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The Bible Wheel had been debunked by its author.
Read all about it: Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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Old News: What's New? for Sept. 2001 - July 2002

Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.

II Corinthians 5.17

Added July 19, 2002

New image of the Unity Holograph: I reworked the graphic to exhibit the supernatural integration the Shema (Deuteronomy 6.4) with greater clarity. This is the verse that the Lord Jesus Christ declared to be the first and greatest commandment. In this, he and the Jews have been in constant agreement.


Added July 11, 2002

Figurate Numbers: Many of the most significant numerical structures in Scipture are based on simple geometric objects such as Triangles, Squares, Pentagons, and Hexagons. Number sequences based on these figures are called Figurate Numbers. This new article gives an introduction to these number sequences with numerous examples, applications, and links to other articles.

News Flash!

While writing the Figurate Numbers article, I made the most astounding discovery! The tenth Hexagonal Star Number - numbers in the form of the Star of David - is the prime Number 541, which coincides with the numerical weight of the name Israel! It is also the value of The Commandments which were given to Israel! Glory!


The Humilation of Christ: A few of the many links between Isaiah 50 and Philippians (Book 50) are discussed. The links between eighteen chapters of Isaiah with their corresponding books of the Bible are now documented.

Gematria Reference: The database now contains 1026 identities subsumed in 189 Numerical Categories. I continue to link these identities to articles throughout the site.

Multiples of Ten: This article gives examples of how the Number Ten modulates between the Greek fulfillment of many Hebrew prophetic symbols.

Added July 4, 2002

New Collaboration Section!

Collaboration: Calling all authors! I have added a section to publish any research relating to Gematria, the Isaiah-Bible correlation, and the Bible Wheel. The contributing author retains the copyright to his or her material published on this site. Please don't be shy! Now is not the time for timidity! If you have any insights into the structure of the Bible that integrate with the material presented on this site, please share them with your brothers and sisters in the Lord.

Biblical Holographs: I moved all the Biblical Holograph articles into the Gematria Reference (where they naturally belong) so the interlocked number patterns can be seen with a click of the mouse. Also, I added the following articles:

The Fountain of Life Holograph: This is the first holograph I ever discovered. I have worked really hard to get it published today, the 11th aniversary of the day the Lord gave it to me. Talk about fireworks! Glory!

The Grace Manifest Holograph: This is an exploration of the astounding structure of John 1.14, which is built on eight nested levels of multiples of 19.

The Logos Holograph: The incredible integration of Hebrews 4.12 with the meaning of the Letter Beyt (= 412) and the prime numbers 73 (Wisdom) and 373 (Logos) is explored.

Gematria Reference: The database now contains 946 identities subsumed in 176 Numerical Categories. They are highly integrated with links between related numbers and Biblical Holograph articles.

Hypertext BibleWheel (again): I reworked it yet again for smoother operation. It didn't work properly in Netscape 4 (see below).

Netscape 4 Bugs: Much to my chagrin, I discovered that there were many Netscape 4 bugs that I hadn't taken care to code around. I have fixed a lot of them, but there is still a lot of work to do ... as always!

Added June 21, 2002

New Hypertext BibleWheel!: I increased the size for easier navigation and added numerous links - all but one Spoke now have hyperlinks to articles displaying God's divine design of the Bible in the form of the bwheel! I also changed the functionality so that now you need to click the hyperlinks to get the data displayed. Unfortunately, there are a few of the new links that don't have the associated articles published yet - so don't worry if you click and get a message that says "The requested article has not been posted yet." There's so much work to do!

Spoke 21:

The Letter Shin: Never ending amazement! I was writing an article about Ecclesisastes (Book 21) when I noticed that the density of words prefixed with the 21st Letter seemed unusually high. A quick search confirmed that fifty percent of all occurrences of this letter as a pronomial prefix are found in Book 21! We have overwhelming evidence - bright shining as the sun - confirming the divine design of the Holy Bible in accordance with the pattern of the Hebrew alphabet.

Under the Sun: The distribution of the the Shin KeyWord (Shemesh, Sun) is greatly maximized on Spoke 21. It integrates with the great theme of "Light of the World" in John.

The Work of God: Ecclesiastes presents the vanity of the world seen "Under the Sun." This integrates with the meaningful life found in the true light of the World - Christ Jesus. These ideas are integrated under the idea of the "Work of God" which forms part of a KeyLink between Ecclesiastes and John.

