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If you are going to use this as a basis of logical discussion, then make sure there is no ambiguity in your propositions.

Logic is math, its SET THEORY or better stated it is SET LAW. You have to know math to make logical statements.

Its the geometry of inside and outside a boundary.

Logic is not semantics and tiwsting of words and definitions, and spiritualization into nothingness with or without time.

Logic makes sense and is straight forward and simple. Logic does not confuse but makes decisions and principles easy to understand.

Biblically, it is called precept upon precept..... or greater and greater wisdom with each new precept or law learned.

If your steps or laws are LAW and REAL, then you make headway.

If you have been illogical and unspiritual and devoid or mislead in your present circumstance, then you have to backtrack and find your error..LOGICALLY before yuou cvan make progress in that field or in your life.

Dont let the evolutionists, atheists, religionists, and agnostics use semantics and word twistings to confuse you, know your principles and stick with them and make progress.