Report: judge-granted FISA warrant defined Donald Trump as a Russian agent of influence

By Bill Palmer | March 26, 2017

Four and a half months ago, former British Parliament member and current political journalist Louise Mensch reported that she had an inside source confirming a FISA eavesdropping warrant which covered the Donald Trump?s campaign ties to Russia. It was met with skepticism by some at the time, but events have since unfolded to vindicate her original reporting and sourcing. Now Mensch is finally able to reveal the four Trump campaign people covered in the warrant ? and Donald Trump himself is one of them.

As Mensch reported at the time, a judge issued the warrant against two Russian banks for alleged money laundering, not against any individual people ? but four people from the Trump campaign were named within that warrant (source: Heat Street). Now that Congressman Devin Nunes has announced on live television this week that someone in the White House is under surveillance, and now that Boris Epshteyn has abruptly resigned from the White House in the fallout from it, Mensch is confirming that Epshteyn was one of the four people named in the warrant. But it?s one of the other three names that sets off the biggest alarms.

In addition to Boris Epshteyn, the other three people in the Trump campaign who were named in the FISA warrant were Carter Page, Paul Manafort, and Donald Trump himself. For these four men to have been named in the FISA warrant granted by the judge, they would need to have been considered Russian agents, or Russian agents of influence.

In other words, back in October, a federal judge concluded that the FBI had sufficient evidence that Donald Trump was a (witting or unwitting) ?agent of influence? of the Russian government with regard to Russian money laundering. The sudden resignation of Boris Epshteyn amid the Devin Nunes meltdown suggests that Epshteyn was possibly still being surveilled under that warrant. Louise Mensch was right about this story in November, and she?s almost certainly right about it now. Her latest reporting on the matter is a must-read on her political news site Patribotics.