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Spoke 22 - Tav

Song of Songs, Acts, Revelation

Spoke 22 - Tav - Link Index

Thus saith the LORD the King of Israel, and his redeemer the LORD of hosts; I am the first, and I am the last; and beside me there is no God. And who, as I, shall call, and shall declare it, and set it in order for me, since I appointed the ancient people? and the things that are coming, and shall come, let them shew unto them.

Isaiah Chapter 44 (Spoke 22, Cycle 2)

Known unto God are all his works from the beginning of the world.

Bible Book 44 (Spoke 22, Cycle 2)

Song of Solomon linksymbol Revelation

Modular Representation:  PBible(221) PBible(223)

  • Theme: A King Receives His Bride
    • Thematic Link: In the Song of Solomon, we have a natural King receiving his actual Bride, and in Revelation we have Christ the King of kings recieving His eternal Bride, the Church. This is an extremely strong link that integrates with the great Spoke 22 theme of Consummation.
  • Theme: Make Haste, My Beloved!
    • Thematic Link: Both books end with a call for the Beloved Lord to come quickly - in perfect harmony with their position on the Wheel.
    • KeyLink: (Open, Voice, Knock*)  Song 5.2 - Rev 3.20 [Verify]: God calls to the Soul to open to Him.
  • Items of Wealth and Luxury
    • KeyLink: (cinnamon, frankincense)  Song 4.14 - Rev 18.13 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (gold, ivory, stones/sapphires)  Song 5.14 - Rev 8.12 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (ointments, wine, w/i 4 cinnamon) Song 4.10 - Rev 18.13

Acts linksymbol Revelation

Modular Representation:  PBible(222) PBible(223)

  • Theme: Resurrection Power of Jesus Christ
    • KeyLink: (resurrection, power, Jesus/Christ)  Acts 4.33 - Rev 20.6 [Verify]: This links with the great Spoke 22 Theme of Resurrection, which also manifests with perfect clarity it Matthew 22. It originates in Genesis 22 with the symbolic and prophetic death and resurrection of Isaac.
  • Theme: All Worship
    • KeyLink: (fell, down, feet, worship*)  Acts 10.25 - Rev 22.8 [Verify] In both verses a creature mistakenly attempts to worship another creature, and is rebuffed.
  • Theme: Restitution of All Things
    • KeyLink: ("holy prophets", God)  Acts 3.21 - Rev 22.6[Verify]
    • KeyLink: (holy, prophets, things)  Acts 3.21 - Rev 22.6 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("made heaven, and earth, and the sea") Acts 14.15 - Rev 14.7 [Verify] : This is a two-dimensional link:

      PBible(222, 14) PBible(223, 14)

      It also selects Acts 4.24.

  • Theme: Christ Coming in the Clouds
    • Thematic Link: Acts 1.9f says that we will see Christ coming in the same way as He ascended, which is fulfilled in Revelation 1.7 which says "Behold, he cometh with clouds; and every eye shall see him."
    • KeyLink: ("God gave", "Jesus Christ") Acts 11.17 - Rev 1.1 [Verify] : Note that this links the same chapters of Acts and Revelation as the links below.
    • KeyLink: (signified)  Acts 11.28 - Rev 1.1 [Verify]: This is a strong KeyLink, that also can be expanded to the set (signified, "to pass") [Verify] which selects the same two verses.
  • Theme: His Own Blood
    • Thematic Link: The set ("his own blood") [Verify] selects four verses: Acts 20.28, Heb 9.12 ,13.12, and Rev 1.5. It is therefore a "near" KeyLink. Note that Acts is Book 44, and Blood = 44 as discussed at length in Genesis 4, where it makes its debut. This is extremely significant in light of the fact that Acts is the only book to speak of the Blood of God.
  • Theme: Testimony and Tribulation
    • KeyLink: ("word of", testimony)  Acts 14.3 - Rev 1.2[Verify] : This is a strong KeyLink, that selects three other verses from Revelation.
    • KeyLink: (quickly, test*)  Acts 22.18 - Rev 22.20 [Verify]: This link is discussed in Make Haste, My Beloved!.
    • KeyLink: (Martyr)  Acts 22.20 - Rev 2.13 [Verify]: The word martus is typically translated as "witness", but in the KJV it is twice translated as maryr, which forms this KeyLink between Acts and Revelation.
    • KeyLink: (Tribulation, Faith)  Acts 14.2 - Rev 2.10 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (And great fear)  Acts 5.5 - Rev 11.11 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("Come out of her") Acts 16.18 - Rev 18.4 [Verify]
  • Theme: Signs, Wonders, Sorcery, and the False Prophet
    • KeyLink: ("False Prophet") Acts 13.6 - Rev 20.10 [Verify] : This links one verse from Acts to three verses of Revelation.
    • KeyLink: ("great wonders", men/people)  Acts 6.8 - Rev 13.13[Verify]
    • KeyLink: (sorcer*, people/nations)  Acts 8.9 - Rev 18.23 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: ("they shall prophesy", days)  Acts 2.18 - Rev 11.3[Verify] : We also have two other closely related KeyLinks that select the same verses:
      • KeyLink: ("they shall prophesy" w/i 3 heaven)
      • KeyLink: ("they shall prophesy" w/i 3 blood)
  • Theme: Armageddon
    • KeyLink: ("kings of the earth", "gathered together") Acts 4.26 - Rev 19.19 [Verify]
  • Miscelaneous Links
    • KeyLink: (Thyatira)  Acts 16.14 - Rev 2.18 [Verify]: This two verses are the only verses to mention this city.
    • KeyLink: (mighty, wind, heaven)  Acts 2.2 - Rev 6.13 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (God, enter*, "into the temple")  Acts 13.8 - Rev 15.8 [Verify]

