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    If you you like to keep it then why not. I would prefer you delete it because I had several misconnections here and errors.
    I called the fine structure constant for "a Alpha", when it should be "Alpha".
    Buts its funny how it summed to three numbers are connected to 777. (39, 111, 123)
    - 39 = Pri-ord(7) + Pri-ord(7) + Pri-ord(7) = "One Lord"
    - 111 = 3X 37 (code number for 777) = "Wonderful"
    - 123 = Pri(Compo(7)) + Pri(Compo(7)) + Pri(Compo(7))

    So at least people will know what the numbers may represent here. I copied the reply with that info into the first page, so that people will see it from the beginning where I went wrong.

    But I am looking forward to hear from your again, its been a while since we last had any conversation.

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    Jan 2010
    Melbourne, Australia

    My Bad

    Thanks for re clarifying the purpose of the thread and that the dialogue was for
    your own research,
    and yes I understand busy, I've been away from the forum for some time and
    popped in for some feedback so I missed the point.

    We've had a lot of people here in the past trying to convince Richard of the legitimacy
    of English Gematria and they just wouldn't let up, so when I noticed 260 posts since
    March I kind of felt you may have been one of the boisterous Forum Hoggers whom
    can be as bad as a troller or disinformationalist, thus in my haste I misjudged your angle.

    For that I apologise

    And by all means may your simplification and clarity improve with every step,
    theres some incredible talent at this site, it is my hope that the gleanings your
    receiving will help turn your work into a masterpiece.

    However for the forums sake please try to limit the need for a lengthy thread

    little updates with the latest missing links to the point in reference, or juicy bits,
    on occasion makes it a better read for all.

    Just to fill you in, my beliefs are that:
    We and everything else exist in a sea of harmonics or synchronicities
    expressed in infinite forms (yes including English gematria, backmasking and occult practices)
    leaving fingerprints that never get erased (totally opposed to Hawkings views)
    within an infinite universe whereinwhich every finite particle breaths (expands and contracts)

    and that according to the laws of Symmetry
    the Entire Universe combined is Asymmetric,
    which implies that if there is Dimension there Must also be a state of Non Dimension
    which further implies that non Dimension (which is Infinite) over rides/rules Dimension (which is Finite)

    The Holy Bible claims that God is:
    and outside of Dimension

    This in my mind is Logically Sound and Proof of Gods existence.

    (C) Copyright Michael Banjanin 2018

    How any logical mind can pass this as random, would best be described by this classic quote;
    "Not being able to See the Forest for the Tree's."

    I put this conclusion together around 2010 and have recorded it Here and Now at the Bible Wheel for the First time in the Public
    Domain; not in spite, but out of respect to our colleague, moderator and friend Richard.
    It is my belief that Everything that retains the breath of God will return to God, even Satan:
    only he's got to go the long way around ;)

    I fear not for Richard, indeed I have great faith that as our rights for freedom of choice shall diminish over the next 9 years
    his reasoning that, "a Good God should not allow bad things to happen to Good people, thus implying that God doesn't exist,
    will change.
    In fact I believe to such a degree that his new found faith in God and through Christ alone, outside of religion;
    Is The only Truth and that he will be an even greater torch bearer for the truth than ever before.

    Now I know it seems like I'm contradicting myself by now talking about proof of God, but since I brought it up last,
    it dawned on me that I had never vetted that logic and figured now is as good a time as any.

    But on a different thread and in an appropriate location, wherever Richard suggests.

    For you Alex, just a bit of insight as to where I'm coming from, since realising you cannot spare the time atm to wander around
    to get acquainted with us.
    I am interested in understanding this Holographic relationship if thats the best way to describe what your really showing.
    So I'm looking forward to seeing this book completed, which no doubt will put many questions to rest.

    God bless you

    Last edited by Mad Mick; 01-06-2018 at 12:42 PM. Reason: grammar
    So were you worth it?
    Seriously think about it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . were you worth dying on the cross for?

  3. #383
    No need to apologize mick. I can understand that you jumped to conclusions about me here.
    his thread can be a bit chaotic & lacking of some direction at some points. But this thread was made as a product of a conversation of me and Richard, so I kind of threated this thread as a open conversation to the ones interested. But I saw some potential to test my codes here also.

