No offense, I see no practical value, to gematria, and totals and mid points, and additions of manipulated numbers and factors, because none of you can explain why these are important or extrapolate into some kind of new proof, let alone establish much of a basis for your codes or gematria being of value to convince people of the design of the Lord. Beyond Genesis 1, it has little convincing qualities... IMO

Now lets get practical and solve a mystery..

I dont want to let the cat out of the bag, or divulge too much of what I am thinking, but lets loosely figure out how to arrange 64 blocks, so that a knights tour can hit every cube in an order, without hitting the same one, and end up and the starting point.

Its a Mosiac mystery from the Serpent Rouge, a Templar Mystery (actualkly dealing with the location of the Lords Treasure from the Temple....

So apply your mathematical skill or skills, and figure out how the chess pieces move, and put the scattered pieces together in order..... 8 by 8
chessboard style, or 4 X 4 X 4 cube style.

Remember the Lords creation is by His harmonious balanced design, and is based opn his sacred geometry, a firing order in creation that is balanced, and yet moving does have applications. Its called physics, and is stable.

You can figure out the white and black, but could hepl if you knew some Kaballah design.... and pathway design.. but go for it...

It might be interesting..

Ha, you might also discover that the landscape is like everything else, designed rather than at random and without meaning. The stars are their placements are as designed as our landscape, and the shapes of the continents, placements of cities etc etc etc....

Maybe we can talk about the gnomon, the choice is yours..