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    Mad Max, a few too many questions to answer, this is a research thread, rather than a normal thread..... or a debating thread.

    And I differ as I am being as exact in a research thread as I can be..... until I honn in on something important, whether in my own progression or an inputted fact or suggestion.

    As for the purpose, its called chemistry.... not just biology or physics.... as everything we learn has an application.

    But whats lost in chemistry, secular chemistry is sacred geometry, for geometry is physics, and deals with space, three demensions and time.

    Similarly what is also missing in the study of matter is that micro and macro are the same.... the same Creator and the same ratios... nothing new under the Sun.

    The amount of matter percentage in the macro cosm, or lets say the Solar System or star systems is the same percentage as in atoms. A principle in either micro or macro should and does apply in the other cosmos, or our middle cosmos.

    Here we are talking about the micro-cosmos of gold the perfect element and WHY.

    Its by design the Lords design, as showing each shell is according to the design of the platonic soldis, as that is the only geometric shape that is balanced. Balnce is essential, and balance can not be by luck and chance. Electrons must be balanced even at almost light speed, and at micro distances.


    Cat people and serpentine people, Yea meet a few, they are possessed, and try to cause no end of trouble, but can be averted and stopped via discernment and the power of the Lord.

    We've had about three instances in the last month, with these critters doing small dastardly deeds outside our house. Nothing catastrophic but like demons, childish and prankish.... as if they are frustrated, angry and teething like the gnashing of their teeth. Yea, trans genetics is also evil, but the Lord will prevent that's culmination, and yet the demons shall abound more and the wicked Earth is becoming the cage of every foul bird as the Lord prophesided... and it means this LITERALLY.

    SEE `Solar Eclipse.

    Note 4, maximum shell meaning maximum FULL complete Platonic Shell of electrons.. balance balance balance,,, stable and shiny and uncorruptible Gold.

    The Lord loves balance, stability, and equality.

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    Cat people, serpentine people...... if we are talking exactly about possessed people with animal qualities, then we are not talking about the divine spirit of the one who got possessed by thse devilish demons of cats and serpents. Yes, as missionaries, we had to deal with maybe three or four... Thats a lengthy story or stories.... but the possessed are very real..... evil spirits are very real, and sometimes takes the form of cats and serpents, etc....

    But do start a different thread for that discussion if you choose.


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    Egyptian Cone Design

    I hate wasting time and prefer researching... rather than squabbling with people who deny prophecy, deny design, deny the power of the Lord of Lords.

    Anyway read

    And I really dont know much about cones and their design. So lets get going..... in ancient Egyptian hierogylphs....

    "The Sothic Triangle, forming the ancient hieroglyph for Sirius (Sothis) was constructed by using a cord 22 units long, with markers at 9 and 13 units from the start.

    Then, with the cord pulled taut at these markers, and the end meeting the beginning, the triangle denoting sothis was formed as the drawing shows; the base being 4 units wide and each sloping side 9 units from a corner of the base to the vertex, in 4-to-9 proportion (see for example the inscriptions at Abydos)."
    From the 4/9 ratio can deduce that the vertex angle is 32.727272... degrees or roughly 33 degrees.

    OK, I know about 33 degrees

    And Jesus life, Jacobs ladder, sexual references, brain co-relations..... etc

    And it does involve the magnification by the Number 11, which can be explained, and grapghed etc..

    But the cone apparently has an angle of 32.727272727272727

    (A knotted equal segmented rope of 22 units)

    But wheres the exactness .....

    well if you multiply 11 by 32.72727272 degrees you get 359.99999999 degrees ... a full circle ... 360 degrees

    Mystery starting to be solved

    In other words, a full array of 11 cones together would make a complete circle... and it would be a geometeric figure... never heard of that one before...... He a bible circle....

    The text on-line and via the Egyptian's doesn't mention more.... but the math is rather simple, and my background articles makes it make sense.

    This must be the conical spiral upwards inside a phi pyramid !!!

    Notice the ankh next to the cone...... female.

    Think equality and again think sexuality and power design, hence cone must be male

    For male and female must cojoin as one to make the elixir... interesting...

    There I said it and can proceed.....



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    So next it states that ..

    In personal communications Dr. Philip Callahan has suggested that the pyramid structure and certain cone topped round towers are open resonance antennas tuned to a resonance frequency of the earth.

    Resonant chambers, Yes, but they had to be exact, and apparently they were by DESIGN...

    So study the Earths Resonance

    Now relate it to 33 hertz and check the wave [patterns

    Yes, there is a design from the Earth s Resonance which is created by the lightning strikes around the world because of the exact distance around the Earth and the speed of light design which I have stated is by DESIGN. arassing this Earth Resonance is a power source.... rather than the stupidity of saying the Egyptians used millions of slaves to drag millions of stones up inclines in building the Pillar of Enoch also called the Great Pyramid.

    Hence the Dr.s comments is very possible concerning these cones gathering the power of the Earth's Resonance.

    Must study Sothic cones further... even though already it seems a better name would be a 22 cone.

    22 is the number of letters in the Hebrew alphabet, maybe a co-relation there... lets keep going

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad Mick View Post
    PS David
    Are you familiar with David Sereda's work. When you've got time on a nice cold rainy night,
    invite your soulmate to snuggle up and watch
    "Quantumn Communication" on Utube Parts one and two. it goes for about 2.5 hours
    It's a melancholy move through the world of what people refer to as the
    LAW OF ATTRACTION yet much more informative and extrapolated

    This version I believe is not pirated cause of the high Quality
    You'll Love Davids work and will see what I mean about communicating styles.
    The research is backed and cross linked by fellow Accredited Scientists across the Globe.
    What should interest you is their findings regarding faster than light frequencies associated
    with the transmission of LOVE from person to person, where you can actually see the force
    leave the region of the heart and enter the other person.

    Well I got to chat with him and sent him a copy of my table, in return he sent me an ebook
    titled 'Gods Great Pyramid,' which is right up our alley of harmonics and ratio's. Now in the movie
    you wouldn't think him as much of a bible scholar but when you read his book he gets deep
    into Linguistics which I've been bang'n on for years.
    Sorry for the belated relook of your post Mad Max....

    Agreed, Yes, love does go faster than light speed, love has no bounds, and extrapolates beyond light speed, meaning also time. Love is eternal and only is possible if it is Gods Love.... Jesus. He has to give it to us, and we have to receive it and use it wisely, but its not us its HIM.

    And Yes, the answer to some of these queries and mysteries is attraction, including sexual attraction... two becoming one as in the First be fruitful and multiply (do math)...I mean get it together, male and female, and reproduce

    And agreed, there is a literal force coming from our hearts, that can be seen (or felt in or under the right conditions, because love is real and the Lord can measure it and give it according to our literal heart condition) All parts of our body are by design, and the heart is no different, we are unique and divinely made in His Image. The heart is more than a mere organ, a mere blood pumper.....

    I'll try to read more not so Mad Max

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    Taking my posts elsewhere and saving.... them for online

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