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When I was a believer, I would have been very happy to find a connection between Zechariah and Iddo since it is an Ayin word that links to some prominent themes I connected with Spoke 16. (I don't remember if I noted this one or not.) This is a good example of the kinds of connections I was always looking for. And there is a slight statistical anomaly that suggests a connection with Spoke 16. The name Iddo is found in 10 verses of the Bible:

All Verses containing Hebrew Strong's Number H5714
Book Verses
1Ki 4:14
1Ch 6:21
2Ch 12:15, 13:22
Ezr 5:1, 6:14
Neh 12:4, 12:16
Zec 1:1, 1:7

Each verse has three numbers associated with it (book, chapter, verse). This means you had 3 x 10 = 30 chances of landing on Spoke 16 on the Bible Wheel or an Inner Cycle. If the numbers are random, we would expect a 1 in 22 chance of randomly hitting any Spoke. Thus, we would expect about 30/22 = 1.36 hits but we got 5 hits (2 in Neh and 2 in Zech on Spoke 16, and 1 with the verse number). But the verse number seems random since its the only Inner Cycle hit out of 20 possible hits, and that's exactly what I would have expected by random chance. So analyzing just the level of which spokes the books fall on, we would expect 10/22 = .45 but we found 4 which is about 9 times higher than what we would expect by random chance. Thus, if I were trying to make a case for the Bible Wheel, I would cherry pick this distribution and present it as "evidence." The problem, of course, is that this anomaly is just that, an anomaly. After years of diligent searching, I never found any real statistical support for the general pattern of the Bible Wheel. I did find a good statistical argument for the Canon Wheel (see here), but that's a different topic.

I have a lot more to say, but am at work. I'll answer more as time permits.
The possibility isn't only book chapter or verse, but also number in the text. It may also begin with an alphabetical letter associated to the number or it may have a Gematrial connection. But what I'm more focused in these studies is to understand how Scriptures interpret Scriptures.

Take note that you may want to search "King" and get a certain result. However that result is incomplete because there are so many names where the word King is hidden in. And not only that, but there may be other words associated to the word "Melek" such as queen, kingdom...this is why I don't rely on statistics.

Is it a coincidence that son or "ben" is related to build or "binah" and daughter or "bath" is (possibly) related to house or "Beith"?