Song of Solomon linksymbol Acts

Modular Representation:  PBible(221) PBible(222)

  • Miscelaneous Links
    • KeyLink: (bring/brought, "thousand pieces of silver")  Song 8.11 - Acts 19.19 [Verify]

Spoke 22 Inner Cycle Links

Genesis 22 linksymbol Song of Solomon

Modular Representation:  PGenesis(221) PBible(221)

  • Theme: Genesis of the Cross
    • KeyLink: (wood, my, son*) [Verify] This KeyLink memorializes the great prophecy of Christ our Lord who carried the wood on our behalf.
  • Theme: Worship
    • Thematic Link: Genesis 22 contains the first occurrence of (worship) [Verify] in the English Bible. This integrates with one of the great themes of Spoke 22, as seen e.g. in All Worship.

Genesis 44 linksymbol Acts

Modular Representation:  PGenesis(222) PBible(222)

  • Theme: Seeing the Face of God
    • KeyLink: ("shall see my face no more") Gen 44.23 - Acts 20.25 [Verify] This KeyLink echoes (as a polar oppostite) the theme of seeing God's Face that dominates Revelation.
    • KeyLink: ("shall see", face, w/i 1 more) Gen 44.23 - Acts 20.25 - Rev 22.3: This is a very strong link, since the verse from Revelation is on Spoke 22 of the Inner Wheel.

      PGenesis(222) PBible(222) PBible(223)

  • Miscelaneous Links:
    • KeyLink: ("they rent their clothes") Gen 44.13 - Acts 14.14 [Verify]
    • KeyLink: (what, deed, done)  Gen 44.15 - Acts 4.9 [Verify]
    • Thematic Link: ("silver or gold") Gen 44.8 - Acts 20.33 [Verify] : This is a near KeyLink - the only other verse it selects is Deuteronomy 7.25.

Psalm 66 linksymbol Acts

Modular Representation:  PPsalms(223) PBible(222)

Psalm 66 linksymbol Revelation

Modular Representation:  PPsalms(223) PBible(223)

  • Theme: Worship
    • Thematic Link: The theme of Worship is one of the great themes of Spoke 22. It also appears in the Link between Isaiah 66 and Revelation listed below.
    • KeyLink: ("the earth shall worship") Ps 66.4 - Rev 13.8 [Verify]

Psalm 22 linksymbol Psalm 44

Modular Representation:  PPsalms(221) PPsalms(222)

Psalm 110 linksymbol Psalm 132

Modular Representation:  PPsalms(225) PPsalms(226)

  • Theme: The LORD hath Sworn
    • KeyLink: ("The Lord hath sworn", "will not") Ps 110.4 - Ps 132.11 [Verify] : This is a KeyLink between Cycle 5 and Cycle 6 of Spoke 22 of the Inner Cycle of the Psalms.

