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The Bible Wheel had been debunked by its author.
Read all about it: Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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For, behold, I create new heavens and a new earth: and the former shall not be remembered, nor come into mind. But be ye glad and rejoice for ever in that which I create: for, behold, I create Jerusalem a rejoicing, and her people a joy.

Isaiah 65.17f

Added December 31, 2005

Some folks reported the images were not showing up in the Table of Contents for certain browsers. I updated the page. Please let me know if there are any problems.

As for the book: I have contacted some printers and it looks like I should be closing a deal in the first week of January, 2006, with production completed about 4 to 6 weeks later.

Added December 25, 2005

Merry Christmas! Praise God for the Gift of Jesus Christ!

I posted the Table of Contents of the book.

Added December 22, 2005


It has 400 pages, 215,000+ words. Now its off the to the printers.

Bible Wheel Book Update

I have about 350 pages of the final draft done. I am aiming at 400-450 pages max. I originally thought I was going to just publish this website in book form, and so expected it to be done in "a couple months." Well, God had other plans. He poured out more revelation in the last eighteen months than in all the years that went before. So its taken longer than I had anticipated, but let me assure you, the wait will be worth it!

Bible Wheel Discussion on

See the apologetic power of God's Wheel in action! You can participate in the discussion here.

Added February 5, 2004

Bible Wheel Book

I am in process of completing a book on the Bible Wheel. Please pray that the Lord give me the wisdom to accomplish this task in accordance with His Will and Wisdom, to bring glory to Him and many into His Kingdom. God willing, I should be done in a couple months. Send an email to if you would like to be notified when the book is available. It will contain two parts: 1) A complete introduction to the topic and 2) A detailed synopsis of the 22 Spokes. It will probably cost between $20.00 to $30.00, depending on if I self-publish or not.

Publishers take note: I am in process of finding a publishing house. Please contact me if your company would be interested in promoting this revelation of the divine Unity of the Holy Bible.

Added February 3, 2004

World History: Eighteenth Century

Revolutions for Just Government: A light went on when I read histrorian Charles Van Doren comment that "we will never forget the new ideas about just government that were advanced and fought for during the revolutions of the eighteenth century in England, America, and France." We now can see the perfect integration of these primary events with the meaning of the eighteenth letter, Tsaddi.

Added January 5, 2004

Zechariah's Prophetic Vision of the Whole Bible

The Divine Seal and Capstone of God's Word: After completing this article last week, I was dissatisfied because I didn't have insight into the meaning of the Two Olive Trees standing on either side of the Menorah (God's Word). After a litle research, I was astounded to find that they represent the Old and New Testaments. This then led to the revelation of Zechariah's vision as a vision of the whole Bible, as shown below:

Added January 1, 2004

The Divine Seal and Capstone of God's Word

The Divine Seal and Capstone of God's Word: Rejoice! Prophecies concerning the One Stone with Seven Eyes and the Capstone brought forth by Zerubbabel in the book of Zechariah (Spoke 16, Cycle 2) are now revealed as prophecies of the divine structure of the Holy Word.

Spoke 22

My Wedding Ring: God used my recent marriage to form a link between my deepest commitments and the ultimate meaning of all Scripture integrated with the geometric structure of His Holy Word.

Inner Cycle of Matthew

Jesus and the Lions' Den: When researching the use of seals in the Bible, I stumbled upon a KeyLink between Matthew 27 and Daniel (Book 27). This then led to the discovery of the divine integration of Matthew 27 with the 27th Book of the Canon.

Gematria Reference

The Great Seal of the United States of America: The divine Providence that guided the foundation of the United States is reflected in the design of the Great Seal.

Added June 20, 2003

World History

The First Century: The divine preparation of the Gospel is seen in the rise of Greek as the one common language (cf. Genesis 11) and the Roman Roads (cf. Isaiah 40), which link to books on Spoke 1. Likewise, the Birth of Christ is foretold in two famous verses from Isaiah (Spoke 1, Cycle 2). We now have 23 articles documenting the supernatural integration of fourteen centuries of Christian History with their corresponding Spokes.

