Ricohards Bible Wheel was a faliure, and all bible wheels and codes are failures because the Lords mathematics involves the design of creation, the mathematics and interlocking facts of creation, rather than some sort of hidden code or hidden mathematics that will prove the Protestant Bible is infallible.

Sorry Protestants you all will fail in trying to make a name for yourself.

You fallen for the wrong canon, the wrong books and broken them up into false verses and numerics and false gematria and into manipulation and contrived insanities. Its superstition and absurbities.

Yes, the Lord created all things and all laws and all forces and is the Unified FORCE and center of the Unified Theory of EVERYTHING... but He didn;t compose the Protestant Canan, and didn;t speak through all the writers of the Old and New Testament. He spoke through His prophets and through Himself when HERE, He spoke THUS SAITH THE LORD, en cathedral.

So enough of this Bible Wheel hoax. I man it was bad enough Richard trying to compose a whell for his own glory and then trying to take the credit for destroying the wheel when he turned against Christianity.

The Lord created cycles and speheres and circles and geometry, but didn;t hide his design through mystifying codes and whells and manpulations.