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    Math progression of geometry 1,2,3,4, 5 which is Phi, the Template of Creation

    To understand living matter and space and life itself, you can mathematically use the Lords geomtery called SACRED GEOMETRY to comprehend His/Her progression step by step, or number by number in His Creative Process.

    Its not that difficult if you concentrate...

    1 is a point
    2... is a straight line between two points.
    3... is a triangle
    4 is a square
    5 is a pentagon or pentagram

    Now dont get all fearful because of the number 5,
    because a pentagram of five equal points around a circle yields PHI also called the Golden Section

    The ratio of PHI or the Golden Mean is an irrational infinite exact number that is incorporated exactly in a pentagram or pentagon.

    It is the ratio that is not dependant on size whether micro or macro. It is the ratio of BOTH power and beauty, templated in our own divine powerful and beautiful image, reflected from the exact body shape of the Lord of Lords Himself. Instead of straight lines, the geometry is of curves. Its the geometry of life and living things, whether the PHI designed DNA or the developed body of animals, planets, solar systems, or the internal design of atoms.

    Similarly, the mystery of mystery of the squared circle, when a circles circumference equals the circumference of a square, by the breath of God pushing the sides outward is that itsradius expands to the radius of the square root of PHI... or 1.272

    This being the height of a PHI pyramid, the divine shape of power and beauty, as well as the shape of New Jerusalem.

    All these proportioned after the exact radius's of the Lords heavenly bodies and distances making a PHI designed Solar System, also called the Tabernacle of the Sun. The Lord is exact, and mathematical and designed geometry and math, and biology. Its not by luck and chance but by design.

    Study the mathematical architecture done by architects from the BEGINNING, as they copied the template of the Creator from the BEGINNING. It is not a mystery, you can learn it easily.



    SEE and study

    If you have any questions just ask...

    Dont call me a liar, just do the math, learn the math, be scientific rather than a theorist

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    Evolution is a semantic doctrine for non scientists. Its luck and chance precepts do not work except for those wanting a secular religion.

    But real science and real physics deals with real SPACE and TIME.

    To understand SPACE, you have to understand geometry. When you study geometry, you find out soon enough (as did the ancients) that geometry has special properties, as distances and ratios of distances are unique, and form patterns. Specific Patterns. These truths were taught in MYSTERY SCHOOLS to special students of the elite (usually the dark side) as knowledge is power. This geomtery was called SACRED GEOMETRY, because it was inter-related and was a key to POWER and beauty. Not semantics but a geomteric absolute that gave power... (they didn;t care too much about the beauty)

    This information and truths are now available, so that you are without excuse, Richard and others...... You can no longer excuse your unbeliefs in design because of lack of knowledge and information. That cover no longer works, and you all are responsible in your SEARCHES.

    As we all are respnsible not for what we know but also for what we dont know or could have known. Excuses are for whimps and whoosies, as the Lord says...SEEK and YE SHALL FIND.

    Anyway, I have written extensively on it, and connected it up for you,

    But if wanting a different perspective just GOOGLE... Sacred Geometry.

    The first book I found was awesome, straight from the Reference Section in the Library. I exeroxed the whole book, but cant find it any longer online.

    How to build your own Universe.. a terrible title but exceptional author and writer except for his conclusions and applications, as per usual the dark side effects their brains.....

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