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    False doctrine & The Truth

    Hi, I'm new to this forum, but have had 40yrs of finding my way to the truth. This has led me through false doctrine of established churches of Anglican, Baptist & Pentecostal churches, as well as Jehovahs witnesses, which covers 25-30yrs of my church life, to the past 15yrs of studying Truth, through defining words in the Hebrew & Greek.
    This is a big subject, & of course, is controversial, as it challenges peoples beliefs (as it did mine!). Hopefully most people here are open to question, unlike those tied up, as Jehovahs witnesses & Scientology, who cut themselves off from accepting any other views, other than The Watchtower Society & L.Ron Hubbard, being 2 examples.
    I want to cover, in time, baptism, communion, 7yr tribulation, 1000yr reign, predestination, as examples of misinterpretation of their true meaning. I have not trawled through other threads to find whether this has been spoken about, but I assume quite a few will already be aware of what I want to share, starting with baptism.
    Eph 4v5 1 Lord, 1 faith, 1 baptism. So it cannot be water & blood baptism!
    Defined from 2 words in Greek Bapto = To cover (atone) & Baptizo = To stain or dye (which water is not). The 2 words were anglicised into 1 word baptise, & is a verbal noun, meaning the subject is still, while the fluid covers them continually, (daily) as Paul was 1Cor 15v31, "I die daily" which is death to self that we do as in Luke 9v23.
    Yeshua was water baptised to fulfil righteousness, & be heard in Israel, as they said nothing good could come from Northern Israel (Nazareth). Yeshua had already been circumcised & had 2 turtle doves. Proselyte water baptism only made you a citizen of literal Israel, whereas blood baptism is death to self daily & gets you into spiritual Israel (gentile elect church).
    I have so much more to say on this, so until next time!.....

    I have been water baptized 3 times, before I knew better. Once as a baby in a C of E church, with my non religious parents. 2nd time as an Anglican 25yrs ago, with a sign of the cross on my forehead. 3rd time in the River Jordan in Israel, 10yrs later, as a Pentecostal, fully immersed.
    In Col 2v14 it speaks of the rituals were nailed to the cross, & what was literal before Christ, is now spiritual, as echoed in Heb 9 & 10, talks of the shadow (OT), & the very image (NT). Circumcision, baptism, being Jewish, etc, is now of the heart & spiritual, hence God's elect church (spiritual Israel).
    Yeshua asked James & John in Mk 10v38; "Are you able to drink the cup that I drink, & be baptized with the baptism that I am baptized with?" An obvious link to communion (eucharist), & Yeshua was not asking whether they could drink some wine, with a piece of bread. The next verse Yeshua said they will indeed drink the cup (a martyr's death), as like the other disciples did too.
    To clarify, drinking the cup, is death to self (our cross) & resurrection, through forgiveness of our sins daily (blood baptism).
    When Constantine started the Roman Catholic church, he blended paganism & Christianity, to appease the Goths & Vandals (who were attacking Rome), hence the sun god halo around the "other Jesus" of 2Cor 11v4, the same Xmas & Easter Jesus that over 90% of so called Christian churches worship in!! That is how it should be, as God chose & predestined few. Hence most will disagree, & prefer to believe their pastor, rather than study for themselves, but hey! I've been there, & got the t-shirt.
    If God chooses you, at some point in your life, you will start to conform to Christ's likeness. Rom 8v29. Being born again is not a one time sinners prayer (which I did 25yrs ago), it is over a lifetime. Saved is sozo in Greek, meaning God will take you from point A to point B, & teach through the Holy Spirit in our hearts. There is no freewill to choose, we only have self-will, to satisfy the flesh, unless you live by the Spirit Rom 8v9.
    As you can tell, when talking about one subject, it opens up lots of other areas of God's Word, which confirms what the Truth is. More next time.....
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