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[Topics] > Three Levels: Self-Similarity over Scale

For who hath despised the day of small things? for they shall rejoice, and shall see the plummet in the hand of Zerubbabel with those seven; they are the eyes of the LORD, which run to and fro through the whole earth.

Zechariah 4.10

A fractal is an object that looks like itself at different scales, or levels of magnification. This is called self-similarity over scale. There are numerous sites with tutorials and examples - just search for fractal and tutorial and you will find more information than you could ever need. For example, here's a good one with a tutorial: Amazing Seattle Fractals This link takes you off the Bible Wheel site and opens a new window.

This idea is extremely useful because the Bible is a divine fractal revelation of the Mind of God. Similar alphabetic patterns appear at all levels. This is similar to the way information is stored in a Holograph, which is one of the reasons I chose that word to describe the integrated alphanumeric structures such as the Unity Holograph and the Creation HyperHolograph. I actually prefer that term because of the wholeness it implies, and its orginal meaning as a document written wholy in the hand of the Author - God!

The Holy Word is infinitely deep with endless wheels within the wheels but there are three fundamental levels that clearly reiterate the alphabetic structure of the Whole. These levels are simply axes of the Bible when viewed as a three dimensional object. Each verse may be located by three numbers: Book Number, Chapter Number, and Verses Number. This means that every verse in the Bible corresponds to a point in three dimensional space - (x, y, z). This is defined and discussed with examples in the Projective Links article.

Three Levels:

  • Level 1: This is the basic Bible Wheel level, defined by the ordinal position of each book. Links and KeyLinks on this level are between elements of Books on the same Spoke. For example, seaching the entire KJV for the phrase Israel shall be saved yields exactly two verses, Isaiah 45.17 and Romans 11.26. Both Isaiah and Romans are on Spoke 1, so we represent this KeyLink by simply linking the names:

    KeyLink Phrase: Israel shall be Saved

    Alternately, we might want to emphasise the Spoke Number, so we could use modnotation to write 23 = 12 to refer to Book 23 (Isaiah) that resides on Spoke 1, Cycle 2 and 45 = 13 to refer to Book 45 (Romans) that resides on Spoke 1, Cycle 3. Using this notatation, coupled with gnotation to represent these numbers as geometric points, we write:

    keyKeyLink Phrase: Israel shall be Saved
    PBible( 13 ) chain PBible( 13 )

    The subscript tells us which object contains the point.

  • Level 2: This is the level of the Inner Wheels and Cycles when we look at the sequence of chapters. For example, the phrase "Israel shall be Saved" is found in Isaiah 45 which corresponds to the ordinal postition of Romans as Book 45 on the Bible Wheel. This means that the KeyLink exists on two levels. The internal structure of the 66 chapters of Isaiah being self-similar to the sequence of books of its parent object - the Bible. In this situation, the gnotation is very helpful, and we represent this KeyLink as:
    keyKeyLink Phrase: Israel shall be Saved
    PIsaiah( 45 ) chain PBible( 45 )

    Remember - this is the day of small things. Take a close look at this KeyLink. The only difference is is the subscript "Isaiah" on the left and "Bible" on the right, which reveals the geometric self-simlarity of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah wiht the Bible Wheel. This KeyLink the Bible Wheel (Level 1) and the Inner Wheel of Isaiah (Level 2).

  • Level 3: At this level we examine the sequence of the verses in a chapter. This is particularly significant because of the Alphabetic Verses where God encoded the fundamental themes of the Bible Wheel (Level 1)! For example, the Letter Ayin signifies an Eye. God used the name of this letter as a KeyWord in the Ayin verse of the alphabetic Psalm 34:

    The eyes of the LORD are upon the righteous, and his ears are open unto their cry.

    This verse is quoted in one an only one Book of the Bible - I Peter on Spoke 16, governed by the letter Ayin! Thus we have a KeyLink between the Ayin verses of Psalm 34 (Level 3) and the Bible Wheel (Level 1)! We could write this a number of ways. For example:

    KeyLink Quote: The Eyes of the Lord are on the Righteous
    Psalm 34.AyinchainI Peter

    Or alternately:

    keyKeyLink Quote: The Eyes of the Lord are on the Righteous
    PPsalm 34( 161 ) chain PBible( 163 )

    Again, take a close look at the subscripts. This KeyLink reveals the Alphabetic sequence of Psalm 34 to be self-similar to the large scale structure of the Bible Wheel. This is a KeyLink between Level 3 and Level 1.

At each level, we move down to a deeper structure - not unlike first viewing an object, then the molecules that make it up, and then the atoms that constitute the molecules. Thus we see God's Word exhibiting the same reiterative strucuture as the rest of Creation - all to His Glory. This is but a glimpse of the infinity of perfection that is the Living Word of God!

Admittedly, it requires a certain mental displine to trace the threads through all the different Inner Cycles and Alphabetic Verses without getting lost. This is why understanding the idea of levels is so important. For an application of these ideas with a graphic of what is going on, check out my article exploring Spoke 12 of the Inner Cycle of Psalms Psalm 34: I will Teach.

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