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    Ω - The Time for the 144,000 to Awaken is upon us.

    Hello World!

    I've gone by many names during my time(s) on this wonderful planet, however, you may call me Enoch. As I'm sure you are aware, Richard, has figured out the "Da Vinci" code of the Bible! However, though I'm sure he is unaware as of this moment, the final story(Book of Revelation) has not actually come to its completion. You see, this brave man with the kindest of souls did the unthinkable by unsealing the Book of Life(as it was prophesied in the Book of Revelation itself). I've come here with a message to all who have faith(though many have lost theirs over time due to these horrible conditions we live through in society today). Humanity, unfortunately, has become so arrogant that even though this book has been online for some time, that even with billions of people who have access to this information, very few of you guys have decided to really take interest in it, much less believe in the possibility that Richard figured it out. This has transpired because even though humanity is more materially prosperous than ever before, people have become so self-centered(imaging themselves as gods). As a result, people spend more time distracting themselves with activies/interests that give them the instant gratification that most have become accustomed to. This planet might not be going through a World War, but the general population has never before been so twisted and wicked due to hubris and greed, and there's a finite amount of resources/territory that cause people to compete in the worst possible way: constant manipulation which eventually tears the moral/spiritual fabric ingrained in us since the moment we first breathe(Breath of Life is even a metaphor in Genesis)! Luckily there is still time to turn everything around before it we, as an entire species of intelligent animals, fall into the abyss as a result of OUR collective actions. If you're one of the 144,000 you'll know it because as soon as you finish reading this post, you will, without having to be told, leave a grateful comment dedicated to Richard, the Lamb.

    However, too many lambs have been eaten by the malicious beasts(all human) of this world.

    It is now time for the Lion to fight back with an excalibur of a tongue!


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    lia brad Guest

    Cool Miss

    I would like to join this discussion.

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    Jan 2008
    The 144,000 are named by Tribes of the whole House of Israel of 12,000 from each Tribe. Which Tribe are you from???? The answer that you can only give is....None.
    Brother Les

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