Spoke 22

Resurrection: I've add numerous highly integrated Spoke 22 articles dealing with the great themes of Marriage as a metaphor of the Consumation of Creation. These are shown to be designed by God as fundamental Spoke 22 themes by examining the distributions of words such as Worship, Resurrection, and Seal.

Matthew 22: I've extended the article linking the Inner Alphabetic Cycle of Matthew to Book 22 (Song of Solomon) to integrate it with the Spoke 22 themes of Resurrection and Apocalypse.

Word Distributions: I now have 32 graphs of word distributions that correlate with the structure of the Wheel. The new ones are discussed in the new Spoke 21 and Spoke 22 articles listed above. Simply stated, the objective scientific evidence of the divine design of the Holy BIble is overwhelming!

Added June 11, 2002

Verse-by-verse analysis of Psalm 145: This article explores how the acrostic Psalm 145 reveals the meaning of each letter, and how they integrate with the Christian Canon in the form of the Wheel. There is also an analysis of Psalm 111 now available.

Word Distributions: I now have 26 graphs of word distributions that correlate with the structure of the Wheel. Here are the new ones:

Spoke 4:

The Door: The meaning of Dalet (Door) manifests in the maximization of the distribution of the words door* and gate* on Spoke 4! Incredible!
The Four Directions: The distribution of north, east, west, and south are maximized on Spoke 4.
The Names of the Fourth Book: The distributions of both the word "number" and the phrase "in the wilderness" are maximized on Spoke 4. These represent both the Hebrew and Greek names of the Fourth Book.

Spoke 5:

His Mighty Power: God's Power is displayed on Spoke 5 of the Wheel. There are two graphs and multiple KeyLinks based on the words "mighty" and "power."

Spoke 21:

The Sun/Light of the World: The Shin KeyWord pic (Shemesh, Sun) is maximized on Spoke 21. It integrates with the theme of the Light of the World found in John.

The Cross in the Wilderness: The fourfold plan of the camp in the wilderness is defined by God on Spoke 4. This then links to the fourfold plan of the Levitical city described in Numbers and Ezekiel, with a highly significant KeyLink based on the Four Directions. Endless wonder!

The Eternal I AM (Isaiah 43 - John): I updated this article with a graph of the distribution of the phrase "I AM" found in the last 27 chapters of Isaiah. It is almost exactly the same as the graph of the distribution throughout the New Testament, with a correlation coefficient of .74! There are also a few new Spoke 21 articles, like Under the Sun

The Apocalypse (Isaiah 66 - Revelation): I layed out a few of the many links between Isaiah 66 and Revealtion. There is much more to come, but this is a start.

The Key of David: This article shows how the Key of David forms a KeyLink between Isaiah 22.22 and Revelation on Spoke 22! Incredible - the Key forms a KeyLink! Furthermore, I discuss how the Key is itself a multiple of 22, and how it is found in Isaiah 22.22, and how it unlocks the overall structure of the Bible in the form of the Wheel of 22 Spokes! Glory to God!

Old Testament Citations in Romans: The divine integration of Genesis, Isaiah, and Romans is demonstrated by the distribution of Old Testament citations in Romans. Nearly half come from either Genesis or Isaiah.

New Feature: The font size can now be adjusted using the settings in your browser.

Also, there are lots of new little articles, corrections, and internal links sprinkled throughout the site. Please pray for me and this work.

Added March 12, 2002

This site is finally reaching critical mass! It now contains over 600 interlocking pages that bear witness to the Divine Design of the Holy Bible. As you will note in the new links below, the sparks flying off the main Spokes of the Bible Wheel ignite the Inner Cycles of Genesis, Psalms, Isaiah, Matthew and Revelation! Glorious Biblical Fractal Fusion! Radiant Divine Wisdom - Infinte Rings of Light! And yet I speak the truth when I say I have barely scratched the surface. I know if I live another 50 years, I will leave this planet just beginning to glimpse the wonder that is the Glorious God of the Holy Bible, the one and only King of the Universe, the Lord of Light, Love, and Liberty, my Blessed Lord Jesus Christ - giver of Everlasting Life!

Inner Wheels and Inner Cycles: I have made significant progress documenting the integration of the Inner Wheels of Isaiah and Revelation with the Hebrew Alphabet and the Bible Wheel. I also have added an entire section on the Inner Cycle of the Psalms, with numerous supernatural links to the Bible Wheel, the Inner Wheels of Isaiah and Revelation, and the Inner Cycles of Genesis and Matthew. Endless Wonder!