    But as for following Jesus Christ, then you are correct.
    The only problem is that many people does not know how to follow Jesus, and I did not even do that.
    I have not considered my self as a follower of Jesus Christ in my life. I considered myself a believer.
    That is 2 different things, I found that out around 1 month ago.
    I started off believing in the 7th day Adventists, around my twenties.
    I believed in the Restored Church of God, being the correct church until around 1 year ago also.
    And that is a good example of my state in being in this age, trying to find the truth.

    So now I basically know that I do not have the Holy Spirit. At least I don't think I have.

    But I am very convinced that God has put it in me to do these codes. He has also given me some signs, using numbers.

    When I was In Scotland, working on a fishing boat from the start of April to the mid of June in 2016.
    My new Libara telephone number that I got there (since it was cheaper to call to Norway with)
    started with the number 777.
    Not only that but the flight ticked number back home to Norway was number 70777.
    I had showed some codes to some of the crew on the beat, just for fun but when I showed one of them that number on the flight ticket; he said: "that is God" and pointing upwards.

    When I not long ago finished to very special Holographs that has 777 in them, I saved all my images that I have made + other images in my codes folder. And guess how many images I had in my folder; It was 777.
    I even screenshotted it 10 seconds into compressing the folder for extraction.
    And that was not deliberate. Since I don't save my files like that too often, so I had no clue about how many images I had before that.

    But to understand my Holographs here should not be too hard. But it can be a bit confusing.
    But its about connections. As for methods, then it seems that there are many.
    But I am starting to see that there are some methods that stands a bit stronger in my opinion,
    Like Total values, center words, & the first & last words. Even first, last & center words added.
    A lot of amazing stuff has been found there (by me at least).

    But my main purpose in mainly to understand the codes & in my research I see that English gematria is a big Key to make sense of it all.

    Richard described me well when I said that "I an the kind of person that goes through ALL info".
    And he is right, I am trying to make sense of it all. And that is very very hard.
    I kind of try to go figuring out number for number, bun I have come a long way now.

    But I still have some questions and numbers that I am not satisfied with.
    Like number 711. I suspect that there is a word that this is attached to in English. But I do not know the word(s).
    And number 316 (CW of Vs(777)), that is on the top of my list now. I suspect now after finding something special yesterday, that it is the value of a special word in English Standard. But I am having problems finding the word. But that will maybe get easier when I learn computer programming.

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    Jan 2010
    Melbourne, Australia

    Begin complete Catalogue

    I mentioned briefly to Sylvius that he would be the perfect candidate to do a complete
    Catalogue from verse one onwards for its only then can the patterns be fully expressed.

    Consider the Strongs concordance, it wouldn't be half as good unless all the words were catalogued

    It's the same with any math construct

    That's why E8 was so important
    Garret Lisi began an arduous task of arranging the polynomials
    And as expected showed a beautiful symmetry once arranged
    Within the confines of 3d space

    It was surely a breakthrough

    Yet the disinformationalists quickly tried to cut it to shreds by stating it was pointless
    Which is most further from the truth

    The Establishment or Globalists don't want people to be able to predict anything
    Thus Garret to keep the peace and any respect pulled away from the study
    Which is a great shame.

    But in the scheme of things WE can carry on

    YOU have a passion at the moment which is the best time to do the mundane task of

    It has to be done

    That's what makes the Bible wheel so good
    EVERY link is found under its correct position or spoke

    YOU need to create a database which a community of fellow researchers can add their input
    to help with the process.

    I'm doing the same thing with cataloguing the universe beginning with the elements
    It's an infinite process but hopefully in this life time at least I would like to get this database up and running
    that will allow input from moderated sources to add their expertise to the whole.

    Like the HIVE
    Why should the CIA have a monopoly on group think?

    We are The Block Chain!
    & its time we really start to work and function like ONE

    We need to encourage one another not to give up!

