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    Smile Bible Number meanings 1-101+ in scripture and Strong's. A picture of the elect bride

    Bible number meanings 1-101 + revelation of the elect bride. Number meanings apply to scripture and Strong's Concordance Hebrew numbers. Enjoy and share, if led. God bless everyone.
    HEBREW Strong's only; but, number meanings apply to the NT scriptures as well as the Old Testament.

    Ebook at Amazon "In That Number"

    1-101+ On PDF with Hebrew letters and scripture ref.

    Job 37:21
    "And now men see not the bright light which is in the clouds: but the wind passeth, and cleanseth them."

    144,000 / 666 = 216.216.216: see 666, 216

    Explaining "reflections" this way...

    Chet, Vav and Reish in "Chur" (Hur, as in the movie, "Ben Hur") are the same three letters in "Ruach", meaning "spirit". You may have heard of the Ruwach ha Chodesh (holy spirit).
    Well, dig... this! Chur means "hole". Ben Hur is "son of (the) hole". The bride becomes lowly in this world, going down such that she becomes a well-spring; (John 7:38) living waters flowing from our bellies, "covering" others who did not call upon the name of the Lord to be saved... Our "wells" will counter the coming "dryness" (desolation). It is a mystery of the "elect" bride of Christ. (Luke 3:6, Gen 49:21, Isa 49:21, Oba 21, Isa 54:1, Isa 54:7,11, Isa 59:19, Rev 12:11, 2Thess 2:8, Jer 30: 6,7, 1Sam 6:17, Dan 7:25).
    Please watch Ben Hur again with this understanding. 41 means "glory of God"... Charlton Heston became prisoner 41? Yes, a prisoner (the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord;.. many shall be purified and made white Dan 12:10)
    Not everyone is "chosen". "Many are called, few are chosen"..This is a "mystery" of the elect bride with the "hour of trial" coming upon the whole world.
    חור Chur. 214 רוח Ruwach. 214

    Example: Strong's #5975 ARISE............ (59-Havilah, 75-Priest) (in Est. 4:14)

    ................Strong's #3259 LET US MEET (32-Heart, 59-Havilah) (in Neh. 6:10)

    If you invert #5975 to #7559 you have, TO INSCRIBE, NOTE (our testimonies, Rev 12:11, 2Thes 2:8) see 212, 312, 472.

    If you invert #3259 to #5932 you have, OF INIQUITY (bride's sacrifice, Isa 54:7, 11)
    (Moses was raised in "Egypt" "Sodom"... the One
    with dyed garments from Bozrah
    came from "Edom"- adam - earth, Isa 63, "ruddy").

    In Job 38:32
    Mazzaroth and Arcturus are the elect bride: #4216 Mazzaroth (distinction, Zodiac) reflects #1642 Gerar "lodging place" (elect bride hosting the holy spirit, Ps 18:11, Isa 41:14, Job 12:22, 41:32)
    #5906 Arcturus (Great Bear constellation -- of migration) reflects #0659 epha "of nought" (bride carrying her cross, John 3:8)

    (Gematria: Zeph 3:9)

    Mazzaroth =252 (25 shall be, 52 son)
    Arcturus = 386 (38 uncover, 86 Elohiym)
    Gerar = 403 (40"robbed" 03"come to Father")
    epha = 151 (15 YAH, 51 Raw -- "multitude")
    (151 and the kings, 151 multitudes)

    #4216 (42 Troubled, 16 Look, with you)
    #5906 (59 Havilah, 06 man)

    Job 38:32 (38 uncover, 32 heart)

    Strong's #1070 is "YOUNG CAMEL" (3rd Hebrew letter, like the MINISTERS lifting, carrying others) see 636

    Invert #1070 to Strong's #7010, DECREE, STATUTE (again refering to a STANDARD being raised against the enemy and overcoming him by the blood of the Lamb and the word of our testimonies, Rev. 12:11, Isaiah 59:19, 2Thes 2:8, Gen 49:21, Isa 49:21) 49 BEAUTIFUL 21 VISION

    The Spice of the Torah by Gutman Locks

    Bible number meanings 1-101 for your enjoyment. A way of rightly dividing the word. Check the "gematria" box at

    Rennie List:

    1. YHWH, (God). 11. Hid, woe (see 111, 1111)
    Rev 3:12 "pillars in the temple" see 32, 312, 210, 444
    1st letter, Aleph; head, Ox, strength 1 א

    2. House, choice (which head)
    2nd. letter, Beit, 2 ב

    3. Come to ABBA
    (Father, Son, Holy-spirit)
    3rd letter, Gimel, Ministers;
    the "Camel" lifting, carrying 3 ג

    4. Jesus' return to earth -- 4
    (Bride -- 4, thru the "Door", from "3 to 4")
    Strong's #3478 Israel (and from "7 to 8")
    4th letter, Dalet (Door) 4 ד

    5. Grace (Isaiah 53)
    5th letter Hei in YHWH 5 ה

    6. Man (conjunction, vessel)
    vav--vav spells "hook" in Hebrew, 6+6=12
    Mal 3:1, 1Cor 6:20 (see 62)
    6th letter, Vav 6 ו

    7. Troop, give, coriander
    Strong's #3478 Israel. Gad, "troop"
    7th letter, Zayin 7 ז

    8. Eternal (see 395, 888)
    8th letter, Chet 8 ח

    9. Coming forth, new beginning (19, 29, 39)
    9th letter, Tes 9 ט

    10. Separate, alone (law, standard) see 100
    10th letter, Yud. God's place, omnipresence. 10 י

    11. Hid, woe (hidden with God) see 83, 44
    11th letter, Kaf (value 20, "earthly headship") the "closed palm" (כ 20 (כף

    12. Learn, teach (see 74) 21. vision
    12th letter, Lamed 30 ל - (reaching higher)

    13. Jesus, (echad ONE, 4+8+1,אחד ) Fountain of Living Water (Jer 2:13, 17:13, ICor 13, Isa 13)
    13th Hebrew letter is Mem, water 40 מ. see 130

