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    Cool Is The Bible Story Over

    Good Morning,

    It's been a while since I've posted on this site, so long had to re-register, thanks to "RAM" was able to do that fairly quickly, anyway it seems from just skimming the Eschatology discussions have quieted down. Anyway my studies through Eschatology have been a long roller coaster ride. I'm 38 years old and have been studying this topic since about 12 years old. It's very fascinating and intrigues me to no end :) Just a brief background of how far my journey has taken me. I was in the Dispensational Premillennialists camp as a young boy for about 10 years. The more I studied the more I realized this view could not be right :thumb:

    As time went on found myself in the Historical premil group but started having issues with this view when debating and studying scripture with some of my Preterits buddies. Fast forwarding a bit this brings me to where I'm at today, "Is the Bible story over?" While the preterits view seems to be the most accurate view via the scripture I still feel like this view leaves one with no hope. If the bible was written for the "lost sheep Israel" then really how does it apply to us gentiles today? Also if it is all over then the judgements would not apply to us( meaning those living today)either. Anyway have more questions but will save them for later discussions. I'm glad to be back on the forum and hope to continue learn and meet new people with various views on the study of last things.

    Have a Great Day!

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    It's not over until the end of 7yr tribulation!

    The 70 weeks of Daniel amount to 490yrs (weeks of years), 483yrs have past, when a decree was issued to Nehemiah to rebuild Jerusalem in Neh 2, to Yeshua's entry to Jerusalem Lk 19v38, is 483yrs.
    The 70th week (of years) is not far away, & at the end, at the last trump, Yeshua puts 1 foot on the land & 1 foot on the sea, & declares time is no more Rev 10v2 & 6, as the last of God's elect sheep enters the fold (being the mystery of God) v7.
    Then it's off into eternity, with NO 1000yr reign after. In Rev 20 1000 = chilia, & is plural in the Greek, meaning at least 2000yrs. Acts2v17 says in the last days God will pour out His Spirit on all flesh. That being the gentile elect that God has chosen (which are few), so we have been in the so called millennium, for the last 2000yrs, & I believe Satan has already been released to deceive, (as in Rev20v7) probably since the 1950-60's, as evidenced by the growth of corrupt churches, teaching prosperity gospel, Billy Graham "get saved" false gospel, many so called healing ministries, like Benny Hinn, & most churches celebration of pagan xmas & easter. This all forms parts of the easy Jesus, which is the "other Jesus" of 2Cor 11v4.
    Being born again is not a one time thing, being saved is over a lifetime of crucifying the flesh daily Lk9v23, & the inner man (Holy Spirit in us) growing by faith!!

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