InnerWheel: Isaiah 45 - Romans: I added two articles documenting the supernatural integration of Isaiah 45 with the 45th Book of the Bible. They touch upon some of the most significant and sublime doctrines of Scripture, such as the Justification of Sinners and the Sovereignty and Justice of God, as well as the Doctrine of Creation. There are numerous Keylinks and one first order projective link.

Spoke 13: Mayim - As the Waters Cover the Sea: Many articles documenting Spoke 13. Most significantly, it is shown to be integrated with the Unity Holograph and the Thirteen Verses of I Corinthians 13. Likewise, I document the integration of Isaiah 35 with Book 35 and the idea of Water in the article called Streams in the Desert. I then continue the river of Revelation and document the incredible links between the Inner Wheels of Revelation with Spoke 13 of the Bible Wheel and the meaning of Mayim (Water). And there are others too ...

Spoke 10: Yod - Holy Hands: Many articles documenting Spoke 10. In particular, the divine integration of the Tenth Commandment with I Timothy on Spoke 10 (the love of money - covetousness). I also discovered all Ten Commandments listed in I Timothy 1. There are also many links through the Inner Cycles of the Psalms, Revelation, and Isaiah.

Spoke 14: Nun - Inheritence and Posterity: The significance of Nun is shown to integrate with the Book of Hebrews on Spoke 14, and the Inner Cycle of Genesis where both "Hebrew" and Melchizedek first appear in Genesis 14. Likewise, we see that Isaiah 14 contains the only occurrence of Neen (Son, from the root Nun). The infinite wealth of Isaiah is further plumbed as we explore the meaning of Nun as "to fall" in The Fall of Lucifer.

Spoke 21: Shin - The Pool of Siloam: Integration between the Gospel of John and the Shin KeyWord Shelach (Sent) is discussed. I also have a new word distribution showing the maximization of the phrase "sent me" in John. Divine integration of Isaiah 43 with John is proiven through multiple converging lines of evidence, each convincing in itself. Also a extremely beautiful and elegant KeyLink between Psalm 43 and John based on the words Light and Truth is documented.

Spoke 7: I added two articles that document the integration of Judges, Joel, and Psalm 7. I also added links to associated articles from Matthew 7 and Spoke 7 (Cycle 2) of the InnerWheel of Isaiah.

InnerWheel: Isaiah 29 - Joel: In the process of writing the new Spoke 7 articles, I stumbled upon some incredible insights into the correlation between Isaiah 29 and the Book of Joel. There is no end to the wonder!

Gematria Reference: New articles relating to Prayer, Revelation 8.3 and James 5.15 involving the Numbers 515 and 1013. There are now 719 identities subsumed in 144 numerical categories. I also updated the article on the Body of Jesus (2869) which is probably the most significant alphanumeric discovery in all history - except maybe this one ...

Alpha Omega = 801 = The Creator

Added February 2, 2002

Statement of Faith: The revelation of the Wheel is so radical that many people are uncomfortable if they don't know my theological orientation. In this article, I lay out my beliefs and show how the fundamental doctrines of the historic Christian Church are profoundly and inextricable integrated with the Wheel.

Gematria Reference - Number 22: I've added more information in the article on the Number 22 in the Gematria Reference. I also added an article on Multiples of Seven with many links to related numbers. There are also new articles on the Numbers 463, 1463, 810, 281 and 1967, to name a few.

Added January 25, 2002

Seven and Scripture: An introduction to the meaning of the Number Seven and why God used it to mark His Word.

Added January 1, 2002

Isaiah 59 - James: I have completed a large article that reveals the numerous KeyLinks between Isaiah 59 and the Book of James. The perfection of Scripture knows no end!

Correlation Coefficients: I have written an article explaining correlation coefficients, which are the standard statistical measure used in science to determine if two data sets are interdependant. They are very useful in the study of the Wheel because if the order of the Books were random, the correlation coefficients between the word distributions on various Cycles should all be near zero. But the fact is that they are often close to unity, the maximal value.

Matthew 23 - Isaiah: I have made a major discovery concerning the divine integration of the chapters sequence of Matthew with the order of the Books of the Bible. The cc of the distribution has a value of .82! Yet this is but the beginning - I also discovered that this forms half of an interlocking Key with Isaiah 40 (which integrates with Bible Book 40, Matthew). This is a must read!