Added June 18, 2003

New Canon Wheel Graphic

Canon Wheel Graphic: The new image is integrated with the new image of the Bible Wheel, so you can click a button and see turn into the other. Also, I have incorporated the Circle and the Cross into the center of the Canon Wheel so the Axis of the Wheel, which is the Cross of Jesus Christ, now shines with divine light, "rightly dividing the Word of Truth."

Spoke 21 Inner Cycles

My Exceeding Joy!: Psalm 21 is a wonder to explore. It contains seven fundamental Shin KeyWords and many KeyLinks to other elements of Spoke 21.

Called by Name: The great Spoke 21 theme based on the Shin KeyWord Shem (Name) manifests with perfect clarity in Isaiah 65 on Spoke 21 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah.

Matthew 21: Believe Jesus Christ!: This article documents the numerous KeyLinks between Matthew 21 and John (Spoke 21, Cycle 2).

Added June 17, 2003

Spoke 22 Link Index

Spoke 22 Link Index: This page lists 60 of the major links and KeyLinks between elements of Spoke 22. It contains about 50K of text.

New and Updated Spoke 22 Articles

These updates popped out while collating the Spoke 22 Link Index.

New Articles Updated Articles

New Bible Wheel Graphics

The New Bible Wheel graphic integrates the color scheme of the Canon Wheel with the full Wheel that displays all the Books of the Bible and the Inner Wheel of Revelation.

Added June 13, 2003

The History of the World

I now have 22 articles documenting the integration of 13 Centuries with their corresponding Spokes of the Bible Wheel. Such ease, simplicity, and purity! In less than two weeks I have covered 13 centuries. The whole Panoply of Time, the March of the Centuries, is opening like a flower right before our eyes.

Papal Supremacy and Fall: The thrill of discovery has become my daily bread. As I researched the history of the Popes I stumbled upon the Fourteenth Century papal bull Unam Sanctam that contains the first official declaration of absolute Papal Supremacy over "every human creature." The correlation with elements from Spoke 14 leaves no room for doubt of the true Divine Sovereignty of Almighty God.

Holy Roman Empire: The rise of the Holy Roman Empire in the Tenth Century corresponds to the ascent of David to the Throne in the Tenth Book (II Samuel). The entire course of the Middle Ages follows the alphabetic sequence spelt out by the middle letters of the Hebrew Alphabet.

Inner Cycle of Genesis

The First Kingdom: The debut of the word "kingdom" in Genesis 10.10 integrates with the ascent of King David to the Throne in the Tenth Book and the rise of the Holy Roman Empire in the Tenth Century.


Spoke 21 and the Bible Wheel: John Tng (owner of This link takes you off the Bible Wheel site and opens a new window) traced out many fascinating and insightful links between elements of Spoke 21. Many of his insights link directly to other elements of the Bible Wheel that have been documented on this site for some time.

Added June 10, 2003

The History of the World

I now have 18 articles documenting the integration of 10 Centuries with their corresponding Spokes of the Bible Wheel. This is the purest form of scientific verification - the fruitfulness of the Wheel as a lense through which to view Scripture is unlike anything I have ever seen. Whole centuries of human experience just fall into place with a mere glance, fully integrated with the geometric structure of God's everlasting Word.

Schism of East and West: The division between the the Eastern and Western branches of the Christian Church in the Eleventh Century echoes the division of Solomon's Kingdom after his death, recorded in the Eleventh Book, I Kings.

The Scientific Revolution: The Seventeenth Century saw ten thousand secrets of Nature open to the new scientific method. This is deeply integrated with the meaning of Peh and its manifestation in the Books of Esther, Malachi, and II Peter.

The Seal of the SPG: This Seal - produced at the opening of the Eighteenth Century with the founding of the Society for the Propogation of the Gospel in Foreign Parts, is an image of Isaiah 18.

Swift Messengers: The revelation of the integration of the Bible Wheel with World History sheds great light on the overall structure of both, as seen with particular clarity in the relation between Isaiah 18 and the world wide missionary movement of the Eighteenth Century.