    14. Hand (of God) beloved, "open-hand" "yad", gold. (Gen 2:11, Pro 25:11) David
    14th letter, Nun
    (those in need of an "open hand") 50 נ

    15. YAH (a name of God) 5x3 Isaiah 53.
    15th letter, Samech 60 ס (see 360)

    16. Look, with you. 61. captive, prisoner
    16th letter, Ayin 70 ע (see 370)

    17. Sacrifice, good. 71. fill, fulfill, lift
    17th letter, Pei, Fei (mouth, preach) 80 פ
    (see 117, 711) 17. in the army גדוד #1416

    18. Life. 81. Anokiy (a name of God)
    (see 1-YHWH, on the LEFT side of 8 as "sin"). 18th letter, Tzaddi (attaining righteousness) 90 צ. Job יוב

    19. Void (begin). 91. Messenger, Angel 19 letter, Kuf (standard) 100 ק

    20. Desert, howler. 20th letter, Reish (earthly leadership; good or bad). 200 ר

    21. Vision (3 to 4) "break forth". 12. Learn, teach
    (see 121, 210, 212, 472) 21st letter, Shin (which head? cross-section of the heart and the shape of Jerusalem, looking down from above) 300 ש

    22. The Hooks (the LAST 22nd Hebrew letter is, Tav. "Aleph and Tav" Jesus) "22" looks like hooks... for catching "fish" (the unsaved, lost souls). 400 ת

    23. Tree of Life (Psalm 23). 32. heart

    24. My hand. 42. the elder (my Heart)

    25. Be (shall be). 52. son. (Isa 25:7,11 Isa 52:7)

    26. YHWH. 62. between (Yud10,Hei5,Vav6,Hei5)
    26/2=13 Abiy, "my Father" (1+2+10) אבי

    27. Pure. 72. went (crossing-over, cloud)

    28. Living (mire). 82. they served, white

    29. Planted, placed. 92. shall wash, splendid, weaver

    30. Praised (shall be praised) "praise the Lord thru the storm" See Jer 30:6,7 "Jacob's trouble",
    Pro 27:21, 25:11. Judah, "praised" #3063. יהודה

    31. El (unto you) a name of God
    see: 62, 124, 248, 496, 992

    32. Heart. 23. Tree of Life

    33. as One. Abel, אבל. "building your house with God"

    34. To Redeem. 43. Began, appointed
    (Zech 3:4 Joshua, Sol 5:10 "ruddy". Gen 49:12)
    (17 + 17 = 34, see 304)

    35. Lifetime. 53. blot-out (Isa 53)

    36. These are, in tents (Luke 3:6) 63. of One, Prophet

    37. Breach. 73. trust

    38. Uncover. 83. hidden

    39. Coming forth. 93. Into One, to war

    40. To me, child, to shear, set bounds

    41. Hand of, Glory of God. 14. open-hand, beloved (Ben Hur, "prisoner 41")(Brian Picollo "Brian's Song" #41 playing with Gayle Sayers for the Chicago Bears)

    42. Elder (My heart) 24. my hand

    43. Began. 34. to redeem

    44. Flame, the dew, travail

    45. Mankind, Adam. 54. rod, staff, tribe of God

    46. Elohe (a name of God). 64. judgement
    Levi, "joined to", לוי 46

    47. YHWH. 74. learn, teach

    48. Came to pass. 84.knowledge, dream

    49. Beautiful, Complete. 94. knowing, contention

    50. Unclean, his blood

    51. See now, entreat, separation. 15. Yah (a name of God) 5x3 (Isa 53, 51:10)

    52. Son. 25. be. (Billy Graham passed on the 52nd day of the year). Elijah. אליהו. and Levi 52 ולוי

    53. Blot-out 35. lifetime (Isaiah 53)

    54. Rod, staff, tribe (Jacob, Israel 541)(Isa 54).
    45. mankind, both, (a beginning).

    55. To be moved, yoked (to YHWH, Abba, Father)

    56. Thy tabernacle, Levites
    65. Adonai, they bare children

    57. Altar. 75. priest

    58. Grace, favor. 85. the stretched out.
    Noah. נח. Grace. חן

    59. Havilah, Eden, marriage, ring, circle.
    95. 'ministering, laid it up

    60. Wandering, days of, vessels.

    61. Captive, prisoner 16. Look, with you
    (Isaiah 61)

    62. Between. 26. YHWH

    63. and-of-One, purposed, to satiate. 36. these are, in tents

    64. Judgement. 46. Elohe (YHWH)

    65. Adonai (a name of God), and all the high
    56. thy tabernacle

    66. SPIRITED, a wheel rolling, scroll
    (Isa 66:8) (Eze 1:16 "wheel within a wheel"
    -- (scroll within a scroll)
    Gen:49:21, Isa 49:21, 2Thes 2:8, Joe 2:5, Sol 6:13, Heb 12:29, Job 37:18, Rev 12:11, 2Cor 5:18, Sol 4:3, Isa 41:23, 44:26, Job 37:15,16 41:3,4 Ps 40:7 Joe 2:11, Sol 6:4, Gen 49:9,10

    GENESIS 49:21 --- ISAIAH 49:21 the song, " big wheel keep on turning
    proud Mary (jezebel spirit) keep on burning,
    rollin', rollin' on the RIVER (from our bellies will flow rivers of living water, John 7:38)

    יון JOHN, יון WINE = (both) 10+6+50 = 66

    John 1:23. SPIRITED
    "..the voice of one crying in the wilderness..."
    See Isa 44:26. 44, flame, end, travail. 26 YHWH

    Gen 49:12 (Shiloh) "His eyes shall be red with wine, and his teeth white with milk. (see 49)
    Sol. 5:10 "My beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand" (see 51)
    Sol 4:2 ("teeth washed white, even SHORN")(see 42)

    *John -- Wine. *cast STONE -- sent SON.
    *white, TEETH -- clean, CUTS.
    . .(cleansed -- DIVIDES).

