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    Quote Originally Posted by davidjayjordan View Post
    OK, no one can disagree that Jesus HIMSELF confirmed Noah and the FLOOD, and no one can disagree that it is written in multiple places and via various prophets of the Lord. So again let me claim victory for the creationists and JESUS.

    That was the topic and title, and it has been verified.
    Not true. You have no proof that the "Jesus" of the Bible even existed, let alone that he said the words attributed to him in the Bible.

    There are very good reasons to believe that the Bible is not altogether true. Even you reject a lot of what is in the Bible!

    And even if Jesus existed and said those things, it wouldn't matter because he was obviously wrong about lots of things, such as the idea that he would be "coming soon".

    So grow a brain already. Your assertions are quite irrational.
    • Skepticism is the antiseptic of the mind.
    • Remember why we debate. We have nothing to lose but the errors we hold. Who but a stubborn fool would hold to errors once they have been exposed?

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    The books of the Hebrews speak of a Noah 'world wide' flood. Other ancient civilization manuscripts also speak of a large 'world wide' flood. these 'floods' were always local and only in 'the world'/area of where it happened.
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