The Angel Gabriel told him his wife would have a son!
All those years they'd waited, and now the time had come.
The baby was a gift from God who'd one day be a preacher
To lead the people to the Lord so they'd become new creatures.

Strange food, strange clothes, and odd behavior..
Why God would send a tiny babe to introduce the Savior!
Filled with the spirit from above; seeing the vision of the dove,
Immersing in water, getting them wet
Condemning their sins and making them fret.
This baby, like Elijah, would soon grow up to be
an example of a new name to go down in history!

It tongue-tied Zacharias--struck down by disbelief..
Until the day he named that name his dumbness caused him grief.
The new-name then was John--it hadn't been used before,
But now the name, above all others, is Jesus! He's the Door!

Now Our Head is up in heaven -- the Body's here on Earth!
A spiritual beheading that gives us all great mirth.
A story that's intriguing and never is x-rated..
From the Head that's up in heaven which has been decapitated!
He wants the Body to obey and carry out his wishes,
So we'll "be drawn from the water" too, like all the other fishes!

John the Baptist led the way, with his head on a silver platter,
The birthday party of Herod climaxed with that gruesome matter.
So the ‘Body of Christ’, (1Cor10:16), could know for sure ‘our Head’ was still intact,
And breathing fresh air in heaven upstairs, where flying is matter of fact!

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