    Zechariah 1:8
    I saw by night, and behold a man riding a red horse, and he stood among the myrtle (bitter) trees (cut-down, chosen)(wood for the Carpenter) that were in the bottom (in water, not dry, nor desolate); and behind (behind = later, waiting) him were RED horses, SPECKLED, and WHITE. Rev 19:14

    Jeremiah 12:9
    Mine heritage is as unto me as a SPECKLED bird, the birds round about are against her; come ye, assemble all the beasts (dry) of the field, come to devour.

    Zechariah 14:3
    Then shall the Lord go forth, and fight against those nations, as when he fought in the day of battle. 15: And so shall be the plague of the horse, of the mule, of the camel, and of the ass, and of all the beasts that shall be in these tents, ("house"- 412, not built with God), as this plague.

    Sol 5:10
    My beloved is both white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten thousand. see 335, 472, 496

    Isa 63:1 (the Lord has a sacrifice in Bozrah, Isa 34:6)
    Who is this from Bozrah..? Bozrah, #1224 "sheepfold", "fortress": see 12, 22, 24. Also see 97, 197, 29, 297 based on Bozrah 297, Immanuel 197.
    Isa 54:7,11, (711), Gen 49:21, Isa 49:21, Sol 4:3, Rev 12:11, 19:11-14, Zech 11:7, Isa 54:1, 51:10

    Zech 3:3,8 "filthy"-- ruddy; (Joshua, BRANCH),
    Heb 4:12 "the Word is sharper than a TWO*edged sword.." see 412

    "...glorious arm, dividing (dividing=172) the water...", "... that led them through the DEEP (death, maveth=451), as a HORSE in the wilderness..." (Isa 63:12,13, Moses)
    see Isa 51:10. See 4, 51 (nasa=451, lift, carry).
    The chosen Bride "covers" death and desolation; John 7:38.

    Isaiah 44:26, 27 (DEEP, #6683, "to sink" 131. צולה tsulah, 131 :"there was not found-find", "himself with his face-anger").
    26. (the Lord) that confirmeth the word of His servant, and performeth the council of His messengers;...27. That saith to the DEEP (death, maveth), "Be dry", and I will dry up the (their) rivers. 28. That saith of Cyrus, He is My shepherd and shall perform all My pleasure;... (Isa 11:15 "utterly destroy", Isa 59:19, Isa 25:7,11)

    Isa 63:4
    For the day of vengeance is in mine heart and the year of my redeemed is come. (see 63, 34)

    Jesus rolled up the scroll before fully reading verse 2 of Isa 61:2 (Luke 4:19,20) because 2 becoming 1, (see 21) (Ps 82:6) will occur at the bride's future transformation at "the day of the Lord".

    *JESUS, donkey -- *CARRY, burden
    *SINK, lower -- *WELL, water, (drink offering)
    *white RUDDY -- *cleansed, TRAMPING a "way, path" in the earth. see 508, 58, 777, Strong's #7777
    *LEVIATHAN, net-work -- *BIG FISH, fishers of men.
    see 496

    (Gen 12:1, Luke 23:26, Jer 30:6,7, Isa 6:8, 66:8) *TREE cut -- WOOD Carpenter (Potter and clay) (Mark 8:24)

    *Feet, BRUISED -- Hebrews', HEAL, as in Jacob's progeny, a "Joseph" 156, or "Benjamin" 152, see 52
    (HEAL "holder") "heel-holder"
    The Bride's endures "Jacob's trouble" in the "wilderness". (The devil tempted Jesus in the wilderness). Jacob limped, yet was blessed after "wrestling" with the Angel of the Lord, Gen 49:21 (Naphtali means, "wrestling")

    Isa 41:14
    Fear not, thou worm Jacob, and ye men of Israel; I will help thee, saith the Lord, and thy redeemer, the Holy One of Israel. Isa 51:8 see 58
    (A scarlet color dye is extracted from a kind of worm that leeches trees...)

    Who is this from Bozrah? "A sacrifice"; see Isa 34:6.
    Bozrah, #1224 "sheepfold", "fortress":
    see 12, 22, 24. Also see 97, 197, 29 and 297 בצרה Bozrah, 297, (Immanuel, 197).
    One or any number of the bride is from "Bozrah". She is "of iniquity"; (raised in Egypt, Sodom, "from Edom")
    She is a "burning-bush" with "bruised heels", ruddy, (red) earthen, 508, and "cleansed" (white).
    The "29" in 297 means planted, see 29. The 19 in 197 is "begin". She is cast from her home, weaving a big net (21, 210, 444, 472): she sank low to satiate (Isa 49:21, John 7:38) those who will not have called upon the name of the Lord to be saved, (Luke 3:6, Oba 21) see 36. She is the HEAL-holder. She is one who won't break rank in the Joel 2 army. She's on fire now, marking an "eternal pathway" in her "troubled wilderness" (Jer. 30:6,7, Gen 49:21, Isa 59:19). And she will be one in the "consuming-fire" of Ezekiel 1's, "wheels", a "wheel within a wheel". Jesus will be One with her, (like Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego) becoming the 4th in the fire when He comes "suddenly" to His temple, Malachi 3:1, (the day of the Lord). He lives in a temple not made by hands, Isa 66:1, Acts 7:48, 49. She is Michael who stands up, binding the enemy in hell and taking back the earth, 4. She's the firstborn, Esau, with the scarlet thread, Sol 4:3. She's, Azazel, the scapegoat with the thread tied between her horns, Job 11:6, Gen 49:21, Lev 16:21. She's the measure between the center pole and the one circling around to bring healing, Num 21:9, Isa 54:1. She's the Unicorn, Deu. 33:17 with God supplying her in the wilderness, sojourning, Ps 18:11. She's Esther, saving Mordechi (small man) despite the thought of perishing, approaching the King, Est 7:10. see 71.
    She is Cyrus, Strong's #3566 "posses thou the furnace": Cyrus-526. כורש unto Cyrus-556. לכורש
    She's Lazarus" "dying" while Jesus was away (304). She's Abraham's wife (but just say, "sister"). She's hidden, Ps 83:3. see 83, 33.

