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    Alright so I think I understand why the Center Word(s) (CW) are so important in the codes now.
    It represents the "Heart" of each verse.

    And if you guys have paid some attention here well then you know that the codes in each verse is usually defined by its verse order, but there are exceptions since the codes can also be defined by verse & chapter numbers also.

    So that is why we see the CW (Heart) of the first (1 stands for God) verse is "Aleph & Tav" (Jesus).

    And if you go to Vs(151 "Jesus Christ" (A=1 B=2 C=3)) then you see that the CW there = 30 "Lamed" ל (The 12th Hebrew letter).
    - This letter is considered the "Heart" of the Hebrew alphabet since it is 1 out of 2 Center letters of the 22 letters.
    - This letter is also said to represent the King of Kings (Jesus) & it is the tallest letter of the Hebrew Alphabet.

    Here is the source where I read about Lamed and there is a lot more info on this letter here:

    So it really makes sense then why the CW method has so many incredible codes. I knew that this method was important (because of the results) but its good to be able to finally explain why it was so important.

    And this also applies to center letters (CL) also, that's why the CL of Gen 1:1 = 41 "God" (Heb ord)

    So knowing this great wisdom here opens up some nice connections when we look at the Hebrew spelling of:
    "The Lord God" יהוה אלהים
    - First & last letters of this name is: 10 + 40 = 50 (center letters added of the Hebrew Alphabet) = 23 "Aleph & Tav" + 27 "A & Z"
    - Center letter (heart) of this name = 1 "Aleph" (1 stands for God while the letter "Aleph" is said to represent strength and leadership)
    - First, last & center letter = 51 "hiding" (A=1 B=2 C=3) = Pri(8) + Pri(8) + Pri(8) (888 = Jesus) = 3 first stars added (1+13+37)
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    Alright guys, new version of the 777 Holograph & the 888 Holograph. New connections found and thus new versions. But I have removed a couple of things there since it will be saved for the release of the book.

    And be careful to study the Holographs because if there is some numbers you see there that are not explained then the answer to those numbers is usually found somewhere else in that image.

    And I really doubt that I wiil need to change things in those Holograps ever again.
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    Hi guys, I have taken the choice to go through verses from verse nr 1 and upwards.
    But my book will have a lot of integrations too so its not just verse for verse there.
    But how many verses would you guys like to see?
    The 1st chapter, 100 first verses or more ?

    Let me know, I have decided to go through the 1st chapter at least since I think I am ready for it now.
    I am already on verse nr 4. And I try do dedicate 1 page each for each verse (except Gen 1:1). But it's going to be made in A4 pages so I can get a lot of info on 1 page.

    I won,t use the same methods in every verse but the methods like TV, FLL, CW, 3 CL, 3 CW... will always be there.
    But i want to give you guys a example so Here is verse nr 2 and i don't know if i will be using all the connections there, But i kind of perfect the images in time, so this is kind of a rough version. The numbers 27 & 52 are very easy to misconnect since they connect to some very important words like "Messiah", "light", "riddle", "codes" so i may have misconnected on those numbers a few times.

    - Pi (3,14....) is dentoted with "π" the 16th Greek letter which has a value of 80.
    - The Golden Ratio (1,618...) is denoted with "φ" the 21st Greek letter whch has a value of 500.

    It is virtually impossible for me to use the actual greek letters in the images if I ever want to finish the book so I address them in English.
    So "Pi" (Gr ord) = 16 --- "Pi" (Gr sta) = 80
    And "Phi" (Gr ord) = 21 --- "Phi" (Gr sta) = 500

    Name:  2.png
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    Alright ladies and gentlemen, after a break from the codes I have been working on the Holographs that I shared on the first page of this thread.
    Because I always misconnected a few details here and there. But I can ensure you guys now that the 777 & 888 Holographs are 100% complete and correct for the first time in history.

    The completed version of the 666 Holograph can wait until the book since there are a few small details there that I misconnected, but nothing too serious since I just missed "Alpha" encoded there twice, but we have so much of the Alpha (The-fine structure constant) in the 777 Holograph now that it is mind-blowing anyway. But the whole 777 Holograph is truly magnificent in every detail, I have even reworked the total values and added more there.

    The 888 Holograph has also been added codes to the Total value and it needed fixing of misconnections in the Holograph.

    Be sure to check these Holographs out now and share.

