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Pentecost, being a Jewish festival, required Jews, by law, from miles around to attend. There was thought to be around 12,000,000 people from every nation, Acts2v5. When they all had heard, in their own dialect, through God giving Peter an infant gift, 1Cor13v8, only believers were cut to the heart, Acts2v37, as the baptism of repentance turned them from self to God's truth, & v41 says 3,000 were baptized.
Bear in mind the authorities were not going to hand any water facilities over to people they hate, this can only be blood baptism of the heart. 3,000 seems a lot, but it works out around a quarter of 1%, a precedence that probably holds true in our modern day.
Later in Acts10v47 Peter said "not the water, forbid, that these should not be baptized...", wrongly put in NKJV as "can anyone forbid water..", again it is blood baptism, the 1 true baptism, Eph4v5.

You are inserting speculation of the "can only be Blood Baptism". Concordances usage of the word 'Baptize' do not have that thought. Also, the Sect of The Essene's were said to have had a compound close to Jerusalem. The Essene's were very heavily into ritualistic cleansing and had 'pools' for ritualistic baptisms. 3,000 could have easily been baptized there.