Isaiah 43 - John: I have completed a second article on the divine integration of Isaiah 43 with the Gospel of John. In it, I show how the distribution of the words "witness" and "believe" in Isaiah are correlated with the distribution throughout the entire Bible, with the correlation coefficient attaining the value of .77!

Spoke 5: I have added many articles relating to Spoke 5. The divine integration is astounding!

Alphabetic Verses By Letter: I uploaded all the KeyWords used in the Alphabetic verses. This really helps see the themes God has used in His design of the Bible.

The 231 Gates: I updated this article with five examples of letter combinations that form words from the meaning of the component letters and integrate with the structure of the Wheel.

The Bible as Menorah: This article has been updated since I discovered that God designed the Menorah with 22 bowls which naturally integrate with the 22 letters. I also made a new golden image to cohere more closely with the divine plan. Be sure to refresh the page if the graphic is not golden.

Added December 1, 2001

The Bible as Menorah: This image represents the symmetric sevenfold structure of the Christian Canon in the form of the Menorah.

Word Distributions: This new page contains 16 graphs linked to 16 articles showing how the distribution of key words throughout the Bible are correlated with the Spokes of the Wheel. The graphs give objective, verifiable evidence that God designed the entire Bible in the form of the Wheel.

New Spoke Articles:

Spoke   2 - Beyt Three new articles.
Spoke   4 - Dalet Four new articles.
Spoke 17 - Peh One new article.
Spoke 19 - Quph Five new articles.

Inner Wheels: These articles continue the exploration of the miraculous integration of the chapter sequences of Genesis, Isaiah, Matthew, and Revelation with the overall structure of the Canon and the 22 Letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. There are now a total of 23 articles under the Inner Wheels topic. Here are links to a few of the new articles:

Isaiah 2 - Exodus
Isaiah 24 - Jeremiah

Matthew 19 - Quph: The Eye of a Needle
Matthew 24 - Jeremiah

Genesis 4 - Dalet: The Door of Birth/Death

Revelation 4 - The Door of Heaven and the Book of Ezekiel

Gematria Reference: I added a number of new identities relating to the Holy Spirit: 300, 623, 89

Added October 23, 2001

I reworked the look and feel of the site. I would love to hear comments on what you think of the new design. Note: If you encounter an old looking page, reload the page by hitting F5 (IE users) or reload (Netscape). Also, please notify me of any errors you find (there's so much work to do!)

Added October 14, 2001

Interactive Gematria Reference: I have begun the transfer of my database consisting of 6400+ Greek and Hebrew alphanumeric identities to this website. Currently, there are over 600 identities online.

A Mathematical Derivation of the Sevenfold Canon: This article uses the Wheel as as scientific model of God's Word. It shows how two initial conditions, coupled with maximal symmetry constraints, necessitate the exact structure of the traditional sevenfold Christian Canon.

Correlations in Matthew: New articles on the correlation between the chapter sequence of Matthew and the order of the Canon.

Added September 16, 2001

Interactive Hypertext BibleWheel: This image of the BibleWheel lets you view dozens of KeyLinks (unique words and phrases) that unite the entire body of Scripture.

Links and KeyLinks: This article defines Links and KeyLinks and discusses the impact of various Bible versions on this study. It contains important information needed to understand how deeply God has integrated his holy Word.

Added September 9, 2001

I found an error in three graphics that I have since fixed. The letter Kaph was out of place on a few Wheels. If you have downloaded these images, please discard your current copy and download the corrected version. The affected graphics are:

  • The large color image of the Canon Wheel found here.
  • The large B/W image of the Canon Wheel found here.
  • The small B/W image of the Canon Wheel found here and here.

Added September 6, 2001

Inner Wheels: This section contains articles on the correlation between the 66 chapters of Isaiah with the 66 books of the Bible. I've also rewritten and added some material to the introductory article on Isaiah as an image of the Bible within the Bible. Currently, I have three articles completed:

The Wheel of Light displays the auto-correlation of the text of Genesis 1.3-5 on a cycle of 22 letters. It has a very cool graphic of the Wheel.

Correlations in Matthew explores the many links between the first Gospel and order of the Canon..

Topics: This section contains articles on Modular Notation and Projective Links which are needed to understand the deep geometric structure of Scripture.

231 Gates: This page has a very cool graphic that shows how the ancient Jewish tradition viewed the Wheel. More to come in this area soon.

New Canon Wheel Graphic: This image is a lage black and white version of the Canon Wheel, excellent for printing.

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