    Link to first page of this thread that displays the Holographs of 666, 777 & 888

    And Richard, if you ever wanted to review the 777 & 888 Holographs, then now is a good time to do it. This thread was made because of the Holographs of 666, 777 & 888 after all because of a discussion we had about possible verse integrations in the Bible.
    Thanks for sharing. I'll let you know what I think after reviewing them.

    All the best,

    Oh and I almost forgot; there is a connection to the Golden Holograph in the end of image with the total value of the 777 Holograph.
    That Golden Holograph is being held back until my upcoming book in released.
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    I never should have said that the 777 Holograph was 100% complete there, because I kind of figured out some very important new details. I mean I did not understand that God considered the reduced gematria system (that goes from 1 to 9 & starts over on 1 again) that much.

    So once again for maybe the 50th time (i have lost count), the 777 Holograph is redone.
    But i truly hope that i am finished with it now.

    Over 100 Hours has gone into this image ladies and gentlemen.
    Over 2 years would pass until I would get this gem finished. That just tells you how much God loves his riddles and how detailed He is.
    And God goes very far when it comes to his precious Seal of God (777).

    red = reduced.

    Go to the first page to see the results for the total value.

    Name:  777 Holograph (Medium).png
Views: 57
Size:  745.5 KB
    Now I picked the mathematical connections in the 5 first combinations. But these are messages also:
    - Combo nr 1 = 137 "In the beginning" (Eng ord)
    - Combo nr 2 = 474 "Knowledge" דעת
    - Combo nr 3 = 628 "The Seal of God" (Heb ord + sta)
    - Combo nr 4 = 444 "The seven hundred seventy and seven" (A=26 B=25 C=24)
    - Combo nr 5 = 414 "Reward" (A=6 B=12 C=18)
    - Combo nr 6 = 338 (38 "Alpha" (Eng ord))
    - Combo nr 7 = 591 "Ark of God" (Heb & Eng sta) = mirror of 195 "seven seven seven" (Eng ord)
    - Combo nr 8 = 561 "Thirty Seven" (A=37 B=38 C=39) [37 = "Seal" (Eng ord) & it displays numbers 3 & 7)
    - Combo nr 9 = 160 "Codes" קודים

    Richard found out that the Hebrew for "(The)Ark of God" ארון אלהים
    = 343 (7X7X7)
    Now "Ark of God" in English standard = 200 + 48 "the Seal" החתם (ord).
    So adding the standard value of "Ark of God" in both Hebrew & English is: 343 + 248
    = 591 (7th Combo of the 777 Holograph)
    = 100X5 "the" + 13X7 (137)
    = mirror of "seven seven seven" (Eng ord)
    = Pri(3 "Father") X Pri(46 "codes") --- 3X46 = 1 "α" + 137 (Inverse α)

    So what do you guys think about this ?

    Because this is my favorite Holograph so I really wonder what people think about this.
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    Now i want to share a bit info about the fact that number 1 is the first prime and NOT number 2; like the world today thinks it is. Mankind used to consider number 1 as the first prime until the 1800's and then they changed their mind.
    And there are many people on this website who thinks that number 2 is the first prime, but i know the codes better than most people here so i will set the record straight once and for all.

    So let's start with the Center Word of Genesis 1:1 which is "Aleph & Tav" את with a value of
    = 401 = Pri(80 "Pi" π)

    So we see Pi in "Aleph & Tav" since the standard value of the Greek letter "Pi" π= 80
    (Go to page 1 of this thread and check the Alphabet table if you are confused or new to the concept of gematria)

    Now Pi is found down to 5 digits in Genesis 1:1 (Check the Firmament Holograph on Page 1) & even the factors added of the total value of Gen 1:1 is: 37+73 = Composite nr 80 "Pi"

    Alright so you may think "that's some interesting connections but it's not proof"
    Ok, but if we go to verse nr 401 "Aleph & Tav" we see that the total value
    = 1601 = 161 (3 digits The Golden Ratio which is denoted as the Greek letter "Phi" φ) with 0 removed

    So if you are one of the millennials like me then you may now think "But that was not Pi"
    But Pi & Phi are connected through the Golden Spiral. Google/Youtube it.

    So you see what God is doing here, the FLW (First, Last Words added) of Vs(401) = 397 = Pri(79 "Pi" (Eng sta))
    The Greek ordinal of "Pi" π = 16
    And we see the CW (Center Word) of Vs(401) = (Gr ord) "Pi" 16 X 23 "Aleph & Tav" (Heb ord)

    So if you have some good eyes you might see that number 1 is the first prime already. But I know how I have to spoon feed some of you before you understand/believe. And yes the method God is using by extended digits and removing 0's on numbers are valid. He does use these methods to be effective.

