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Contributed by Craig Paardekooper: Published 10/21/2002

[Edtorial comments in square brackets. This article is an excellent example of the interweaving of all three Threads: BibleWheel, Isaiah-Bible Correlation and Gematria. -- RAM]

Isaiah 43, John, and Genesis


Isaiah Chapter 43 is on the Spoke 21 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah. According to the Bible Wheel, Isaiah 43 should correspond with the 43rd book of the Bible - the Gospel of John. Let's see.

The Seven 'I AM' Sayings:

There are seven 'I AM' sayings in Isaiah 43:

v 3: "I am the Lord, your God"
v10 "so that you may know and believe me and understand that I am he"
v 11 "I, even I, am the Lord"
v12 "I am God"
v13 "from ancient days I am he." [KJV: Before the day was, I am he.]
v15 "I am the Lord"
v25 "I, even I, am he who blots out your transgressions."

There are the seven [distinct] "I AM" sayings in John:

6v35"I am the bread of life"
8v12"I am the light of the world"
10v7"I am the gate for the sheep"
10v11"I am the good shepherd"
11v25"I am the resurrection and the life"
14v6"I am the way, the truth and the life"
15v1"I am the true vine"

It seems far beyond chance coincidence that the greatest frequency of I AM sayings should occur in Isaiah 43 and that there is a correspondingly high frequency of I AM sayings in John. [Cf. Isaiah 43 - John: The Eternal I AM for details and graphs.] In fact, the I AM sayings are central to the theme of the Gospel of John - the 43rd book of the Bible. The sense that this is a deliberate/planned coincidence is greatly amplified by the finding that there are precisely seven "I AM" sayings in Isaiah 43 and 7 [distinct] "I AM" sayings in the Gospel of John.

John records the signs or miracles that Jesus performed. John records seven of these signs, echoing the work of creation:

2v1Turning water into wine
4v46the official's son
5v1the sick man
6v5the feeding of the 5000
6v16walking on water
9v1the man born blind
11v1the raising of Lazarus

Jesus's death and resurrection is the 8th sign - the "first day" of the New Creation (John 20.1).

Isaiah 65 is also on the Spoke 21 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah. [Craig now is discussing the interweaving of Thread 1 (Bible Wheel) with Thread 2 (Isaiah-Bible Correlation)] The phrase "call on my name" is found only in Isaiah 65 and the Gospel of John. Very similar phrases - "I have called you by name" and "everyone who is called by my name" are found in Isaiah 43. [Cf. Isaiah 43: Known By Name]

[RAM: Craig now interweaves all three Threads: BibleWheel, Isaiah-Bible Correlation, and Gematria.]

And what is the name of God - "I AM THAT I AM"? The gematrical value of the phrase "I AM" = 21 = 7 x 3. Once again this is appropriate, since the I AM sayings occur on the 21st Spoke.

The WORD = 373 makes it's appearance in the Gospel of John found on the 21st Spoke, and 21 = 3 x 7. [RAM: The Number 373 is also congruent to 21 modulo 22 becuase 373 = 21 + 16 x 22. Cf. modnotation]

There are seven "I AM" sayings in John, seven "I AM" sayings in Isaiah 43, and ...

7 x I AM = 7 x 3 x 7

This reflects the digital structure of the WORD = 373. [Cf. Seven and Scripture].

Genesis and The Gospel of John

Genesis 1v1 is built upon John 1 geometrically. Both consist of reflective factorizations, and together they form a triangular number that is the sum of the reflective factors. [RAM: This is developed in great detail in the Gematria Reference, beginning with The Creation HyperHolograph: Genesis 1.1]

Gen 1v12701 = 37 x 73 73rd Triangle
John 1v13627 = 39 x 93
Combined6328 = (37 x 73) + (39 x 93) 112th Triangle (112 = 73 + 39)

[RAM: The Number 112 is the value of the fundamental Divine Name YHVH ELOHIM, which is integrated with the Greek Ho Pater (The Father) in the Unity Holograph.]