Psalm 66 linksymbol Isaiah 66

Modular Representation:  PPsalms(223) PIsaiah(223)

  • Theme: Come and See the Works of God
    • KeyLink: (come, see, works)  Ps 66.5 - Isa 66.18 [Verify]

Matthew 22 linksymbol Song of Solomon

Modular Representation:  PMatthew(221) PBible(221)

  • Theme: The Son's Marriage
    • Thematic Link: The theme of the Son's Marriage manifests with great clarity in Matthew 22, the Song of Solomon, and Revelation. We have a strong threefold thematic link:

      PMatthew(221) PBible(221) PBible(223)

    • KeyLink: (come, marriage, ready)  Mat 22.4 - Rev 19.7 [Verify]

Isaiah 44 linksymbol Acts

Modular Representation:  PIsaiah(222) PBible(222)

  • Theme: Pentecost!
    • Thematic Link: ("I will pour", My Spirit)  Isa 44.3 - Act 2.2[Verify] This is not a KeyLink because the prophecy quoted in Acts was originally given in Joel. But the astounding thematic correlation is impossible to miss. Glory!
  • Theme: Sins Blotted Out
    • KeyLink: ("blotted out", sins)  Isa 44.22 - Act 3.19[Verify] This is a specific form of the simpler KeyLink (Blotted, Sins) [Verify].
  • Theme: God is Witness
    • Thematic Link: (God, Witness w/i 1 People) Isa 44.28 - Act 25.9") This is a near KeyLink, the only other verse being Isaiah 43.9.
  • Theme: God Knows All
    • KeyLink: ("declare it", unto, things/work)  Isa 44.7 - Act 13.41[Verify]
    • Thematic Link: Isa 44.6 - Act 15.18: These are quoted at the head of this page.
  • Theme: Pleasure unto Jerusalem
    • KeyLink: (Pleasure, "to Jerusalem")  Isa 44.28 - Act 25.9 [Verify]

Isaiah 66 linksymbol Acts

Modular Representation:  PIsaiah(223) PBible(222)

  • Theme: God's Throne
    • KeyLink: (heaven, earth, throne, footstool)  Isa 66.1 - Act 7.49 [Verify]

Isaiah 66 linksymbol Revelation

Modular Representation:  PIsaiah(223) PBible(223)

  • Theme: The Apocalypse
    • Thematic Link: Isaiah 66 is saturated with apocalyptic language, as detailed in the Isaiah 66 - Revelation article.
  • Theme: Man Child Brought Forth
    • KeyLink: ("Man Child", "Brought Forth") Isa 66.7 - Rev 12.5 [Verify] : This also selects Revelation 12.13.
  • Theme: A Voice from the Temple of God
    • KeyLink: (Voice, Temple, Recompence/Wrath)  Isa 66.6 - Rev 16.1 [Verify]
  • Theme: New Heavens and New Earth
    • Thematic Link: (New, Heaven*, Earth)  Isa 66.22 - Rev 21.1 [Verify] This is a very interesting thematic link. The primary concept links Isaiah 66 to Revelation (Book 66) but we find a link on Spoke 21 of the Inner Wheels of Isaiah and Revelation are linked (Isa 65 - Rev 21).
  • Theme: All nations and tongues shall worship
    • KeyLink: ("All nations", Tongues)  Isa 66.18 - Rev 7.9[Verify] Note that this integrates with the great theme of Spoke 22, aslo seen in Matthew 22 above.

Isaiah 22 linksymbol Revelation

Modular Representation:  PIsaiah(221) PBible(223)

  • Theme: The Key of David
    • KeyLink: (Key, David)  Isa 22.22 - Rev 3.7 [Verify] This is the ultimate keylink - it is a Spoke 22 KeyLink based on the Key of David itself!


  • 60 Total Links divided into
    • 31 Bible Wheel Links divided into
      • 27 KeyLinks
      • 4 Thematic Links
    • 29 Inner Cycle Links divided into
      • 20 KeyLinks
      • 9 Thematic Links


  • KeyLink: Any word, set of words, or phrase that is found only on a given Spoke.
  • Thematic Link: Any theme on a given Spoke that is prominant but not unique to that Spoke.
  • Bible Wheel Links: These are links between any or all of the three books on a given Spoke of the Bible Wheel.
  • Inner Cycle Links: These are the links between an Inner Cycle and an element from the Bible Wheel or another Inner Cycle.

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