    What I'm doing is bringing it all together

    Keepgoing the work your doing is imperative to our understanding of natural symmetries
    Just like Russel, Shauberger, Marko Rodin and the the Rodin Coil, now continued with Randy Powell with Vortex Math,
    A worthwhile study gathers momentum,

    I'd b trying to convince people like Sylvius to amalgamate under a new platform and link it to the Bible Wheel for there are millions of people who believe in what you are doing,
    Start a new site but just remember to come back occasionally and keep us here in the loop

    Triple Blessings to you
    Last edited by Mad Mick; 01-11-2018 at 04:43 PM. Reason: Spelling
    So were you worth it?
    Seriously think about it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . were you worth dying on the cross for?

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    Jan 2010
    Melbourne, Australia
    If English or any gematria can show signs outside of random
    Ie. deliberate design, then so too the modern day construct of
    chapter and verse number.

    I wouldn't be surprised if 316 was linked to John 3:16
    The most quoted verse in the Second Testament ;)
    Last edited by Mad Mick; 01-11-2018 at 04:46 PM. Reason: Spelling
    So were you worth it?
    Seriously think about it . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . were you worth dying on the cross for?

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    You know I though about going trough verse for verse from the start, since yes; its all connected.

    But lets say I only go through the 100 first verses.
    Then I will miss a lot, since you find great stuff when you integrate verses.
    So I am unsure of how to actually make this book. I can sort of pick and choose what to connect.

    You are not the first one to bring up John 3:16 to be the main connection to 316.
    But let me show you why I think that number is connected to a word in English standard:
    CW of the verse found in Book nr 7 chapter nr 7, verse nr 7 (Judges 7:7)
    = 461 ("In the beginning" in English standard)

    316 + 461 = 777

    The only word In English standard I have found that is made up of 316 is "bright".
    316 = 4X 79 "light" (A=26 B=25 C=24) = 2X 158 "The Center Word" (A=1 B=2 C=3)
    79 = "Pi" in English Standard = Prime nr 23 "Aleph & Tav" (Heb ord)

    So its a puzzle. And I am not sure what 316 means. But since there is a standard connection in the CW of Judges 7:7 & it gets 777 when added with the CW of verse nr 777, can be seen as a indication that the CW of Vs(777) has a standard connection to it.
    But I think I need to do some more digging on it.
    Since I do not think the word is "bright". The message is then "In the beginning" + "bright".
    And that does not seem right in my eyes. It seems more logical that "light" 79 is a more fitting connection here. But 316 could be the value of another significant word so I am not sure about it.

    And here is something on 711 that I just found. I can't really tell you why number 711 is so important but it keeps showing up:
    FLCW of Vs(26 "The Lord") & Vs(86 "God") = 2X 711 = CW of Vs(711)

    I will hopefully find out what the meaning is about of the two numbers in the future.
    Last edited by Desmild; 01-15-2018 at 03:36 AM.

  7. #387
    But here is where it gets kind of strange.

    The only connection in English standard I can find to 711, is "a Alpha, Pi, e, Golden Ratio"
    = 711

    And I know that calling the Fine-structure constant for "a Alpha" was a jump.
    But if you think about it, its not that big of a jump since if you use the traditional term for it "Alpha" (First letter of the Gr Alphabet), well how are you going to distinguish between that first letter or the Fine-structure constant ??

    So I just did a little digging on number 711, because I just checked a lot of titles & names of God & Jesus in the Eng stand system, with no hits. Straight away after checking the words I found this out:

    Total value of verse nr 711
    =(1000+711)X3 + 137 (Inverse a) + 729 (a) + 314 (Pi) + 271 (e) + 1618 (Golden Ratio)

    So now I am starting to think that that there is a possibility that God is using "a Alpha" to encode the fine structure constant. Maybe He did that just because he knew that I was going to see it or use it; or I just had a moment of brightness thinking about it.
    Last edited by Desmild; 01-18-2018 at 03:53 AM.

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    Ok so to finally put an end to the mysterious number 711. This number has been a big puzzle for me.

    711 = "a Alpha, Pi, e, Golden Ratio" (Eng standard)
    711 = 3X 237 "the light" (Heb)

    Now God has taken both these connections in consideration.

