Today I noted this anti-evolution articvle and video, which helps explain how the livng cell is not and was not produced by chance or evolution but according to the architecture of the Lords Temple...

For I have studied Architecture and the Tabernacle Desiogn extensively... and it is seen in the forth post.

SEE and Study

and follow all the hyperlinks for explanations and graphics, for they apprarently do fit into the micro-cosm as well as the middle cosm.... and as can also be seen is part of the macro cosm...of the Tabernacle of the Sun in our Solar System,,,,,,,, all big or small being designed after the temple or TABERNACLE of the Lord.

So study this video and note the grapghics, and start to learn the basics of Sacred Geomtery and ARCHITECTURE, rather than pretending every thing is by luck and chance and at random.

Remember intelligence takes work and study and knowledge, and always defeats lack of wisdom and lack of design.

Only gamblers gamble on the inaccuracies of luck and chance.

Dells did not evolve into being.. they were designed by the INTELLIGENT DESIGNER.