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Table of Alphabetic Links and KeyLinks

Remember the former things of old: for I am God, and there is none else; I am God, and there is none like me, Declaring the end from the beginning, and from ancient times the things that are not yet done, saying, My counsel shall stand, and I will do all my pleasure:

Isaiah 46:9-10

The Bible contains the template of its large-scale structure within itself in the Alphabetic Verses, such as Psalm 119, the last 22 verses of Proverbs, and the first four chapters of Lamentations. These passages are referenced with the prefix AV to remind us they are Alphabetic Verses.

The table below contains over 60 articles explaining the Alphabetic Links and KeyLinks between the books on each Spoke with their corresponding Hebrew letters and associated sets of Alphabetic Verses. Most stunning are the Alphabetic KeyLinks which are unique links between the Alphabetic Verses and the content of its corresponding Spoke. For example, the Resh clause of Psalm 111:10 says "The fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom." This points directly and uniquely to the twentieth book, Proverbs, which contains the only other occurrence of the phrase "beginning of wisdom." The Resh KeyWord - reshit (beginning) - is based on the name of the twentieth letter, and the theme of Proverbs is stated explicitly in the reference to wisdom. Thus we have a unique and highly specific link from a Resh Alphabetic Verse to the first book on the corresponding Spoke. At the time of this writing, the table contains a dozen Alphabetic KeyLinks. These are primary witnesses of the Divine design of the Bible in the form of the Wheel.

The information in the table is organized as follows. The hyperlinks are followed by the primary Alphabetic KeyWords that are the basis of the discussion in the linked article. When there are too many to list in the small table, I just list the representative KeyWords followed by "etc." to indicate there are more. These KeyWords are marked black bold when the distribution of the KeyWord (or its equivalent in translation) is maximized in the corresponding book. For example, the KeyWord ayin (eye), which also is the name of the 16th letter, is greatly maximized amongst the Minor Prophets in the Book of Zechariah on Spoke 16. Thus ayin is marked black bold in that entry.

The Alphabetic KeyWords are followed by references to where they are found in the Alpabetic Verses. When these references form Alphabetic KeyLinks, such as Ps 110:10 ("the beginning of wisdom") discussed above, they are marked red font. When there are too many references to list in the small table, I just list a few representative examples followed by "etc.". Some entries have no verse references because not all KeyWords are represented in the Alphabetic Verses. For example, ropheh (physician) is important on Spoke 20 in relation to Doctor Luke, but God did not use it in the Alphabetic Verses. This is to be expected since the entire Biblical language was designed on the symbolic meanings of the letters and we have only a small number of verses to represent each letter, so much of the meaning is derived from the structure of the Hebrew language itself and is not represented explicitly in the Alphabetic Verses.

It is important to note that this table displays only the Alphabetic Links and KeyLinks. I did not want to crowd the table with many hundreds of Links and KeyLinks between the books on each Spoke, since that would have obscured the simplicity and elegence of the alphabetic design. Finally, if an article applied directly to more than one book on the Spoke, I usually placed it in the cell that was least populated. Please keep in mind that this page is a work in progress. I will be continually updating it as I upload more articles from the Bible Wheel book and make new discoveries.

