God is a 'ROCK', Ps18 - the metaphor suggesting UNMOVABLE, but also a source of water in Ex17.
Abraham goes around digging wells, and his son Isaac has to re-dig them after those pesky Philistines cover them up. Moses strikes the rock in order to get water for his thirsty bunch. "Spring up, O Well" indeed! The writing of Scripture is being portrayed as Living Water!

"They have forsaken me, [GOD] the fountain of living water, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns that can hold no water".Jer2:13.
"I am poured out like water, and all my bones are out of joint.." Psalm 22:14

[Recite w gusto!]

A lyric poem by Bob Smith, Ana Glyfada Greece, 7/87

Christ is the Rock, and he's the answer, 1Cor10:4
He's the shining light.. Acts9:3
Christ is the Rock, Christ is the answer, Gen28:18
He's the Bread of Life. Jn6:51

They say that honey comes from bee's, but the answer's on my tongue.. Ps81:16
"I get my HONEY FROM THE ROCK, so I'm sure I won't get stung! Rev10:10
The honey that opened Jonathan's eyes has also opened mine, and the 1Sam14:29
Word of God now tastes so sweet that I crave it all the time! Pr24:13

They say that water comes from rain, and that it's mainly in the plain, Hos6:3
but I get my WATER FROM THE ROCK, so I will never thirst again. Ex17:6
It's not the water in the well; No, this comes from Galilee.. Jn4:14
It's been poured out from God above, so naturally it's free! Ps22:14

They say that oil lubricates, and is pumped up from the ground, Dt32:13
but I get my OIL FROM THE's a gusher that I've found! Job29:6
That old oil covered up the flesh, and messed up Aaron's beard, but you Ps133:2
need the new oil for your lamp, when the bridegroom does appear. Matt25

They say that fire burns and kills--it's definitely HOT...but the Judg6:21
Word of God tastes extra good with the (new) FIRE FROM THE ROCK! Judg13:20
Don't let your sacrifice get cold; No, keep it piping hot.. Rom12:1
On the altar for burnt offerings, with fire from the Rock. Gen22:7

Now they ate lamb, but we eat bread; as spirit succeeds flesh,
The STONE that they rejected has become our righteousness.
Follow first the fire, if you want to see the cloud; It's the
Great Light that follows the darkness that eliminates the shroud!

Samson's HONEY is in stock, for those who want it from the Rock,
and for those who'll take a stand, there's still the WATER of Naaman.
The OIL of gladness yet abounds in churches where the Rock is found..
So grab your Bible, light a shock...the FIRE still comes from the Rock!

Christ is the Rock, and he's the answer, Ps18:31
He's the firstfruit from the dead.. Lev23:10
Christ is the Rock, Christ is the answer, 1Cor15:24
He's the Lifter of my Head. Ps3:3

Jesus never said "I AM the Rock", (it isn't written) leaving that information for Paul to divulge in 1Cor10:4. Besides, it would have driven the Pharisees and Sadducees ballistic! He's the monolithic Rock who's the source of the honey, the anointing oil, the Living Water, and the Holy Ghost baptism! Like a diamond with many facets!

"They shall be mine, saith the LORD of hosts, in that day when I make up my jewels; and I will spare them, as a man spareth his own son that serveth him". Mal 3:17
So the Jewel Thief will be coming "as a thief in the night" to rapture his beloveds!