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    Universe Based On Information, Not Space-Time?

    I came across this page - a few days ago and didn't have time to read the article, so I made a mental note of a few keywords and the host site. I read the article this morning and watched the video with Jaque Valle'e. Both were very interesting. Naturally, my inquisitive brain started coming up with all kinds of questions, most of which I doubt I am ever going to figure out. If energy and information are two sides of the same coin, is one of them "the boss"? Does information tell energy how to behave, i.e. as in the laws of physics? Is energy made up of information? Is information reliant on energy for its existence, since it seems that creating a "form" (in-form-ing) takes energy? Now my head hurts and since misery loves company, I just had to share the link. Enjoy.

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    bluetriangle Guest


    Hi there.

    You may find this article of interest.

    Information, it appears, can be converted into energy. Since energy and matter are essentially the same, the entire evolving universe could have emerged from information. The universe is in-formation.

    I became interested in this fundamental question a few years ago. There is an exotic state of matter called a Bose-Einstein Condensate, which exists very close to absolute zero and where individual particles merge into oneness. It can store virtually unlimited amounts of information. In one paper I read the author suggests that the entire universe is a hot bubble within a cool Bose-Einstein condensate, from which it emerged. This putative BEC would have truly vast information storage capacity and could function like a quantum computer, easily capable of storing every detail of all of our lives. We could still be connected to it through quantum entanglement and perhaps this is the realm mystics describe and which we interacts with to produce synchronicities, visions, apparitions and more.

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    bluetriangle Guest


    Members may find this link of interest. It has been shown that information can be converted into energy, suggesting that information may be more fundamental than energy or matter. Here in a groundbreaking experiment, information is used to power a tiny bead as it climbs a stair.

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