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Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth. But shun profane and vain babblings: for they will increase unto more ungodliness.

2 Timothy 2:15f

Online Bibles, Commentaries, and Tools

Torah, Tanach, Hebrew Language and Jewish Resources

  • www.hebrew4christians.com: John Parson's most excellent site makes learning Hebrew easy, interesting, and very enlightening.
  • Learn Hebrew Verbs: This site is easy to use. No special fonts are needed. It also has a dictionary that pronounces Hebrew words.
  • Starting With Aleph: A very well done and insightful flash presentation that uses the meanings of the Hebrew letters to understand a little of the infinite depth of the first word, Berashit.
  • Navigating the Bible II: Read the Hebrew (bitmapped, so no Font issues) while listening to the Torah chanted in Hebrew by a Cantor. Tremendous site!
  • jewfaq.org
  • Jewish Encylopedia: Searchable. Very rich.


  • Greek Bible: A searchable Greek Bible that uses the Symbol Font which is almost certainly on your computer.
  • Greek Resources: Lots of links to Greek Grammar resources.
  • Little Greek: Teach yourself Koine Greek.


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