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    The voice of your thunder

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    Rashi says:
    like a wheel: Heb. בגלגל, like כגלגל

    The sound of Your thunder [rolled] like a wheel on the sea to confuse the camp of the Egyptians
    It makes think of Exodus 20:15,
    And all the people saw the voices - often translated as "thunders"

    The Lord said to Moses, "So shall you say to the children of Israel, You have seen that from the heavens I have spoken with you.

    From which has been read: "the voice of God are letters of light"

    Genesis 3:8, And they heard the voice of the Lord God going in the garden
    like rolling thunder?

    The voice said : "ayekkah" = where are you? אַיֶּֽכָּה, said to be a gematria:
    III. Where are you?

    Midrash Zuta, Eichah 1:1 ?Rabbi Shimon the son of Pazi said, ?The numerical value of ayekah [?where are you?] is thirty-six.??

    We find the number thirty-six in the gematria for the word ayekah:

    א = 1, י = 10, כ = 20, ה = 5

    The numerical value of איכה,, therefore, is thirty-six. Ayekah is first found in:

    Bereshit (Genesis) 3:9 But HaShem God called to the man, ?Where are you??

    The Talmud gives us the gematria for this word:

    Sanhedrin 104a And Hezekiah was glad of them, and showed them the house of his precious things, the silver, and the gold, and the spices, and the precious ointment etc.[43] Rab said: What is meant by ?the house of his precious things?? ? His wife, who mixed the drinks for them.[44] Samuel said: He showed them his treasury. R. Johanan said: He showed them weapons which could destroy other weapons. How [eicah] doth the city sit solitary![45] Rabbah said in R. Johanan?s name: Why was Israel smitten with ?eicah??[46] Because they transgressed the thirty-six injunctions[47] of the Torah which are punished by extinction.[48] R. Johanan said: Why were they smitten with an alphabetical dirge?[49] Because they violated the Torah, which was given by means of the alphabet.[50]

    The Hebrew word ayekah can be split into two words. Aye, which means ?where? and kah, which is a difficult word to translate and seems to have different meanings in different contexts. However, the numerical value of the word koh is twenty-five, the number that represents ?light.? When looked at this way, the word ayekah literally means, ?where is the light??
    The Egyptians didn't see

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    I remember a blind man on television telling that thunderstorm is a blessing for the blind.

    The thunder makes the heaven audible, the rain makes the earth and all the things thereon visible

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