Added June 6, 2003

The History of the World

World History: Last weekend I received divine inspiration to compare each Spoke of the Wheel with its corresponding Century since the birth of Christ. The results were immediate, obvious, and overwhelming. Within just four days I completed 15 articles (8500+ words) documenting the supernatural integration of some of the most sigificant and well-known events from eight different centuries such as the Sixteenth Century Protestant Revolution, and the Eighteenth Century expansion of world wide missions, and the Twentieth Century medical revolution, to name but a few. The new section is now accessible from the center of the main menu bar at the top of each page.

Added May 30, 2003

[Inner Cycles] > The Gospel of John

Three days ago I was suddenly inspired to document the Inner Cycle of John's Gospel. For years, I have noticed highly significant links with various aspects of the bwheel but had to wait until those aspects were fully documented before the Inner Cycle of John could make sense to others. The results are absolutely astounding. For example, Jesus speaks of His Father's House in John 2 (House = Beyt = 2) and His Father's Hand in John 10 (Hand = Yod = 10). Likewise, He gives His "new commandment" that we love each other "as he loved us" in John 13 (Love = 13), where also He washed his disciples feet with water (Water = Mayim = 13). The correlations blaze with divine Light and Wisdom! Glory to God in the highest! In just three days I was able to document the integration of all but three chapters of John with the rest of the Bible Wheel site. Of course, this is just the beginning. Now that I have the basic structure of the Inner Cycle of John documented, I will be able to link and add to it as I continue writing articles on other aspects of the infinite Wonder that is the Word of God. The new articles consist of 18 web pages containing over 10,000 words. Thank God for the gift of His Holy Wisdom, and the strength to accomplish His Work.

Added May 27, 2003

[Wheel] > Spoke 2

The Call of Two Prophets: The call of Moses in Exodus is very similar to that of Jeremiah in his book. This is the basis of many KeyLinks between these two great books. Professor Barry L. Bandstra is shown to be an unbiased witness to this structure, having made similar obsevations with no knowledge of the Wheel.

The Structure of Exodus: The outline of the Second Book developed by J. Sidlow Baxter is shown to be fully integrated with Spoke 2 of the Bible Wheel. This is significant because Baxter didn't know about the Wheel when he outlined Exodus, so it is another objective, unbiased witness to the divine design of the Bible in the form of the Wheel.

The Second Day: Division of the Waters: The coordinated theme of the Division and Gathering of the Waters in the Second and Third Days of Creation manifest in the themes of I and II Corinthians on Spokes 2 and 3 of Cycle 3.

The Shield of the Blessed Trinity

Update: I updated this article with pictures of the Trinity Shield from a 15th Century stained glass window in St. Mary's Church in Henham, England. I also added a section discussing the Trisagion from Revelation 4.

Added May 15, 2003

Search Function Added!

The BibleWheel site now has over 800 web pages. This is roughly equivalent to a 2000 - 3000 page bound volume. The need for a search function was clear. To search for any word, set of words, or phrases on this site, simply enter the search string and press "Search" (near the top on the right navigation bar). This will pop up a window with results from Google, which has fully indexed this site. The results should include everything that has been published for more than two weeks or so (the refresh rate of Google).

[Topics] > Divine Artistry

The Shield of the Blessed Trinity: The prime structure of the Shema, as represented in the Unity Holograph, looks like the ancient Shield of the Blessed Trinity found the in stained glass of many churches. This "coincidence" led to an avalanche of insight into the "first and greatest commandment" as Jesus put it. This is a large in-depth article (12 pages if printed) of over 3700 words and lots of graphics. The Shema is now easily seen as one of the greatest works of God's Holy Art.

The Bible as Divine Art: This article links many articles based on God's use of art in His design of Scripture. Numerous symbols found enshrined throughout Christian churches, such as the Circle, Triangle, Trefoil, Cross, Tri-radiant Halo, and Star of Creation have been discovered as templates used by God in the design of structure of Scripture.

