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The cause and EFFECT of an untrue and unscientific theory, is of great importance when people take it to heart and act on it. Evolution is not a law, and it does not create new species or races. This, is the basis of the theory of evolution... and via this theory it enables racists to throw different races off bridges.....
Yes, we all know your OPINIONS. Now all you need to do is present evidence supporting them. If you can't do that, why should anyone believe what you say?

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Come on Richard, dont try and detach evolution from its usage, and its effect. Know current events, know history, know the hearts and minds of men and their con jobs.
Evolution is not racist. Your assertions are unfounded. The fact that it can be abused by racists does not make it racist. But even if it did fit with racist beliefs, that would tell us nothing about whether it is true or not. You need to deal with the FACTS and drop your meaningless rhetoric which is designed to influence people through irrational emotion.

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Evolution is a racist doctrine.. you did not answer that statement but side stepped it, Evolution teaches branching, YES or NO

Evolution teaches one species develops into another one. One race differentiates into two races, into three races, so that there are more races than the original, and they are all supposedly DIFFERENT.
Yes, branching is a fundamental aspect of evolution. And that's why evolution is fundamentally ANTI-RACIST because it teaches the UNITY of all life. We all descended from the same ancestors.

Therefore, evolution is ANTI-RACIST.

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Focus, Richard

Stick to the topic rather than trying to change it. The topic is Evolution is a Racist doctrine.
I would suggest you try to follow your own advice, sir.