    The blood on "his" garment from Bozrah symbolizes the harvesting of all that is redeemable in man; his God-given spirit, ("wine" being the metaphor). (Gen 49:11). We worship God in spirit and in truth... and the spirit returns to Him who gave it. He who is from Bozrah is of the "wreathen" work, Ex 39:15, see 21, 210, 444, 472.
    He's Joshua, crossing the Jordan: A John, a Cain, he's a ram, dark, left-handed, hidden; he's the apple of God's eye; he's Peter, Paul ; even double the value of Abraham, he's Leviathan, and the red heifer, if you can receive it... he's a "lively-stone", a royal priesthood, a peculiar people and another's "covering" (living water, John 7:38) Isa 54:7, 11. see 711 (Luke 22:31, Jer 30: 6, 7, Dan 7:25)

    Job 41:31
    He maketh the DEEP to boil like a pot: he maketh the sea like a pot of ointment. 32. He maketh a path to shine after him; one would think the deep (set-apart) to be "hoary", ("Esau", see 376). 33. Upon earth there is not his like, who is made without fear. 34. He beholdeth all high things: he is a king over all the children of pride. (..will rule and reign with Christ). see 41, 31, 496

    1 Samuel 16:7 "Do not look at his appearance or at the height of his stature, because I have rejected him; for God sees not as man sees, for man looks at the outward appearance, but the Lord looks at the heart"

    Within the first 5 lines of Genesis 1 are 52 Hebrew words having a total of 197 letters:
    197 = Immanuel: 52 = son: see, Isa 7:14. see, 74
    John 1:1 "In the beginning was the Word..".! Glory!
    Proverbs 25:11
    Numbers 25:11 "Phinehas" = 208. see 28
    "mouth of brass" (as in burnished brass)
    Rev. 19:13
    And he was clothed with a vesture dipped in blood: and his name is called The Word of God.

    Gen 49:21, Isa 49:21 (49, beautiful. 21, vision).

    67. Restrained. 76. servant. (1Sam 16:7)

    68. Sent-sons, His. 86. Elohiym
    Isaiah 6:8. (2 becoming 1)
    68+68=136. (see 136)

    69. Compasses, to your brother. 96. opening-hole

    70. Strive (plea), night (season)

    71. Fill, fulness. 17. sacrifice, good

    72. Went, wandering, cloud (to cover) 27. pure, (sacrifice). Isaiah 7:2 " the trees of the wood are moved with the wind". Strong's #7272, feet. #7200, to see.

    73. Trust. 37. breach (act of war)

    74. Learn, teach (12th letter, Lamed) 47. YHWH

    75. Priest. 57. altar. (Abram was 75 when he ...departed from Haran)

    76. Servant. 67. restrained

    77. Strength, You consecrate

    78. His mercy. 87. purposes, (plot) 'found'

    79. Protest (testify) to help. 97. in her mouth

    80. Heaven

    81. Anokiy (a name of God) 18. life

    82. They served, white. 28. (every) living

    83. Hidden (Psalm 83:3). 38. uncover

    84. Knowledge. 48. came to pass

    85. The stretched out. 58. grace

    86. Elohiym (2 becoming 1) 68. sent-sons, His (Ps 82:6) see 82

    87. Purposes (plot) 'found'. 78. His mercy

    88. Who? where... (Gen 27:33), brook

    89. Dream (complete) redeem. 98. Stars, army

    90. King, water, (well's mouth)
    "Bands" (Zec 11:7) see 210, 444, 472

    91. Messenger, Angel. 19. void, (begin)

    92. Shall wash, splendid, weaver. 29. planted, placed
    Jer 29:11.

    93. Into One, upon (himself) to war. 39. to come

    94. Knowing contention. 49. beautiful, complete

    95. From (whereof) 'ministering'. 59. Havilah, Eden, marriage, circle, rings (Gen 2:11) (95+95=190) see 190

    96. Mouth (hole, opening). 69. compasses, love
    alone, in my dream, command encourage, the rams
    measures, his word, and the hole, Who?...where, see 88, 496, 906

    97. In her mouth, ring, yellow (weak, golden).
    79. protest, (testify).

    98. Stars, brooks of, peculiar treasure.
    89. dream (complete)

    99. Assembled (bride of Christ), his host, their ponds.
    Billy Graham passed away at 99, see 992

    100. Shall reign,​​​​ (Shiloh) a standard, water
    Gen 49:10, Shiloh

    101. commanded, Michael, "one who is like God"
    Zebulun, "exalted" זבולון

    107. egg #1000, ביצה, went out Gen 4:16

    111. wonders, measure, yoked together (learn, teach, head of family, thousands) Aleph, Ox, YHWH. see 1111, 444
    full value of the spelling of the name, "Aleph", symbolic of YHWH, אלף
    115. went up, behold, Azazel #5799 Lev 16:8

    116. with him (Job 11:6), Paul פול, and he offered up went, they fled, from his wine, in God's stead, as he wrestled, his right hand, has commanded you, to the Levites

    117. We are not, Gen 30:33. (see 333)
    (we are not, the chief, harm, by strength)

    120. the waters, a fugitive (Gen 4:12), for all (Gen 11:6) and I will fetch (Gen 18:5), of my people #1151 ami, Ben-ami

    121. of His vision (mouth-utter Job 15:5, wait-look Job 7:2) Gen 12:1, see 212

    124. and he took, Eden, his statutes, lead, testify, witnesses, pillars of, 124+124= Abraham, 248

    130. fountain, with you (Job 11:6), part, for the sole Gen 8:9, double, the Priests, to hunt, a drink offering, a ladder, under task work, to tribute, affliction of, roast, Sinai, eye, pillars of, figure Deu 4:16, they shall bring, the appointed seasons, they shall stand, out of the mouths of, he smote out (supplant or root out the enemy), see 1200, John 7:38

    131. there was not found, himself with his face

    133. and all their host, a vine, Gideon, "hewer" 33

    136. After it's kind. 136+136=272 (see 272) fast,
    out of his mouth (Num 30:2) afflicted, my horse,
    voice, Mahalaleel, "praise of God

