Something hit me this morning, and I wanted to share this. The first recorded words Father spoke to his son Jesus was "This is my beloved son, in whom I am very pleased."

He spoke these words right after his baptism, before his first recorded temptation, before he uttered one word of the message he was to bring, before he performed one miracle. Before he did anything that we would consider significant, the Father already loved him completely, and was fully pleased with him.

God loves us, not because we measure up, but simply because that is the very reason for our existence! This makes perfect sense to me, for why do most married couples bring another life into the world? To see if the child will measure up to them? NO! We want children for the same reason God does. To love on, and care for.

Those who have had the pleasure of holding a little one in your arms, that little one who is oblivious to pretty much everything, you know that that little one doesn't measure up to anything. Basically you are holding a helpless, clueless child, totally in your hands. And yet, the child is at perfect peace. Why? For all that escapes the child, they do know one thing: there is a face, that wonderful calming face, to look at and smile at; your face. They are merely responding to the love we show them before they do anything except exist for us to love.