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    Ω - The Time for the 144,000 to Awaken is upon us.

    Hello World!

    I've gone by many names during my time(s) on this wonderful planet, however, you may call me Enoch. As I'm sure you are aware, Richard, has figured out the "Da Vinci" code of the Bible! However, though I'm sure he is unaware as of this moment, the final story(Book of Revelation) has not actually come to its completion. You see, this brave man with the kindest of souls did the unthinkable by unsealing the Book of Life(as it was prophesied in the Book of Revelation itself). I've come here with a message to all who have faith(though many have lost theirs over time due to these horrible conditions we live through in society today). Humanity, unfortunately, has become so arrogant that even though this book has been online for some time, that even with billions of people who have access to this information, very few of you guys have decided to really take interest in it, much less believe in the possibility that Richard figured it out. This has transpired because even though humanity is more materially prosperous than ever before, people have become so self-centered(imaging themselves as gods). As a result, people spend more time distracting themselves with activies/interests that give them the instant gratification that most have become accustomed to. This planet might not be going through a World War, but the general population has never before been so twisted and wicked due to hubris and greed, and there's a finite amount of resources/territory that cause people to compete in the worst possible way: constant manipulation which eventually tears the moral/spiritual fabric ingrained in us since the moment we first breathe(Breath of Life is even a metaphor in Genesis)! Luckily there is still time to turn everything around before it we, as an entire species of intelligent animals, fall into the abyss as a result of OUR collective actions. If you're one of the 144,000 you'll know it because as soon as you finish reading this post, you will, without having to be told, leave a grateful comment dedicated to Richard, the Lamb.

    However, too many lambs have been eaten by the malicious beasts(all human) of this world.

    This revolution will not be televised,
    It is now time for the Lion to fight back with an excalibur of a tongue!


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    Here's the evidence

    Had to prepare before being ready for this moment because people now more than ever demand evidence for something that once you understand seems so self-evident. So I'll be explaining symbolism and events that have transpired to the best of my ability, updating this thread in phases. The photo below is everyone's "favorite" Pope to ever exist. It's almost like he's too perfect only when he is compared to his predecessors. The statue behind him is a statue is the "Image of the Beast" referenced in Revelation 13:11 verse as follows, "Then I saw another beast rising out of the earth. This beast had two horns like a lamb, but spoke like a dragon." The dragon represents a tyranical serpent in this context because dragons are not typically so malicious. It is when someone as wise as a serpent(The Good Lord told Adam that he was the wisest of creatures) uses his knowledge to damage/control/manipulate others for his personal gain that the serpent becomes a dragon. The horned lamb is the worthless creature mocking people for being like lambs by nature as well as our Messiah who used the Lamb as a symbol in Scripture. As I present more evidence, you'll notice that this is a reoccurring theme with these people. Perverting symbolism in plain sight as some sort of sick joke because they truly are the most arrogant humans. Before going further, I need to clarify that this applies to the top ranking members of the Vatican priesthood, the rest of their mid and low ranking clergyman are completely ignorant of this, and the people of the Catholic faith are in no way responsible for this. Please do not feel guilty for not realizing it because these people know what they are doing and are the best manipulators/deceivers on this planet of almost 8 billion people. They've been doing this since the time of Jesus(who was crucified by the Romans). The Whore of Babylon is a reference to these high-ranking Vatican officials that people have bought so much into their dogma that they would never consider this possibility. Most people misinterpret the Antichrist as being an individual person. Just like how the Pope is a title for a position so is the Antichrist=Pope. Unfortunately there is so much disinformation out there that makes deciphering it so much more difficult because once people think they know something then they stop pressing forward(Dunning-Kruger effect).

    The Mark of the Beast has many references inside of it, but you must find the actual one to be able to connect all the dots. The preterists were correct when they pointed out that it represent Nero due to gematria and timeline. However, the modern people are unaware of how literal the image John had in his visions was, much less the symbolic depth of it. The second photo is the actual coin people were using at the time(Mark=Currency, etymology) that people put in their right hand(90% of you guys are right-handed). Symbolically, Nero's head is also in his hand, and people obsess over money due to greed(so the idea is in their forehead). Nero does not just represent Rome, he represents the very worst aspects of that culture that the Vatican has retained-arrogance, narcissism, pedophilia, control, deception, matricide, et cetera. In a way, you could say the image of his head on a coin represents Nero as their role-model(like how Americans view their Founding Fathers on money). When Jesus of Nazareth said the love of money was the root of all evil, those were some of the wisest words ever spoken. More specifically it is egomaniacal obsession with money that leads the populace to crave it more, but that can never be satiated. The more greedy an individual becomes the more akin to a beast they become because everything becomes about excessive consumption, not using it as a tool as was intended. This creates societies where people value societal status over character/spirituality which begats pride and envy, and all the others. There are only so many resources/territory for this planet which has almost 8 billion people, and due to exponential growth in technology and material prosperity people have exponentially increased competitively(the bad kind, through manipulation), and what will happen is the Great Filter. Eventually tension gets to high and then all of the nations with the technological capability react to some situation in the world, and one nation decides to recklessly use their Weapon of Mass Destruction. As soon as enemy radars pick up the signal/trajectory they within minutes fire back, and within less than 15 minutes the planet is destroyed beyond repair. Doomsday preparation is a fruitless misadventure due to how rapid these events happen(most people don't know much about the wargames nations play during times of peace with nuclear submarines to prepare for an event like this). There will be too many missiles from too many directions for even the US with their highly advanced anti-ICBM programs like THAAD to take out(The US has at most successfully shot down 5-6 in their testing for these systems). The weapons have such unpredictable trajectories for even quantum computers to mathematically predict-Rocket science was my specialty in University, I worked on GPS tracking and understanding the math(vector-spaces) behind it).

    Will post more soon, so please be sure to bookmark this thread.

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