Why is Jesus in third place when he deserves first?

Jesus says he is doing his fathers will and not his own. This diminishes him.

We can curse Yahweh and Jesus, but not the Holy Ghost. This elevates the H G above Jesus.

Yahweh created a chimera son and then showed himself to be a deadbeat dad. This reduces him.

Jesus died for us while Yahweh shirked his duty to his child. Right?

This diminishes Yahweh and elevates Jesus.

I think Jesus should be elevated, thanks to those facts.

The religions sorely need a judge and logos and using that Jesus archetype and scrapping the Yahweh archetype is what Jesus was trying to tell us.

I think Yahweh should take third place. Better still, eliminate third place and the adoration of a genocidal and immoral god.

Why is Jesus in third place in the Trinity when he deserves first place, above the genocidal one, unless you see Jesus doing genocide at the end of days?