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Nothing you can do, as there is no freewill, only God's will. So He chooses us, as Yeshua says Himself in Jn 15v16 " You did not choose Me, but I chose you and appointed you..." God chose us before the foundation of the world Eph 1v4.
All you can do, is die daily to self Lk 9v23, & by the way, no-one knows, for sure, if they are elect, but if you look in the mirror, & see that He is changing you, mind, body & soul, you are on the way. I would say between 1-2%, if that, will be elect. You certainly won't be popular, & speaking God's truth, you will be scorned, but that is all part of God by His Spirit, dwelling in you, if you are elect, for we have to go through trials & tribulations, to mature, as an elect adopted son.

So you are either chosen or not chosen.

What you do and what you not do doesn't change a thing

"Do what thou wilt (shall be the whole of the Law)" ?