The Word, Wisdom and Truth

The WORD in John 1 has a value of 373. It embodies WISDOM which happens to have values of 37 [Ordinal] and 73 [Standard], and it embodies TRUTH which has a value of 441 = 3 x 7 x 7 x 3.

The value of John 1.1 (= 39 x 93 = 3627) falls short falls short of 3700 by 73. So effectively 39 x 93 spans from 73 to 3700; from wisdom to wisdom. 39 x 93 is the difference between 3700 and 73.


It is interesting that the gematrical value of Revelations 1v1 is 18865, and 1886.5 is the precise midpoint between 3700 and 73 - the centre of wisdom. [Note also that 18865 = 5 x 3773 = 5 x 3700 + 73. This is deeply integrated with the Holographic Generating Set (27, 37, 73)]

The WORD itself consists of 66 books, divided into 39 Old Testament books and 27 New Testament books. The number 39 x 93 seems to embody this division, as well as the idea that Truth is a perfect square. The midpoint between 39 and 93 is 66 [i.e. 66 = (39 + 93)/2]. This means we can express the value of John 1.1 in terms of the number of books in the Bible - the Word of God:

3627 = 39 x 93 = (66 - 27) x (66 + 27) = 66 x 66 - 27 x 27

[RAM: This equation expresses John 1.1 as the difference of two squares: 662 - 222. Craig's insight led Vernon Jenkins to the geometrical representation of this difference involving the number 39, 27, and 66 which register the exact size of the canonical divisions of the entire body of Scripture. This was first published by Vernon Jenkins in a brief article called The Bible's basic structure revealed in John 1:1. He presents an interesting variation on this theme in his Squaring The Cubes. Here is an image of what is going on:

Truth, Witness, Believe

Furthermore, Isaiah 65 twice contains the phrase "God of Truth" which occurs only four times in the whole Bible. The gematria for TRUTH is 441 = 21 x 21. This is very appropriate for the 21st Spoke, and of course the Gospel of John contains a high frequency of this word TRUTH.

[RAM: In the KJV NT "Truth" is greatly maximized in the book of John where it is found 27 times. This is 17 hits larger than the next NT peak found in the letter of 1 John. Truth manifests very clearly throught the Apostle John. In all the Bible, only the book of Psalm exceeds John with 41 hits. But when the relative sizes of these two books is taken into account by counting the hits/chapter, we see that John has 27/21 = 1.3 whereas Psalms has only 41/150 = 0.3. In this respect the relation between Truth, the Gospel of John, and Spoke 21 of the Inner Wheel of Isaiah shines quite brightly.]

Semantically related to the word TRUTH are the words WITNESS and BELIEVE. All three words seem to centre around the idea of a testimony. "Witness and believe" occur with greatest frequency in Isaiah 43 and the Gospel of John. [RAM: Cf. Isaiah 43: Witness and Believe for details and graphs.]

How Did this Planned and Deliberate Arrangement Come About?

One would initially suspect that the New Testament writers, or those who collected together the New Testament writings, deliberately arranged them so they followed the pattern of Isaiah 40-66. There are a number of observations that weaken this hypothesis -

Were the New Testament writers aware of this pattern?

1. The New Testament writers do not at anytime draw attention to this pattern, and hence exhibit no conscious awareness of this pattern at all.

What motive could there be for creating a pattern then hiding it?

2. The pattern, where it does occur, is quite subliminal - hidden beneath the surface. Why create something then hide it away - what would be the motive?

The Individual New Testament books were written in isolation of each other

3. How could the individual New Testament writers know what correspondences to put into their books, when the final order of their book in the New Testament was not known to them.

Note: When I analysed the whole Bible for occurrences of "I AM", the highest frequency occurred in the Book of Ezekiel (70). The second highest frequency was in the Gospel of John (59). [RAM: The high frequency in Ezekiel is due primarily to the repeated use of the phrase "Then you will know that I am the LORD". This integrates with the value of the Divine Name YHVH = 26 = the ordinal position of Ezekiel and the meaning of Dalet which governs Spoke 4, as discussed in the article The Tetragrammaton.]