Yeshua is the first & last, alpha & omega, & also in the 1st word & even letter of Gen1v1, which is Bereshit in Hebrew. The original ancient hebrew had all the letters representing their nomadic life, centred around the tent & family.
B is within the tent & house, being the son, the inheritor. Next is R for resh, being beginning, 1st or head. The aleph is next, indicated by the 2nd E of bereshit, being God, the strength of the house, with an ox head as the ancient picture of the letter. Then the SH, with the 2 teeth, meaning eat our destroy. Then the yud, being the I, meaning the hand or throw. Lastly the T, meaning sign or mark, & picture of cross, similar to the small t.
Put them all together & you get Son of God (bar), destroyed by hand on the cross. Not only that but the 1st & last 2 letters of bereshit, together mean covenant, whilst the middle 2 letters mean fire, which God passed through, forming the sacrifice & covenant Gen15v17.
So bereshit is in beginning, as the is not there, it is how we would say, but not the Hebrews, & because all their words have to have concrete meanings, whereas we in the west, have abstract meanings, & as most know they read right to left. It makes sense that they look ahead & can see what the past was, whereas behind them is the future that they cannot see, so to understand the OT, we need to know how they thought in their customs & lifestyle, & put on hold our Greek abstract mindset.