Why does god put the needs of the few above the need of the many?

That moral tenet is about the only objective moral tenet I know of that has not been shown to ever be subjective. Yahweh seems to be doing the wrong thing.

We are told that most of us will end on the wide road to hell while the few end on the narrow path to heaven.

It is demonstrable that nature creates for the best possible end.

Why does Yahweh not follow the better rules he gave nature, and creates us for the worst possible end for the vast majority of us?

A decent father would not have the morals or ethics Yahweh seems to follow.

If true, then we end with more souls lost to Satan than souls saved by Yahweh. Even as scriptures say that Yahweh wills that all souls be saved.

God not getting his will is not allowed. God must always come out ahead. Something is not right for god.