    Verse nr 711
    - Nr of words = 8+8+8
    - Nr of letters = Pri(26)
    - TV = 3X(1000+711) + 137+729+314+271+1618
    - FLW = Pri(69 = Factor of Tri(137))
    - CW= 2X 711 = 2X3 X 237 = FLCW of Vs(26) & Vs(86)
    - FLCW = 1000 + Star(7) + Star(7) + Star(7) = 1+3+7 X 25 "Pi" (A=1 B=2 C=3)
    - First word + CW = 10X 37+137
    - Last word + CW = 1441 = Palindrome nr 114 (Mirror of 137X3) = 1+3+7 X Pri((1+3+7)X3)
    - The first word of this verse = 318 "The Fine Structure Constant" (A=1 B=2 C=3)
    - The last word = 19 (Physical Manifestation) = Factor of Tri(37)
    - The first word counted by rotation hits the numbers: 73, Pri(137) & 913 "In the beginning" (Heb)

    Verse nr (3069 = 137+729+314+271+1618)
    - TV = 1278 "The Lord God" in the 4 basic English systems
    - Nr of words = 10 (3+7) = Nr of words in Eng Gen 1:1
    - Nr of letters = (1+3+7)X3
    - FLW = 87 (mid-point of 37 & 137) = CW of Vs(44 "in my heart" (Heb) = nr of letters in Eng Gen 1:1)
    - CW = 184 "Thirty and Seven" (A=1 B=2 C=3)
    - FLCW = 271 (e)
    - First word + CW = Pri(44)
    - Last word + CW = 3+1+4 X (1+3+7)X3
    - The first word of this verse = 7
    - The last word of this verse = 80 (Prime order of 401 "Aleph & Tav")
    - The third word of this verse = 318 "The Fine Structure Constant" (A=1 B=2 C=3)
    - Counting the third word by rot. hits the numbers: (1+3+7)X3, 73, 203 & 913 "In the beginning"

    Verse nr 711 & verse nr (137+729+314+271+1618) integrated
    - TV = 40X 237 "the light"
    - Nr of letters & words added = (A+Z) 27 + 137 "In the beginning" = CW of Vs(26 "The Lord"/"God")
    - FLW = 2X 212 "light" (37th word that starts with letter nr 137) = 23 + 401 (ord & stand of "Aleph & Tav")
    - CW = 22X73 (Prime nr 22 = 73)
    - FLCW = 10X 203 "created" (37th word by rotation in Gen 1:1)
    - First word + CW = 1931 = Pri(Pri-ord(7) X Pri(7+2+9) = FLCW of Eng Gen 1:1 in reverse ord)
    - Last word + CW = (The Golden Ratio) 1618 + CW of Vs(44 "In my heart")

    And if someone thinks that I cherry picked the last one here:
    - (Pi) 314 + (e) 271 + 1618 (Golden Ratio) = TV of Vs(44 "In my heart")

    So after seeing all this makes it obvious (to me at least) that "a Alpha" is valid.

    "a Alpha, Pi, e, Golden Ratio" (A=1 B=2 C=3) = 189 (7X27)

    TV of Vs(189) & Vs(711)
    = (A=1 B=2 C=3) "Bible Codes" 76 X 153 "The Golden Ratio" (A=1 B=2 C=3)

    Last edited by Desmild; 01-18-2018 at 02:41 AM.

  9. #389
    Ok, guys. Found the main connection to number 316.

    Check the new version of the 777 Holograph on page 1. There is also a new version of the 888 Holograph, Foundation Holograph & the 7 reflected verses of Gen 1:1.

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    Richard, what do you think about the fact that number 777 is the Seal of God ??
    I was not sure of that before, but I'm quite convinced now.

    Here is a little clue to it.
    - "Seal" (A=1 B=2 C=3) = 37
    - "of God" (Eng stand) = 137

    Number 37 is a code number for 777.
    Like number 36 is a code number for 666.

    But for me the proof of that is how it is found in the Bible.
    And there are many ways of finding it. But it's how I keep finding it that gives it out as the Seal of God.
    Every time I find it, its a incredible connection. So I have no doubt anymore about number 777.

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