Table of Alphabetic Links and KeyLinks

Book 1 - Genesis Book 23 - Isaiah Book 45 - Romans
I Will Bless Thee (avarakah, Ps 34:1, Ps 145:1)
God the Father (Elohim, Av)
Father Abraham (avarakah, aggadalah, av, Avraham)
I Will Exalt Thee (aromimkah, Elohi, attah, odeh, emet, emunah Ps 145:1, Ps 9:1, 111:1, 119:4,7)
Everlasting God (Elohi Olam)
God declares: I AM GOD (Ani El, Ani Hu, Elohim, Lam 3:1)
Cathedral of the Christian Faith (Aleph, aluph, Avraham, av, Elohim, emunah, etc. )
Book 2 - Exodus Book 24 - Jeremiah Book 46 - 1 Corinthians
A Son over God's House (Bet, ben, banah, Lam 4:2, 3:5) Glory IN the Lord (Bet prefix, batach, Ps 34:2, 25:2; Pro 31:11)
The Weeping Prophet (bakah, bagad, Lam 1:2)
Is Christ Divided? (badal, beyn, binah)
Book 3 - Leviticus Book 25 - Lamentations Book 47 - 2 Corinthians
  Divine Retribution (gamul, galut, galah, Lam 1:3; ) Abundant Giver (gomel, gamal, Ps 119:17, Pro 31:12)
Book 4 - Numbers Book 26 - Ezekiel Book 48 - Galatians
Door to the Way of God (delet, derek, davaq, Lam 1:4; Ps 25:4; Ps 119:25,27,28,19) Following God in the Wilderness (derek) Ezekiel's Call (davaq, Lam 4:4) Four Weak and Begarly Elements (dal, dalal, Dalet)
Book 5 - Deuteronomy Book 27 - Daniel Book 49 - Ephesians
  Honour & Majesty (hadar, hod Ps 145:5, 111:3a, 112:3a) Walking with God (halak)
Book 6 - Joshua Book 28 - Hosea Book 50 - Philippians
The Link Book (vav, Lam 1:6, 2:6, 4:6, 145:6, 119:41,42,43...) Joined to Idols (vav = connect, Lam 1:6, 2:6, 4:6, 145:6, etc.) God in the likeness of Man (vav = 6 = number of man)
Book 7 - Judges Book 29 - Joel Book 51 - Colossians
Book 8 - Ruth Book 30 - Amos Book 52 - 1 Thess.
The Undying Bond (cheyl, chamoth, cham, chuppah) The Lord standing on a Wall (chomah, Lam 2:8)
Fire on the Walls (chomah)
Book 9 - 1 Samuel Book 31 - Obadiah Book 53 - 2 Thess.
Fall of Goodly King Saul (tov, Ps 25:8; 119:65,66,68,71; 145:9; Lam 4:9, etc.) Taste of Honey (ta'am Ps 34:8), Teaching the Good Way (tov, Ps 25:8)   The Goodness of God (tov, Ps 25:8;119:65,68,71; 145:9, etc.)
Lying Wonders (tophal sheqer, teet, tava, Ps 119:69)
Book 10 - 2 Samuel Book 32 - Jonah Book 54 - 1 Timothy
Hand of the King (yod, yadah, Yehudah, Pro 31:19; Lam 1:10, 4:10; Ps 119:73, 145:10)
David King of Judah (yod, yadah, Yehudah)
Preaching Fear of the Lord (Yonah, yareh, yeshuvah, yada, Ps 34:9; 37:18; 119:74,75; 145:10) Holy Hands (yod, Lam 1:10; 4:10; Ps 119:73; Pro 31:19)
Book 11 - 1 Kings Book 33 - Micah Book 55 - 2 Timothy
Who is like Solomon? (Kaph prefix, kamoka, Ps 119:84,88) Throne of Glory (kaph, kavod, kissey, Ps 145:11; Pro 31:20) Who is like the Lord? (Kaph prefix, kamoka, Ps 119:84,88)
The Power of His Spirit (ko'ach, Ps 111:6a)
Crown of Righteousness (kol, kalah, keter, Lam 2:11, 4:11, Ps 119:81,86)
Book 12 - 2 Kings Book 34 - Nahum Book 56 - Titus
Go & Enquire (lekhu, Ps 34:11)
Come & Hear (lekhu, Ps 34:11)
Teaching the Fear of the Lord (lekhu, lamad, Ps 34:11)
  Teach and Exhort! (lamad, Lamed prefix, Ps 34:11)
Book 13 - 1 Chronicles Book 35 - Habakkuk Book 57 - Philemon
From the Waters of Judah (Mem prefix, mayim, mimei, me'eh mimmatteh, mishpachah, Lam 1:13, 3:38; Ps 37:23, 119:99, etc) As the Waters cover the Sea (mayim, m'yam, mabul)
