to the structure of the Bible Wheel.

Added February 7, 2003

Spoke 16

Open My Eyes, O Lord!

I've updated Spoke 16 and added numerous Inner Wheel articles.

The Chief Shepherd: I have updated this article, linking it to many of the new articles. I also included a graph of the density of the word shepherd throughout the Bible, which is maximized on Spoke 16 in Zechariah and I Peter. There are now 36 graphs showing how God distributed His Words throughout the entire Bible in conformity with the structure of the Wheel (cf. Word Distributions).

Upon One Stone: The supernatural integration of Zechariah and I Peter rests on many references to the idea of the Stone, the Shepherd, and the Eyes of God. This is one of the most amazing features of the Bible - I Peter fully integrates with content from Spoke 16 while II Peter, penned by the the same human writer, completely integrates with the very distinct content of Spoke 17!

Hearts of Stone: Nehemiah and Zechariah are linked by a huge set of KeyLinks based on their refusal to hear the prophets sent by God.

Isaiah 38: Remember Me, O Lord!: The links between Isaiah 38 and numerous elements of Spoke 16 such Nehemiah, Zechariah, Psalm 38 and Revelation 16 all conspire to declare the glory of God's Wisdom given in His Holy Word.

Psalm 60: Scattered Sheep: The theme of scattering of God's Sheep runs through all three books on Spoke 16, and manifests in the first verse of Psalm 60, corresponding to I Peter.

I've added my site to the Christian Web Search site They rank sites according to how many votes they get from users. You can vote for by clicking on the link above, or the icon on the bottom of the Homepage, or on the Sidebar. Be sure to vote if you think the revelation of the sevenfold symmetric perfection of God's Holy Bible is something the world shoud know about. It only takes two clicks of the mouse. You can vote once per day.

Added February 5, 2003

Web Rings

God's Spirit unites the brethren to accompish His Work. We are all part of one body (Ephesians 4.4). There are many wonderful Christian websites now available, so I have begun linking this site to various Christian web rings, which are listed at the bottom of the Links and Resources page.

Added February 4, 2003

The Wheel of Light: I have refined the graphic that displays the autocorrelation of the text of Genesis 1.3-5 (the creation of light). It is now in Macromedia Flash format, which makes it much smaller and allows users to zoom in with no loss of resolution.

The Prophet Elijah: Elijah first appears in I Kings on Spoke 11. This establishes a pattern that runs through Scripture.

The Inspired Word: Two of the best known passages declaring the divine inspiration and power of God's Word are found in Isaiah 55 and its corresponding book, II Timothy.

Yod Versus Kaph: The meanings of Yod and Kaph are compared, yilding deep insight into the divine design of the Bible and its integration with the grammar of the Hebrew language.

Yod Alphabetic Verses: The meaning of Yod is derived from the Alphabetic Verses.

Kaph Alphabetic Verses: The meaning of Kaph is derived from the Alphabetic Verses.

Isaiah 66 - Revelation: I have updated the article discussing the many astounding links and KeyLinks between Isaiah 66 and Bible Book 66.

Added January 29, 2003

Gematria Reference Redesigned: I changed the design for smoother operation and faster page loads. Formerly, the entire list of identities was loaded into the side frame whenever the Reference was accessed. This became more and more cumbersome as the the number of entries increased (there are now nearly 2000). I have removed the frames and seemlessly integrated the GR with the rest of the site. All hyperlinked numbers such as 37, 73, or 373, link to articles in the GR which should come up as quickly as any other page on the site. I also added a Search GR page that allows you to browse entries in managable byte sized pieces.

Isaiah 3 Verse-by-Verse: This article reviews the integration of Isaiah 3 with all the major themes of Spoke 3 discovered thoughout the Bible Wheel and Inner Wheels. This is a complete rewriting of the outline I have had published for some time.

Added January 17, 2003

More Spoke 4 Articles

The Door opens ever wider! At ever turn, new wonders leap out! No matter how hard I work, I will never be able to even begin to declare the infinite perfection of God's Holy Bible!

The Divine Chariot: The greatest density of the Number 4 in Scripture is found on Spoke 4 in the Book of Ezekiel. This is but the beginning of wonders! God encoded profound insights to the structure of the Bible in the Book of Ezekiel. This alone would take a lifetime to document.

Dalet Alphabetic Verses: I have written a large article linking the 22 Dalet Alphabetic Verses to dozens of Spoke 4 articles. A good place to start.

Borders: As I was researching Ezekiel's vision of the foursquare Temple I noticed that God reiterated His divine command relating to the borders of the Promised Land. And where did he do it the first time? In Numbers, of course, on Spoke 4!

The Marks of Christ: Galatians alone speaks of the marks (stigmata) of Christ. This links with everything from the Fourth Day of Creation, through Genesis 4, Ezekiel, and even the geometry naturally associated with the Number 4.

Birth of Christ in Us: The fundamental theme of Birth that originates in Geneis 4 manifests with the birth of Christ in us in Galatians.

A Covenant of Peace: The great theme established in the Fourth Commandment (Sabbath Rest) manifests in this Spoke 4 KeyLink between Numbers and Ezekiel

Psalm 4: Dwelling in Peace and Safety: The theme of Peace manifests on the Inner Cycle of the Psalms, with many links and KeyLinks to other elements of Spoke 4.

Isaiah 26 - Perfect Peace: The theme of Peace continues in Cell 26 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah, and is integrated with the theme of God's Name.

Psalm 48 - The City of God: The great theme of God's Foursquare City and Temple is the starting point of a strong integration of Psalm 48 with other elements of Spoke 4 - most notably a KeyLink to Isaiah 48.

Added January 10, 2003

Spoke 4

Behold A Door!

I've updated Spoke 4 (still a work in progress) and added a few Inner Wheel articles.

Behold A Door: The many KeyLinks between Ezekiel and Revelation 4 are amplified by the extensive use of the words Door and Gate in the Book of Ezekiel.

Thy Dead Shall Live: The meaning of Dalet as Death/Rest/Tomb (as well as the Key that opens the Tomb) is used of God in the divine integration of Ezekiel (Book 26) with Isaiah 26. This is just the first of a whole series of articles linking these two passages. The integration is so deep, I could write a whole book about it. Its a gold mine!

Cloud and Fire: Isaiah 4 consists of a mere six verses, yet in these six verses the Lord God Almighty found plenty of room to reiterate one of the primary features found in Numbers, Book 4.

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