Ask you anything ...

OK Richard, how did your hike go ? Actually I know because hiking in the Lords outdoors and Creation is awesome, although sometimes a little cold or wet, or dangerous, still it is awe-inspiring...... to the eyes, and ears.

So did you hear the Lords voice when there. Did you hear the music of the spheres, or the whispering of the Holy Spirit ?

This most likely will be determined by your carnal mind or logical mind, so can I ask whether you are an evolutionists or 'luck and chance' type person.

And if so, as I assume for now, you probably are, why you are. And whether or not you scienticfically deduced this, spiritually deduced this, or just succombed to majority opinion on the subject?

This even though if you have, then as with the discernment question above, you must have based your opinion on the opinions of others.

Personally I believe in the science and math that show creation and templates and design and intelligence, but just wondering if you heard anything in your wealking trip or confirmed the idea of luck and chance in their religious belief system.

Too smoky up here this summer for any walking trips.... and too smokey to even fish much.