A Flood of Judgment (Mem prefix, mayim, mar, mahar, Lam 1:13, 3:38 etc.)
For Love's Sake (me'eh)
Book 14 - 2 Chronicles Book 36 - Zephaniah Book 58 - Hebrews
Freewill Offerings (nidboth, Ps 119:108) The Candle of the Lord (ner, nephesh, Ps 119:105,109; 25:13)
Prophet of Josiah's Reformation (na'ar, natithi, Ps 37:25; 119:112)
Pollution of God's House (nuwa, nigo'alah, naga, navi, Lam 2:14, Lam 4:14)
Jesus Christ: Heir of All Things (nachal, neen, ne'eman, Ps 111:7b; 119:111; 145:13b)
A Priest Forever after the Order of Melchizedek (nishbati, Ps 119:106)
Book 15 - Ezra Book 37 - Haggai Book 59 - James
Symbol of Help and Support (samak, sa'ad, sabal, Ps 145:14; 111:8a; 112:8a; 119:116,117)
Ezra the Helper (samak, etc.)
  Support thy Breathren! (samak, sa'ad, sabal, Ps 145:14; 111:8a; 112:8a; 119:116,117)
Book 16 - Nehemiah Book 38 - Zechariah Book 60 - 1 Peter
Open Thine Eyes to Thy Servant's Prayer (ayin, eved, Ps 34:15; 25:15; 119:123, etc.) One Stone, Seven Eyes (ayin, Ps 34:15; 25:15; 119:123,124, 125; 145:15; Lam 3:49,51; etc.) Eyes of God (ayin, Ps 34:15)
The Shepherd's Eye (ayin, Ps 34:15 25:15; 119:123; 145:15)
Book 17 - Esther Book 39 - Malachi Book 61 - 2 Peter
Hidden Face of God (pey, panim, purim, Ps 25:16; 34:16; 119:135; Lam 4:16; etc) My Messenger (pey, panim, Lam 4:16, Ps 34:16; 119:135) Promise of His Coming (pey, panim, petach, patzah, Ps 25:16; 34:16; 119:135; Lam 4:16; etc)
The Transfiguration (panim, Ps 34:16; 119:135; Lam 4:16)
Book 18 - Job Book 40 - Matthew Book 62 - 1 John
Righteous Job (tzedeq, tzadiq, Ps 119:137,142;Lam 1:18; etc.)
Job Hunted without Cause (tzedeq, tzadiq, tzud, tza'ad, Lam 3:52, Lam 4:18)
To Fulfill All Righteousness (tzedaqah, tzadiq Ps 119:137) The Great Commission (tzey, tzavah, Ps 111:9b, 119:138) Jesus Christ the Righteous (tzedeq, tzadiq, tzavah, Lam 1:18; Ps, 111:9b, 119:137, 138, 142, 144; 145:17; etc.)
Book 19 - Psalms Book 41 - Mark Book 63 - 2 John
The Cry of my Voice (qara, qol Ps 119:145,146,149; Lam 1:19, 3:55, etc.) Talitha Qumi (qumi, Lam 2:19),
The Gospel of Action (qal, Lam 4:19)
The Elect Lady (qatan, qahal, qol, qavah)
Book 20 - Proverbs Book 42 - Luke Book 64 - 3 John
Beginning of Wisdom (reshit hokmah, Ps 111:10)
Far from the Wicked (rachoq mersha'im Ps 119:155)
Wealth & Poverty (reysh)
The Lord Looked (Lam 1:20, 2:20, 3:59, Ps 119:158; 25:18)
Tender Mercies of the Great Physician (Ps 119:156, ropheh), Friend of God (reyah)
Good and Evil (rasha, ra, ra'ah Ps 37:35; 112:10a; 119:155, etc.) Prayer for Health and Prosperity (rapha, reyah)
Book 21 - Ecclesiastes Book 43 - John Book 65 - Jude
Under the Sun (shemesh)
The Book of Shin (Shin prefix)
Keepeth His Bones (shamar, shavar Ps 34:20, 25:20, 145:20)
Sent in the Father's Name (Ps 145:20; 119:167; Lam 3:61, etc.)
Kept in Christ (shamar, Ps 145:20; 34:20; 119:167)
Jude asks a Question (sha'al, shamar Ps 34:20; 145:20; etc.)
Book 22 - Song of Songs Book 44 - Acts Book 66 - Revelation
    Praise (tahillah, Ps 111:10c, 145:21) Resurrection (t'chiyah, Ps 119:175) Judgment of the Great Harlot (Lam 3:64,65,66)

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