    144. and take, accept, east ancient, redemption, covering, and shall smite, armed, and to the half, for the ransom. see 441

    152. and she became PILLAR, Strong's #5333
    Benjamin. בנימן. (less one "Yod". see 162) 52

    153. to touch, Passover (Lamb of God)
    (Net, net-work) "fishers of men" 153+153 = 306

    156. winged, and rose up, arise, Zion. ציון
    Joseph, יוסף. "shall add" Lev 5:16, Ezekiel, "God
    strengthens" (#3168). יחזקאל 156

    160. tree, wood, "Beauty" Zec 11:7 Cain #7014. 74
    Cain is spelled with a kuf, (100) indicating a
    standard", (Isa 59:19). Cain is a "tiller of the ground"
    sent into the wilderness. A "cut-down" TREE. 160,
    fallen down, their shade, silver (color of
    redemption), in the drink offering, to the poor, faint,
    and speckled. Like Gideon the "hewer", they till a
    pathway, like water flowing downhill, making their
    "way" in the "wilderness". God set a mark on Cain;
    even the letter (symbol) of God's presence in the
    middle of his name: the Yod, קין. Paltiel, "God
    delivers", 160. clear of, (innocent, free) Gen 24:41.
    see 24, 41. Cain is "white", forsaken (Isa 54:7, 11)
    and first mentioned in Gen 4:1 See Rev 4:1. "Tree" is
    first mentioned in Gen 1:11 and 111 is the "full"
    spelling of the "name" of the first letter, "Aleph" אלף
    symbolic of YHWH. Cain reflects Sol 5:10, "my.
    beloved is white and ruddy, the chiefest among ten
    thousand. Like the Potter and clay; the Carpenter.
    builds with wood. (Isa 49:21, Oba 21, Luke 3:6, Isa
    54:1, Ps 18:11, Isa 41:14, Rev 12:11) see 16, 61

    162. and birds, in the image, price, Benjamin. בנימין

    172. It's heel (in the cloud) (Gen. 3:15)
    172 = as fullers'...(soap) (Malachi 3:2)
    172 half part, shekel of the sanctuary,
    172+172 = 344

    182. when I (bring) cloud, Gen 9:14. Jacob. יעקב
    with my staff, heels of, Gen 49:17. see 82

    190. End (kuf100, zaddi90, "qetz") קץ

    197. in cattle, Immanuel, shall be found, in end, edge, uppermost parts (corners), that stood, for age, the elders of, their enemies, and he overlaid it (covered them), swell (increase- dough), and I abhorred, their beard, and come upon us

    207. light. אור. Rahab. רהב "breadth"

    210. longed, desires (to the mountain)
    (pregnant, sword) Cainan, "possession" קינן
    and of the weaver #0707 Ex 35:35 "arag" וארג. See 21, 444, 472: Strong's #6013 in Job 12:22, "deep things". Dan 2:22.

    211. prevailed, the mighty, and the Canaanite, "zealous" #3669 Gen 12:6, that spake #1696 Gen 16:13, seest me #7210 Gen 16:13

    212. Wheel (Strong's #0212, Eze 1:16) see 116
    (to shine Ps 80:3, multiply Gen 1:22)
    speech Ex 4:16, shoot-teach 1Sa 20:20,
    word 2Sa 14:15, sword Ex 5:3, "unto Jacob" Gen 25:33

    216. (6x6x6) and have dominion, they chose, were dried up, and he awoke, Jireh (sees), words, my errand my words, the sword, the river, they shall rule.

    221. length, (Billy Graham passed on 2/21)

    222. bless, blessing

    241. said, promised, ram; Unicorns, #7214.
    Zerubbabel, "sown in Babylon" see 2, 41

    248. Abraham. 2 x 124
    (father of many nations)
    248 + 248 = 496 (see 496) אברהם

    256. unto their substance, words, a cause.
    Aaron, "light-bringer" the ark, and the chosen, into
    the wilderness, in the length of it, and he lifted up,
    the bells, appeared are seen, shall we speak.

    259. as iron, Rueben, "behold a son", was a stranger,
    in a (ark) coffin, and Abiram, " my father is exalted",
    of wayfaring men, the righteous, shall destroy,

    265. those pieces, Jeremiah, "whom Jehovah has
    apointed", that follow, is become glorious, he hath
    cast, the floods, but thou shalt utterly, (overthrow)
    (Ex 23:24. #2040. 705 תהרסם), of thy vineyard

    271. conception, pregnant

    272. (eber), Hebrew. 727. and your wife Gen 6:18. evening, passed, the Nazarite. הנזיר

    273. Four, (your sojournings, their foot, moment, I will pass through. #3478 Israel (see 636, 772, 395)
    (153 fish + 120 elders=273). gematria 273 גימטריא see 27, 73 (Zephaniah 3:9)

    285. "Heifer" (Num 19:2) the city, for her sake, broken, fruitful, strange, with an arm, Edrei #0154 "goodly pasture" see 85.

    297. the fourth, Bozrah, #1224 "sheepfold, fortress"
    your seed, the earth, your seed, and he healed, Zimran, "musician", and we said, and Ezer, "treasure", and land, your seed,
    like seed, his land, in (the) curtain, like seed, the Beriites, "in evil", or the bond, your help. Bozrah, 297. בצרה. (Botsrah).
    Jazer, "helped", scattereth, ran, of trouble, well-refined,
    Ophir, "reducing to ashes", see Isa 61:3

    300. he had formed, was only, shall be separated, balm, pomegranates, herdsmen, ransom, when I washed, my fruit, in a net, as with a sword, he runneth, breaking (dig), of trembling, Meres, "lofty"; Nimrod, "rebellion", or "the valiant"

    ​​304. and he-asses, and he dug, their sojournings,
    and utterly destroy, Lazarus... (as the "bride", raised
    on the 4th day, "3 to 4")
    (304+304=608, see 68 and 608)

    306. and he formed, wife, woman, HONEY, Gen 43:11, see 36

    311: called, tribes, in the field, fire offerings thereof,
    the elect men of, lift up שאי (nasa) Gen 21:18
    man Lord איש Gen 2:24. sceptre, tribe Gen 49:10,
    Jer 30:11: #4149 Mosera, "bonds" מוסרה.

