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    Trump's Peace Plan and the deception

    Trump's deal of the century has raised many kinds of thoughts and opinions. The Bible, the word of God is against Trump's deal. More info behind the link:

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    Old Testament, Old Covenant Judah was destroyed 2,000 years ago (Ephraim were already swept away years before and were given a bill of divorce and were as gentiles). Judah worshiped the god Baal and Moloch. They had a choice 2,000 years ago, convert to YHWH or perish, only a remnant converted and survived as a new people with a new name.

    The khazars of Palestine still worship Satan. The middleast is a cursed land and a forsaken land, nothing is Holy about any of it. Two 'state' solution? Never will happen. The Khazars run an apartheid system and can never survive any other way. When the apartheid system collapses the khazarian experiment of wanting to be someone they are not, that will collaps.

    It is a cursed land and will be forever.

    It is all very sad.
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    Brother Les

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    For sure it's sad... lets see how this virus will develop and what will happen

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