Back to the racist doctrine of evolution that fits in perfectly with the racists around the world, and gives them an excuse for their racism.

Hitler was a racist, and literally tried to further in-breed the German race, into a pure MASTER RACE. He wanted the pride of His people to keep him as their leader of a superior nation, that could rule the world and subjugate all others. They were racist, (the majority not all) and he was a racist...and literally got volunteer teens to get together at summer camps to get the girls pregnant, to help purify their race with more pure babies from their MASTER RACE.

Some countries think they are the best because they have the mightiest military in the world and their bases are everywhere. Some countries think they are the best because they say they are chosen and superior. Some countries think they are superior because they are a million miles away from trouble and therefore they can pretend they are favored by God. Some countries think they are the best race because they dis-allow other races to enter their countries.

Some say it is a matter of age, education, wealth,...yet all want to be better and superior to others like the damnable pharisee who was praying, that he was not LIKE the dirty rotten sinner praying.

So yea, racism is in the heart of man worldwide, regardless of race, as all want to be better than their neighbor.... and any doctrine that helps them believe they are better, they cling to. Its false, its a lie, but they just care about their false egos and false self esteem and pride.

Evolution hel;ps racists be racists.

Racists lose, evolution is a losing racist doctrine... love, equality and acceptance wins.

Jesus wins.