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Thread: Evolution ?

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    Sep 2017

    Evolution ?

    Big bang ? Do the math and see if it all adds up.

    There is Only One True , Loving , Merciful And Awesome God

    And His Name Is JESUS

    That should wipe out all doubt . But if someone is still a bit skeptical. There's something you need to seriously consider. Be very careful of what you exclude yourself from.

    One life to get it right.

    If you have any questions about that video you can go to the youtube site and your questions will more than likely be answered , By MR oren evron , producer of the video.

    A comment from the site I thought worth repeating.

    Alvin Ambers ,

    Mathematics is far from my strong point, so I have to pay particular attention to presentations like this. None-the-less, I can appreciate the implications of the mathematical "science" presented.

    Just as a personal observation, I would suggest that in accounting for the relatively miniscule disparity (I think less than 3% in the most extreme), could lie in God's awareness that His created Flesh children would suffer a limitation in pronunciation which would not allow Him to give them names for things which would be perfect.

    Similarly, we cannot see all colors with our natural eyes, and there are almost certainly colors we have no names for. Again, too, I am reminded of fractals. The implications of this presentation are,

    in a word,


    Math Unveils The Truth! The Torah Was Given By a Supreme Being!

    Check mate ,


    And before calming false make sure you have the evidence.

    And there's more ,

    click on the user name.

    Evolution ,

    the ghost that no one has seen.

    The truths revealed in that video is about as close as you can get to a personal revelation aside from actually having one.


    What are NASA'S calculations for the size of the earth , sun and moon?

    How did Moses know ?

    He didn't even have a telescope .

    Makes it really hard to deceive ignorance NOW , AY

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    Aug 2017
    Quote Originally Posted by butch View Post
    Makes it really hard to deceive ignorance NOW , AY

    Thank you for posting this. I am downloading this video because I know there will be many that will try and debunk it and I want to see for myself the possibility. I do mean debunk the video information. Debunking God cannot be done He can only be denied. He tells us how to know that He IS. It is just that most of us choose to ignore what he says (because we think he wants to control us) or try to find why he isn't (ignoring reality). They can't find him because they have no faith. When I came to the conclusion that following God was something I would do even if he was not, then I found him. I was totally lost most of my life (the walking dead). I now follow knowing his way is the correct and only way. Why would I ever want to live it any other way? Living without God in my life is back to the dead. That will not happen. My faith in God is believing (knowing) his truth is no lie Thanks again!

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    The Big Bang is an out-dated theory, as it makes no sense.... as explosions don't organize matter nor life. So deceptive desperate confused evolutionists, as per usual, are trying a new semantic title, I think its called slow expansion.

    Not a Big Bang but a slow expansion......

    Their contradtictions are immense and tricky as hell , as their theory is unscientific and non mathematical, and has no validity... but as a secular theory it has been adopted by the heathen and even by unknowing intimidated Christians. To get a job in biology, etc etc... you must believe in evolution, even to pass high school or university, you are almost FORCED into the congregation of the devoid in worshipping evolution, also sometimes called Mother Nature, etc etc...

    As for the distances, exact atio of Earth and Moon , that again is sacred geometry... feet, spans, cubits, miles, , sacred measure that incorporates sacred space, ratioed space..., the golden section and the squared circle.

    7920 miles and 1500,,, miles equals 7,920,000 feet.

    Its not hard to learn, you dont have to be an expert mathematician at all.

    Its ratios were also inbedded into the convex side of the PHI Pyramid of Enoch called the GREAT PYRAMID.

    The size of the Earth is not by chance, neither the size of the Moon, nor the size of the Solar System or Sun...they are in exact proportion...easy to comprehnd..

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