    312. dwell, with the skillfully woven BAND, Ex 29:5 -
    ("curious") see Zec 11:7, "Beauty and Bands", see 472

    315. Ramah, "horse's mane" Gen 10:7, Gomorrah, "submersion" Gen 13:10, of his field, see John 4:35
    is there, have no pasture, omers Ex 16:22, the wall Lev 14:37, but the field, and to break, see Gen 3:15

    333. darkness, "hidden" Jer. 33:3, Ps 18:11, 83:3

    335. "Red Heifer" adom, parah (50+285) פרה אדמה.
    (#0122, #6510) (Num 19:2). 335= and I witheld, #7956 Shelah, "petition", and they overtook, the bullocks, the wool (as in a "covering")

    337. your seed, Saul, "desired", OF BOZRAH, the
    Hebrews, and Ephraim, fortified, in her youth, from
    his land, asked, and shall inquire, and it is healed,
    from your seed, Zuriel #6700 "rock of God",
    Elizur, #468, "God of the rock". 33, 37, 67, 68
    Of Bozrah = 337. מבצרה. "sheepfold, fortress"

    338. Send (13x26=338) (3+3,8 -- 68) see 68
    (Isa 6:8, 66:8)

    344. and send (away) see 34, 44

    345. for that he also, of renown, Shiloh, "he whose it is", Moses, "drawn"
    Moses, as a picture of the bride: raised in "Egypt", "Sodom", see Rev 11:8

    358. the five (#2568), Messiah, "anointed", sent,
    returned, a breast plate, his offering, anointing,
    serpent (Num 21:9). 111= measures. 106= his yoke
    111 x 106 x 3 = Pi, 3.1415
    see 496 Leviathan, "the measure between a true and curvy pole"
    Num 21:9, 2Cor 5:18, Mal 4:2
    (#6961, qaveh LINE= 111 (1Ki.7:23) 61. prisoner
    (#6957, qav, CORD=106 (1Ki. 7:23) 57. altar
    (69, COMPASSES, love. Pi (3.1415) for finding the
    circumference of a circle: see (14, 15), (21, 9)
    Num 21:9, "snake around a pole"; symbol found on
    ambulences, symbolic of "healing"

    358. and we have brought back, Gen 43:21, Isa 43:21, Eze 43:21
    Mashiach משיח, Messiah, "anointed one", Strong's #4899

    359. Siddim (the field), Acacia (wood), the ashes,
    has left, he destroyed Deu 2:22; Satan 1Ki:54, #7854. see 54
    "the release" Deu 15:2. see 152

    360. Second, two, scarlet (Gen 1:8, 1:16, 38:28) שני. (Jos 2:21, Job 11:6 Sol. 4:3)

    Jos 2:21 "And she said, According unto your words, so be it. And she sent them away, and they departed: and she bound the scarlet line in the window." Gen 49:21

    Sol. 4:3 "Thy lips are like a thread of scarlet, and thy speech is comely: thy temples are like a piece of pomegranate within thy locks.

    370. as dust, (Salem, to count, ruler)

    375. yielding, Solomon, "peace", was barren, Samlah,
    "garment", for raiment, Zipporah, "bird", to sharpen,
    and thou shall become an astonishment, Zorites,
    "the hornets", him a chamber, to have power, for a
    refuge, the breaker, he shall spoil, I will destroy.

    376. alone, I will make, Esau, "hairy" Gen 25:25, and he slept, beguiled me, from his youth, unto Shem, "name",
    that they had gotten, then I will go to the left, see 37, 76 (firstborn, Ex 13:12)

    377. to him by sevens, the furnace,
    Samuel, "his name is el"

    386. and did, Gen 1:7, Yeshua, "he is saved", #3442

    391. and language, Yehowshuwa' #3091. יהושע 391.
    "Jehovah is salvation". hammered, unto the men
    Gen 25:3. ולטושם Gen 39:14. לאנשי
    "Joshua", #3091 in Ex 17:9,10

    395. Eight, the heavens, to make one wise
    be a judge, Manasseh, "causing to forget", Isaiah,
    "Jehovah has saved", Hasupha, "stripped", second, double, next, #4932 משנה

    406. and years, Ephron, "fawn-like", and I will give,
    Shual, "jackal" (#7777), his harvest, Asahel, "God
    made", Eleasah, "God has made", Shopach,
    "expansion", Bigtha, "in the wine-press" and a sharp"
    the apple, of one little chamber, a mark, mine oil,
    help, sign, our horn, being diverse

    411. Look within (the heart), Elisha. אלישע

    412. pleasant (or "delight" in Gen 3:6) (36). *HOUSE, cursed, to unite, houses of.
    412 is the full spelling of the 2nd letter, Beit, meaning "house"
    (building our house... "spiritual house" with, Jesus, YHWH) 2+10+400. בית. "My heart"= 42. לבי

    441. truth, "emet" אמת

    444. sanctuary (human body as "temple") מקדש. Strong's #4720 is "miqdash", Damascus, "silent is the sackcloth weaver". see 472 the "Hebrews or bride":
    (4-earth, bride, door 72. went)

    458. with five #2568; Messiah, "anointed", sent,
    returned, a breastplate, of them rejoice, of joy

    466. set (gave), Simeon, "heard", out of the midst,
    Qishyown, "hard", Naioth, "habitations", among, burning, Lev 13:24

