Evolutionists are afraid of explaining anything, or showing proof of anything, but lets go back further in the process of life... back to the original FORCES that shaped atoms, so that an atom could exist...so that a molecule could exist, so that a living organism could have existed.

The Theory of Everything which is actually the LAW of Everything, says and means that at the highest level there is only ONE FORCE, all forces are or were united as ONE. This being a very Christian biblical ideal and truth.....

In other words, the four forces are designed and unified together via the GREAT FORCE or DESIGNER , not of mere life, but of FORCES, LAWS, and then LIFE.

Evolutionists can not possibly say or extend their idiotic theory to the Beginning and Design of Forces and so surely can not elude to their god of evolution being capable of, creating forces and laws by chance and luck and mutations. They may get angry that their theory has no answer, and therefore, complain semantically about, people not understanding their theory, because it is unexplainable even by them.

So anyway, in response to the ongoing thread about Weak Nuclear Forces, here at the Bible Wheel....


Do answer these questions evolutionists....

Did evolution create any laws. Did it create any forces ?

If so, is evolution creating new laws and new forces as we speak. Or is it dead after the initial effort of its creative push or explosions?

Did evolution counterbalance the laws of attraction and repulsion within the nucleus, by luck and chance so that like charged protons would not fly apart within the nucleus of the building block of an atom. IE.. did evolution create the structure, and forces within an atom. ......Not within a simple cell, but within an atom !!!

Please answer according to your theory and any proofs you might have. Thanks I an we await your replies.