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    Youth With A Mission and catholic deception

    Loren Cunningham founded Youth With A Mission in 1960, and at first YWAM equipped young people to serve God and sent them to mission trips. YWAM has been very committed to preach the salvation gospel. In the work of YWAM have been countless servants of God, who have dedicated their hearts to the Lord, and their work in the Lord has produced good fruits by the grace of God. We are living in the end times, and the Lord Jesus said that in the last days there are less those believers, who believe in Jesus as the Bible says, and there are less those believers who are obedient to Jesus. Youth With A Mission has not been spared from the winds of apostasy, and it is very awkward that this wind of apostasy has shaken the heart of Loren Cunningham. Please study and test my writing with the word of God and prayer.

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    Living in the 'End Times'??? Not sure why you would say that? End Times of What? Do you refer to 'The End' of the New Covenant Age? An Age With Out End.
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    Brother Les

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brother Les View Post
    Living in the 'End Times'??? Not sure why you would say that? End Times of What? Do you refer to 'The End' of the New Covenant Age? An Age With Out End.
    Hey there Brother LES! Nice to see you again! Been a long time my friend. I see you are still at it.

    Of course we know that the "end times" was fulfilled in 70AD. It began at the cross but was not culminated until the destruction of Daniel's people, temple, and city in 70AD. Post 70AD marked the New Heaven and New Land (earth) known as the Age of Grace, which you and I both know does not have an end. As long as the Sun, Moon, and Stars exist, spring time and harvest has no end.

    I know some are still expecting the world to come to an end. But that is just total non-sense. We know God promised Noah that never again would he destroy all life despite their youthful sins. The earth abides forever and ever...that is until our sun dies. If it ever does die. But by then we will likely have faster-than-light travel and will have found a new home by then. But then I'm one of those weird guys who believes that our sun is the perfect size and will never run out of fuel, nor will it collapse in on itself to explode, or swell into a large red giant.

    A suns life span depends primarily on its size and density. If the density and mass are just right, it will shine forever. If a star is too large, it will eventually swell into a large red giant. If it is too small, it will collapse in on itself and either become a singularity or a dwarf star.

    Israel is more than just a race; it is more than just a nation; it is the people of God, from faith, by faith, and only faith. Those who assemble in the name of Christ Jesus, embrance Israel because they are Israel

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