I moved the Art, Theology, and Prophecy article to the Topics section where it naturally fits with the other art-related articles.

Added May 9, 2003

Inner Cycle of Revelation

Come Out of Her My People!: Documentation of Links and KeyLinks between Revelation 18 and Chapter 40 (Spoke 18, Cycle 2) of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah, including integration with the meaning of the Letter Tsaddi.

Added May 8, 2003

The Bible Wheel

Art, Theology, and Prophecy: The geometric structure of the Canon Wheel has been used in Christian Iconography for over fifteen hundred years to denote Deity. This article investigates the prophetic implications of Christian Theological Art.

Added May 6, 2003

Inner Cycle of Romans

The Death of Christ: Romans 6 is deeply integrated with many Spoke 6 themes relating to the humiliation and death of Christ. This article also collects eight sequential links between Romans 4, 5, 6 and Cycle 3 on Spokes 4, 5, 6.

Added May 2, 2003

Inner Cycle of Romans

The Sign: I updated this article with a list of KeyLinks between Romans 4 and Galations (Spoke 4, Cycle 3). These links are particularly significant in light of the KeyLinks between Romans 5 and Ephesians (Spoke 5, Cycle 3) documented in the Romans 5 article.

The Grace of Life: Themes of Grace and Life are strong in Romans 5. I now have 12 of the 16 chapters of Romans integrated with elements of the Bible Wheel. That's 75%.

Added May 1, 2003

New Banner Bar: I added an ancient (~1260 AD) icon of Christ Pantocrator (Ruler of All) to reveal its direct correspondence with the geometric structure of Scripture in the form of the Canon Wheel. It is particularly significant that the threefold cruciform halo has been used throughout Christian history to identify Deity. The icon is from the Hagia Sophia Church.

New Canon Wheel Graphic: I updated the Canon Wheel graphic to match the colors of the stained glass Canon Wheel. Be sure to scroll down in the article since I've also added some information relating to icons of Christ.

Remember Me, Oh God! Some months ago I published this article that showed how four verses of Nehemiah implicitly pointed to the Book of Zechariah by name. I have now expanded the article to show how God placed the phrase defining the name Nehemiah (the Lord shall comfort) in the book of Zechariah, so that the name of each prophet is contained in the other's prophecy.

Added April 22, 2003

For Glory and for Beauty:: Many people ask why God designed the Bible in the form of a Wheel. One of the most obvious reasons is "for glory and for beauty." This becomes clear in the stained glass image of the Canon Wheel that my fiance made for me for Christmas 2002.

Added April 17, 2003

Spoke 8

Full Circle!

I have finally completed the the basic documentation of the entire Wheel! Though there remains a true infinity of wonders yet to declare, there is now something written for each of the 22 Spokes. Spoke 8 was the last to be documented simply because it was the one that I knew the least about. Imagine my surprise when I discovered the essence of Chet has to do with binding things together (as exemplified in the bond of Ruth to her mother-in-law) and the formation of a union between people (as in Ruth's marriage to Boaz). Under the guidence of God, the process of documentation of the Wheel has itself exemplified the pattern of the Wheel, with the documentation of the final Spoke sealing up (Chatham) the last gap, in perfect harmony with the meaning of the letter Chet.

The Meaning of the Number 8:: This explores the traditional Christian understanding of the Number 8 as a symbol of the Entrance into the Covenant (Circumcision & Baptism), Resurrection, and New Beginnings, with an excursion into the idea of musical Octaves.

Chet Alphabetic Verses: This article reviews the words that God used in the Chet Alphabetic Verses.

Chet KeyWords: This page reviews many Chet KeyWords (beyond those found in the Alphabetic Verses) that manifest the general Chet themes of Fence, Hedge, Wall, Enclosure and Bond.

Research and Reviews

Hebrew Word Pictures: Dr. Frank T. Seekins contacted me and informed me of the wonderful work he has been doing on the analysis of Hebrew words in terms of the meaning of the individual letters. The convergence of our completely independent work is truly astounding.

Old news 2003...

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