    472. thou shouldest not Gen 3:11, and it came to pass at that time, Mahazioth, "visions", into their soul, occasioned, and when ye hear, so do stripes, that is in the floor, of the house, and walk, from thine house, Kishion, "hard", wreathen (band), her branches, of Mt. Olivet, thick, in weight, when thou goest, and the oath, and their hearts, in the furrow, of the entrance, rebelled, that we may write, for ye have wept, and they gave, built, within my walls, understood, his skull, thy sister in law, in a little, to drink, in oppression, and thy high places, kidneys**reins (two in one, purification, Deu 32:14, Jer 11:20, Lev 3:1-5, 16, 17), may write them, and him that holdeth, thy pleasant, unto thee, and we will hear:
    see 72, 172, 272. Strong's #7272 "feet":
    Isa 52:7 "How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him that bringeth good tidings, that publish peace; that bringeth good tidings of good, that publisheth salvation; that saith unto Zion, Thy God reigneth!" Strong's #4720 sanctuary:
    47-2. 47. YHWH. 2. Choice:
    4-72. 4. earth, bride, Door. 72. Went

    #5594 in Dan 2:22 "the deep"; #8415 in Job 41:32 "deep" 451. תהום, tehowm nasa, lift, carry: #4950 in Eze 34:18 "of the deep" 510. משקה mishqa setting place of water, see 510: "is mine heir" in Gen 15:3.

    488. door, open, white, signs of virginity Deu 22:20
    I have dreamed, inheritance, in booths, in pots

    496. See Isaiah 49:6, (Gen 49:16,17, Isa 27:1)
    לויתן. Leviathan = (Abraham x 2) 248+248=496
    "and his testimonies"= 496
    (Deu 6:17, 2Ki 17:15)
    "and give"= 496, (Neh 4:4)
    "and cover"= 496, (Deu 23:13)
    Leviathan, a "big fish", catching more fish, cast abroad, weaving a net-work, Gen 49:21, Isa 49:21, (49 beautiful 21vision)
    (4-earth, and bride. 96-darkness, murmuring) refering to being hidden and testifying. Isa 54:1, Rev 12:11, Isa 59:19, Sol 4:3, Heb 12:29, Isa 41:14, Ps 83:3, Sol 6:4, Job 41

    496. 49-beautiful, 6-man

    The "fire-breathing Chinese Dragon" must be a mockery of the bride's future "consuming-fire"..."Leviathan" (glorified)... (Ps 102:16, Mal 3:1, 4:2, Isa 60:1, Dan 12:3, Job 41:21
    Ezekiel 1's "wheels" and the Joel 2 army) ...which takes back the earth, binding the enemy in hell. Amen. 496+496=992, see 992

    501. which, head (?), Asher, "happy", from whence
    thou camest? of Ishmaelites, "God will hear", or any
    likeness, is there that hath betrothed, Jathniel, "
    God hires me", who willingly offered.

    506. which (of whom), head (upon the top of it)
    #7793 Shur, wall (506) שור
    #0834 asher, which: #7218 rosh, head

    508. earthen, "you shall take", see 58

    510. is mine heir, (Gen 15:3)

    511. Happy ("tops" "rosh" Israel #3478)

    526. after our likeness, they gathered, to count, his goods, substance, and let possess, afflict them, a wonder, a sign, your Ox, iniquities, and drove out, they shall inherit, his
    hire, wages, and He will set you, you tested Him (Deu 33:8) *The Spice of Torah

    530. me my hire, Issachar, "there is recompense", to
    the captain, thunder (voice), Othni, "lion of Jehovah"
    in a corner, I am the rose, to dragons, thy
    confidence, in all the region, thou didst fast,
    Lapidoth, "torches"

    541. Israel, (and submit) see Strong's #5410, #1054, Isa 54:1. 541= ישראל. "Yisrael" (if now I have found).

    555. the eagle (shine forth) "Christ" mentioned 555 times in NT

    556. and he shall pray, and he kept, the remaining, foremost, first, to answer, from their bondage, worms (Isa 41:14, Jer 30:6,7), and go up, FLIES (as in winged-bird), drives out
    (Deu 18:12, Job 31:12), corners, and you shall add, your commandments, that you set up: "of Cyrus" = 556 לכורש

    570. to keep, I have gotten. "wrestling" Gen 49:21,
    "Naphtali is a hind let loose; he giveth goodly
    words." the fountains, ten, the gate, pitched (blow,
    fasten), Zephath, "watch-tower", of our kindred, my
    council, how hast thou councilled. יעצת earthquake
    (Isa 49:21) see 57, 49, 21

    608. Station, it's half (you have sojourned, to multiply) see 68

    609. and the windows (Gen 7:11), windows, and behold a company, and sojourned, #0881 Beeroth, "wells", #8473 habergeon "hole", another, you shall rule, in the bright spot, fall be subdued: see 906

    611. girded (to bare)

    636. Three, (to search out) see 36, 63, 273

    661. Esther, "shall I be hid" (Gen 4:14)

    666. advantage, hidden, "most high" ("666" is of the enemy, mocking the bride of Christ)

    696. Samson "like the sun", interpreted, solved

    705. bring forth, I pray thee that I may drink, him all
    that befell, of the mercy seat, all their cords, when
    thou dost lend, that were upon his arms, shall
    greatly rejoice, in the treasures, Kartah, "city"

    708. thou returned, destroyed, to draw water, #8477 Tachash, "dugong" (an aquatic animal). תחש. See 84, 77. (Tachash, son of a concubine, Reumah).

    711. "falls" (waterfalls), placed. (the bride as "water falling" for healing, John 7:38, Oba 21, Isa 49:21 covering the desolation, dryness).
    Strong's #5200 "dropping" (dew, moisture)
    52 is Son (ben) בן
    The Hebrews as a wandering "cloud" covering, "sacrificially" bruising heels, Gen 3:15, Isa 54:7,11
    Zechariah 11:7 Beauty-Jesus, Bands-Bride: see 117 (bride--wreathen--bands--cord--one accord)

    "Hebrews" (sons) "crossing-over a region beyond" is the elect "bride" of Christ (men and women)
    "virgins" = undefiled with "doctrines of men"/last days church

    727. and your wife (Gen. 6:18) see 68; upon thee I have stretched out, cellars 1Ch 27:27, #0727 Arc of the covenant.