    So if we go the Genesis 1:1 again and add the words surrounding the Center Word gives: 86 "God" + 395 "the heaven"
    = (Heb ord) "one" 13 X 37 "wisdom" (Heb ord) = Pri(13) X Pri(7) = 80 "Pi" + Pri(80 "Pi")

    And if you count the Center Word by rotation in cycles by the nr of words in Genesis 1:1 it hits the order of:
    46 "codes" (Eng ord) & 137 (Inv. α) ---- (Inverse Alpha) 1/137,03599 = 0,00729.... (Alpha)
    so the Pri(13) X Pri(7) connection there was deliberate.

    Alright so we now saw the CW of Gen 1:1 = Pri(80 "Pi")
    & the W. surr. CW = 80 "Pi" + Pri(80 "Pi")

    Now Pi is actually found several times in Genesis 1:1 but it won't help the prime question here too much.

    But I found out that the ordinal value of Vs(401 "Aleph & Tav" = Pri(80 "Pi"))
    = 314 (3 digits of Pi)

    See now there should be no debate about this anymore. Number 1 is the first prime and we see it.
    But I will continue a bit more since I can.

    So now go to Vs(2741 = Pri(401 "Aleph & Tav"))
    - TV = (Eng red) "Alpha" 10 X 424 "Aleph & Tav" (Heb ord + sta)
    - FLW = 257 "and said" (Heb sta)
    - CW = 401 "Aleph & Tav"
    - FLCW = 7X 94 "created Alpha" (Eng ord)
    - W. surr. CW = 586 = 1 "α" + 5 "ε" + 80 "π" + 500 "φ" (Check the Firmament Holograph if you think this is random)
    - 3 CW = 100X9 "and" δε + 87 "Phi" (Eng sta) = (210 "seven seven seven" (A=26) = ordinal value of the only Vs made up of 777) + 777

    See all of this really makes too much sense for it to be random.
    But that is just my opnion, i try to let the calculations speak for themself.

    So the 2nd word of Gen 1:1 is "created" with a value of 203 = 7X29 (Alpha = 0,00729...)
    (Alpha is the First(1) letter of the Greek Alphabet and Gen 1:1 is verse nr 1)
    - Count the 2nd word "created by rotation by the nr of words & it hits the order of 37 "wisdom" & 401 "Aleph & Tav".
    - Total values added of Vs(7121 = Pri(913 "in the beginning" = 729 by rot. of Gen 1:1)) & Vs(1231 = Pri(203 "created" = 7X29))
    = 2X(4729 (47 "God of" (Eng ord) merged with 729 (Alpha)) = Pri(639 = Comp-ord(777)))

    - Integration of Vs(97 = Pri(26 "The Lord")) & Vs(439 = Pri(86 "God")) - TV = 10X 673 (6 "and" --- 73 "wisdom")
    - FLW = 352 "In the beginning God created everything" (Eng ord)
    - CW = 401 "Aleph & Tav"
    - FLCW = 700 + 53 "Torah" (Heb ord) = Pri(3 "Father") X Pri(55 "God" (A=26)) --- 3X55 = 165 "Thirty Seven" (Eng ord))
    - W. surr. CW = 781 "wisdom" (Gr sta)
    - 3 or 4 CW = 1182 "The Fine-Structure Constant" (A=37 B=38 C=39)
    = "One Hundred and Thirty Seven, Seven Hundred and Twenty Nine and Seven Hundred Seventy and Seven" (A=26 B=25 C=24)
    = 182 (7X 26 "The Lord"/"God") with extended digit

    37 "Seal" (Eng ord) = Pri(13 "of God" אל (ord))

    Hope this was enough for you guys to clear this matter. If not, then there is always more though so guess you will have to wait for the book if you need more than this.
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    Alright Richard, fixed the 666 Holograph and added a lot more to the total value.
    So I think it is finished now.

    and you may review the Holographs of 666, 777 & 888 now.

    There are also new versions of the Creation Holograph and the English Genesis 1:1 on page 1.
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    And it is time to let people here including Richard understand why "The heart of Wisdom" is so important in Genesis 1:1

    So we believed including myself that the Heart of Wisdom was number 37.

