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Thread: help

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    anybody knows the # 153-634-135-153 means

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    Quote Originally Posted by beto View Post
    anybody knows the # 153-634-135-153 means
    Hey there beto,

    Welcome to our forum!

    Funny thing about the meaning of symbols. It all depends on context. For example, supposed you asked me the meaning of "trunk" - without further context, all I could do would be to list all possible meanings such as "bottom part of a tree" or "long nose of an elephant" or "storage compartment on an automobile" or "travelling luggage" or .... see what I mean? And if this is true of words which are defined in dictionaries, think how much more it is true of numbers of which there are no dictionaries with universally accepted definitions.

    So I'm sorry that I can't really give you a "meaning" to that string of digits. But I am curious ... what is it's origin, and why do you ask?

    Many blessings,

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