    772. Seven, set in order, will return me
    (#7597 Shieltiel, "I have asked of God")
    see 77, 72

    777. "Who is of God" Methuselah Gen 4:18
    (Billy Graham is a type of "Methuselah").
    Strong's #7777 "as a burrower".

    788. maid, Gen 16:8.. in the Shulamite, Sol 6:13

    811. rise, (to cover, increase) see 81

    888. eternal path, (Jer 6:16), place of fire
    Strong's #5410 is nathiyb, "to tramp, path". 541 is the gematria value of ISRAEL! See Isa 54:1.. the "desolate" (Hebrews) will bring forth MORE children (because they were "forsken a small moment", Isa 54:7.)
    The poetry here is the Hebrews "bruising" their heels (Gen 3:15) sojourning, set-apart in the "wilderness" marks a path over time; similar to wildlife tramping a trail in a forest. A "trying" "heated" journey (a "burning bush") and once transformed, becoming the "consuming fire", in Ezekiel 1's "wheel within a wheel", crushing satan's head, "headship". The bride "supplants" the enemy; she is the "heal"-holder, playing on Jacob as, "heel-holder". (The bride is also a "Joseph", the 11th Onyx stone) Gen 2:12. And if Moses is a "Jesus", then the bride would be a "Joshua" crossing-over the Jordan. Also, the bride is like SIMON the Cyrenian "coming out of the country" "...and on him they laid the cross that he might bear it after Jesus". (Luke 23:26). "SIMON" =176 in gematria value where 76 is servant. Or, 17-6 where 17 is "sacrifice" and 6 is "man".
    Luke 2:26 "... SIMEON would not see death before he had seen the Lord's Christ"

    CYRENE, (Cyrenian) = 315 (see 35, lifetime. 53 blot-out). See Genesis 3:15. סרנה

    906. you come to poverty, SCARLET in (Ex 26:1, 28:5, Lev 14:4, Num 19:6) shoulder-pieces, shall be given. See 609, 69, 96

    911. beginning. ר א ש י ת. " reysheeth "

    (2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th and 6th letters in Genesis 1)

    1st: ב beit, building your "house" with God is 1st.

    ב ר א ש י ת. = 913

    992. trumpets; which are burned; and I will fasten: Jos 6:4, Neh 4:2, Isa 22:23
    see 64, 42, 22, 23.

    1000. that thou will not deal falsely Gen 21:23

    1111. foundations, beauty ("pillars in the temple" - Rev 3:12, unity, "One with God")

    1200. chains Ex 28:22, and nine Num 34:13, is poured out Job 30:16, and would root out (supplant the enemy) Job 31:12.
    Strong's #1200, be'erah, "a fire" (Ex 22:6)(Abraham, Isaac) *277. בערה

    1212. and unto thee shall be his desire Gen 4:7. 1212 = תשוקתו. Strong's #8669: AND BOWS 2Ch 26:14. 1212 = וקשתות. Strong's #7198: WITH THE BERYL Sol 5:14. 1212 =
    בתרשיש. Strong's #8658; *"His hands are as gold rings set with the beryl; his belly is as bright ivory overlaid with sapphires." (see Sol 4:3, "thy lips"=1210 "scarlet thread")

    1258. *shall marry, Deu 7:3 ("Neither shalt thou make marriages--with them") Strong's #2859, chathan 1258 = תתחתן, root is 464, חתן. see 46, 64, 58, 73, 28, 59

    1400. CHAINS #8333 (Ex 28:14), STAR (Ashtoreth 1Ki 11:33) #6253, of Artaxerxes, "I will make the spoiled to boil: I will stir myself in Winter" (1 Ki 11:33) #6253:
    *1400=לארתחשסתא. MEN in Ezra 4:21 (Strong's #1400) 205=גבר.

    1500. thyself altogether #8323 (Num 16:13), *you shall rule: 1500 = תשתרר. Strong's #1500, "the spoil", "by violence" (Isa 3:14, Eze 18:12).

    *The Spice of Torah by Gutman Locks

    1 Kings 7:23 reads as if God didn't know Pi! But, the ratio is miraculously hidden within the Hebrew words qav and qaveh meaning "line".
    See, "Pi in the bible. The bride waiting in the "measuring line" Rennie Helder channel

    (Zephaniah 3:9... gematria is part of YHWH's "pure language")

    Then said I, Lo, I come: In the volume of the book (scroll) it is written of Me. Jesus is coming soon. God bless everyone! Ps 40:7 (see 47)

    Strong's #3478 Israel.
    3*8(uncover) *47(YHWH)
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    Going from 3 to 4, 7 to 8 and the current "darkness". Strong's #3478 is Israel "head"

    Hi, Bride. Blame the enemy for everything that is bad and praise the Lord! The warfare at hand is such that there must be "darkness". 333 is "chosek". Jeremiah 33:3, Psalm 18:11, 83:3. 33 means "as One". We are going from "3 to 4", symbolically. (4--Earth, Father, Son, Holy Spirit and 4--Bride). Lazarus is value 304 (raised on the 4th day). 7 is rest; 8 eternal. Strong's #3478 is Israel (we are going from "7 to 8", as well).
    Once the bride rises, from OUR bellies will flow rivers of living water (John 7:38, Ps 82:6, Isa 49:21, Dan 12:3, Rev 12:11). The "darkness" is part of the bride's (or Jacob's) trouble (Jer 30:6,7 Isa 6:8, 66:8). 711 is "falls", as in waterfalls. The lower we go, we become a "well". Ben Hur was "son of the hole" while the three letters in "Chur" (hur) also spell, "spirit" Ruwach (ha Chodesh). No doubt, the Bible number meanings list 1-101+ I posted will confirm this and much more exciting revelations in the Word! "Reflections" is about the life of being the "chosen bride", carrying our cross in a world we are helping to correct. It was never supposed to be this way, since the fall in the garden. Jesus is perfect; yet, crucified and a servant is not greater than his Master. Time is extremely short, looking at the numbers... God bless you, all. Continue blazing a trail and I'll see you on the other side of the "darkness". Amen!

    PS check 333 in the gematria box at (Zeph 3:9)
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