Sinning, as Jesus and the church say, is good. Turn or burn Christians.

Protestants through Martin Luther agree.
"Be a sinner and sin strongly, but more strongly have faith and rejoice in Christ.: Martin Luther

Christians and Catholics agree and sing of sin being a happy fault, due to keeping Yahweh?s Great Plan on track.

The Eden myth agrees as it has Yahweh insuring sin by putting the talking serpent into Eden, --- possessed by Satan, --- and giving her a role.

The sex of the talking serpent is not known, --- as far as I know, --- but she is likely female.

Females were always vilified in scriptures. Even to making Jesus? wife a loose woman.

Women are the archetypal source of evil for man; and deserves it. Happily. They are the evolutionary prize.

Not for sin, of course. That is mostly man?s fault, thanks to testosterone.

Men are forced to compete for women and those competitions are the source of all human to human evil.

The problem of evil is puny as compared to the greater good of our continuing existence.

Gnostic Christians were known as the only good Christians. This, of course, given that my old Jesus mind has created my Christ consciousness, --- thanks to Gnosis, --- I know this to have some merit, but cannot personally take that label. It must be recognized.

One cannot acclaim oneself legitimately.

I can claim to be a great sinner, because you have to be to have a Christ consciousness. I have sinned in my mind and that is as good as doing evil, said Jesus.

Given my old Jesus consciousness, that is morphing into my Christ consciousness, --- through sinning greatly, --- I would invite all believers to do so, so as to get closer to god.

I did not check the Qur?an, but like the other Abrahamic religions, it too likely has Allah thinking sin is a really happy fault and great part of God?s Great Plan.

The mentally Catholic/Christian/Torah part of me, has to agree with how Yahweh, although I hate to give that genocidal ^^&*&^&* any credit for anything the mythicists put into his vile demiurge mouth.

The term Demiurge was likely invented by the more polite Gnostics. I like my modern interpretation. Plain evil.

I had to modernize it so that the literalists would perhaps take note and reduce his status; at least to below Jesus and Hitler. Mind you, literalists would have Jesus do Armageddon. Yuk.

As men compete and create most of the human to human evil in the world, a necessary evil, let us all pray that those that have shown themselves to be the fittest oligarchs, remember how generous they have been in the past and personally, I would like to see them compete in their philanthropy, that has already greatly improved our socio economic progress.

Are the Abrahamic religions correct in their view of sin being good?

I think they are but should work a lot harder at teaching Abrahamists what that means, so as to check their turn or burn unreligious views.

It is Christians who must turn from their vile god, or burn, not the other way around as Christians claim.