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Get real David. You are one of the most evasive people I have ever encountered. You twist and turn like a serpent and refuse to stay on topic and answer any evidence presented. (No Richard, you are copying my proofs against you evolutionists. You refuse to answer the question because you know you cant back it up. But be brave, and show some moxy and courage rather than always excusing your lack of answers)

Your questions are absurd. (Its not absurd to ask questions about what your theory encompasses..... and what it applies to.)

Evolution is a biological theory about the origin of species, not the origin of natural laws. You mind is confused and disordered. (Then be straight forward and answer the straight forward questions. Just say, NO, evolution has nothing to do with physics and forces. Dont be evasive, even though your wording of so called natural forces, is tricky as you assume that forces were just there. Nevertheless, Ill take your answer, above, and state that you evolutionists agree that evolution has nothing to do with Forces, or the Laws of the Universe. You evolutionists only deal with living things that are already alive. You dont explain how they got alive or waht forces created them. So I agree you evolutionists have nothing to say about forces or laws, and hence you have no mathematical backup. Again I agree with you.... that you have no math, know no equations, and only theorise about the branching and development of one race into another race, or lets say from one species to another species.)

Admitting things you don't know is the first step towards knowledge and the most basic requirement for intellectual honesty. You should try it sometime. (I have thats why I have progressed. ... and have soooo much scientific backup and writings) (Evolutionists can not have written proofs and math and links because they have no math, no missings links and no scientific laws. Besides there truths or facts change every year, as they go from theory to new theory, erasing their old theories

There is nothing "magical" about assuming that physical laws are "just there" since they could be ontologically necessarily. (Ahh trying to justify your mysterious creation without using an intelligent designer...as evolutionists continually say, creation was just there. For evolutionists like Richard etc... can not explain creation, all they can attempt to do is postulate what happenned after the Lord created all things... )

Or it could be that we live in a multiverse and all possible laws are manifested in different universes. (Yikes, thats a wild new theory Richard....you using your theoritical words of COULD HAVE, and POSSIBLE... to formulate a new theory. Not facts, but a theory on a theory of a theory. Its rather comical Richard, but you're the one that said it. And do wait for your next sentence as you use the word MAYBE.... Yes that's comical, as it is just more conjecture and imagaination, and a new theory. Yet what you are attempting to do is deny laws, and peoples faith in laws and physics, by suggesting there are different laws in different universes. This is why evolutionists are evolutionists, because they evade laws and physics, and math, and go into more devious and outrageous theories to cover up the flaws in thier original theory.)

Or MAYBE they were all created by a "God" who is magically "just there." If you have a problem with nature "just being there" then why don't you have a problem with your magical god "just being there"?
My god, our common God, we know about and can experience according to His Laws, that dictates we must have the balls or ovaries to try and test HIM and prove HIM. Your evolutionary theoretical God has no proofs and has written nothing and does not speak and does not extend to any other science other than the secular religion of evolution. In other words, evolution is a no brainer. Evolution is all by faith and intimidation rather than personal knowing experience.)

Nice chatting with you. But do start your own thread on a specific that you choose that you can answer and support. To truly know a subject, you have to defend it from queries and explain it to those that ask you. Do attempt to state a truth or your truth or your fact or your new theory to back up your previosu theory of your original theory... IE..post anything, and then back it up.

Its like a thesis, you have to defend your thesis before others, to see if you know your subject matter.