    Well that was a jump. Since it is not number 37, but Alpha (The-fine-structure constant: 1/137.035999 = 0,0072979)
    Now if you are new to the codes the that might sound strange but if you read the first page of this thread then you will see how important Alpha is in the codes, you can't miss it.

    So Richard found out the Hebrew values for "The Heart" = 19 (ord) = 37 (sta)
    while "of Wisdom" = 37 (ord) = 73 (sta)

    And he found patterns to these connections which he displays in the Creation Holograph.
    He though that he hit the mark there; and I guess you guys can't understand how that feels
    But I have done this many many times also so I understand it perfectly.

    And it was a really intriguing connection. But wrong, 37 is not the Heart of Wisdom.
    Since we see that the ordinal values added of the "The Heart of Wisdom" = 56 "created" (Eng ord)
    and the standard values added of "The Heart of Wisdom" = 110 "Alpha" (Eng sta)

    See this is the Heart of Wisdom, and this opens up one of Gods great riddles of the codes; that the verse orders are the main method that defines the codes of each verse. Since Genesis 1:1 is Verse nr 1 "α" (Alpha). So Alpha is indeed the more correct answer to what The Heart of Wisdom is.
    And Alpha is considered as the most mysterious number in physics and it is also considered the most important number in physics.

    Even number 3773 = Palindrome nr 137 (inv. α)
    And 73/37 = 1.9729729729729 (19 "and" (Eng ord) --- 729 (Alpha))
    - Total value of Vs(1 "α") = 37X73 = 729 (α) + 1972 "Mystery of God" (Eng sta)
    = CW of Vs(110 "Alpha" (Eng ord)) + TV of Vs(58 "Seal of"/"Science" (Eng ord))
    = (Heb ord) "Reward" 52 X 37 "of Wisdom" (Heb ord) + 777

    Now there is a lot more In Genesis one one about Alpha but you can read most of it in the first page here.
    Now there is a ultimate riddle, & there is a ultimate code in the Torah that compliments each other.
    You will find a lot of references to them in the first page of this thread, even in my version of the Creation Holograph.
    But I am saving it for the book.
    But If you have excellent eyes and do the right thing, then you might find it out. Because you can't find it out just by reading my material, you need to check something else to understand it so don't waste too much time on trying to find it out.
    Now number 37 is important in all of this but not because of "The Heart of Wisdom". It is there because it is a code number of 777.
    And we see a lot of connections between Alpha & 777 in my work & this is the first step to the ultimate code ladies and gentlemen.
    Yet there several steps you need to take before you know it. Good luck trying to find it out; but I guess I have given you enough details now to make it possible for a few of you to find it. But it won't be too long until you can read about it in my book anyway.
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    Exodus 35:10,

    And every wise hearted person among you shall come and make everything that the Lord has commanded:

    וְכָל־חֲכַם־לֵ֖ב בָּכֶ֑ם יָבֹ֣אוּ וְיַֽעֲשׂ֔וּ אֵ֛ת כָּל־אֲשֶׁ֥ר צִוָּ֖ה יְהֹוָֽה,

    "v'chol-chacham-lev bachem yavo v'ya'asu et kol ashet tzivah hashem"

    Exodus 36:2,

    And Moses called Bezalel and Oholiab and every wise hearted man into whose heart the Lord had given wisdom, everyone whose heart lifted him up to approach the work to do it.

    וַיִּקְרָ֣א משֶׁ֗ה אֶל־בְּצַלְאֵל֘ וְאֶל־אָֽהֳלִיאָב֒ וְאֶל֙ כָּל־אִ֣ישׁ חֲכַם־לֵ֔ב אֲשֶׁ֨ר נָתַ֧ן יְהֹוָ֛ה חָכְמָ֖ה בְּלִבּ֑וֹ כֹּ֚ל אֲשֶׁ֣ר נְשָׂא֣וֹ לִבּ֔וֹ לְקָרְבָ֥ה אֶל־הַמְּלָאכָ֖ה לַֽעֲשׂ֥ת אֹתָֽהּ

    "vayikra moshe el-b'tzalel v'el-oholiav v'el kol-ish chocham-lev asher natan hashem chochmah b'libbo kol asher n'sao libbo l'karvah el ham'lacha la'asot otah"

    So it's not about "the heart of wisdom" but about "the wisdom in (of) the heart" given by Hashem (= the Lord) -- according to Revelation 13:18 : ωδε ἡ σοφία ἐστίν "Here is the wisdom"
    which would be Hebrew "hinneih hachochmah"

    It's a gift, a present, something for free, gratis.

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