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The Bible Wheel had been debunked by its author.
Read all about it: Debunking Myself: What A Long Strange Trip It's Been

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Contributed by Stephen Kolk: Published 03/08/2003

Themes of the Books of the Bible

The background colors of each cell follow the pattern of the Wheel. These themes are a "rough cut" that Stephen took from a third source, and will be updated and linked to relevant Bible Wheel Spoke articles when we find a little more time.

Books of The Bible & Their Themes
1 Gen Jesus is our Creator 23 Isa Jesus is our Messiah & Saviour 45 Rom Jesus is our Salvation
2 Exo Jesus is our Deliverer 24 Jer Jesus is our Compassionate Friend 46 I Cor Jesus is our Wisdom and Power
3 Lev Jesus is our Eternal Sacrifice 25 Lam Jesus is the Passion of the Lord 47 II Cor Jesus is Our Comforter
4 Num Jesus is our Trusted Guide 26 Ezek Jesus is our Watchman 48 Gal Jesus is our Liberator from the Law
5 Deut Jesus is our Redeeming Prophet 27 Dan Jesus is our Rescuer in Time of Need 49 Eph Jesus is the Chief Corner Stone
6 Josh Jesus is our Divine Captain 28 Hos Jesus is the Faithful Husband 50 Phil Jesus is the Supplier of our needs
7 Judg Jesus is God the Judge 29 Joel THE outpouring of God's goodness 51 Col Fullness of the Godhead in Jesus
8 Ruth Jesus is our Kinsman Redeemer 30 Amos Jesus is our Burden Bearer 52 I Thes Jesus is the Soon and Coming King
9 I Sam Jesus is our Interceding King 31 Obad Jesus is our Highest Authority 53 II Thes Jesus is the Mighty Returning Messiah
10 II Sam Jesus is our Annointed King 32 Jonah Jesus is the Width of God's Mercy 54 I Tim Jesus is our Mediator
11 I Ki Jesus is our Wise King 33 Mic Jesus is our Coming Messiah 55 II Tim Jesus is our Faithful Witness
12 II Ki Jesus is our Reigning King 34 Nah Jesus is our Avenger 56 Titus Jesus is our Blessed Hope
13 I Chr Jesus is our Sovereign King 35 Hab THE Foundation of Our Faith 57 Phlm Jesus is our Brother and Friend
14 II Chr Jesus is the Glory of the Lord 36 Zeph Jesus is the Glory of Israel 58 Hebr Jesus is our High Priest
15 Ezra Jesus Fulfills God's Promise 37 Hag Jesus is our Restorer 59 Jam Jesus is the Source of All Blessings
16 Neh Jesus Rebuilds our Lives 38 Zech Jesus the Stone & Smitten Shepherd 60 I Pet Jesus is our Chief Shepherd
17 Esther Jesus is our Hidden Teacher 39 Mal Jesus is the Glorious Promise 61 II Pet Jesus is our Savior
18 Job Jesus is the Faithfulness of God 40 Matt Jesus is the King of the Jews 62 I Jn Jesus is Righteous Love and Truth
19 Ps Jesus is Our Praise Song 41 Mark Jesus is the Faithful Servant 63 II Jn
20 Pro Jesus is Our Wisdom 42 Luke Jesus is the Son of Man 64 III Jn
21 Eccl Jesus is Our Only Hope 43 John Jesus is the Son of God 65 Jude Jesus is Glory, Majesty and Power
22 Song of Sol. Jesus is Our Bride Groom 44 Acts Jesus is the Power from On High 66 Rev Jesus is the Lord God Almighty