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Excellent work L67! That's a stunning example of how people delude themselves with confirmation bias, and spread their delusion to others.

1) The video was deliberately edited to exclude the data that would have made it clear what Rumsfeld was actually talking about.

2) Deluded conspiracy theorists accept whatever they think "confirms" their delusion without checking the facts and then spread the deception to other deluded conspiracy theorists.

Good work!
Richard, why do you always expose whenever a conspiracy theorist is proven false, but never address any of the proven accusations? Barbara Honegger lectured on how she interviewed this lady at the Pentagon for 2 hours, under oath:

The Toronto Hearings on 9/11- Barbara. Honegger Day 2
Eyewitnesses and Evidence of Explosions at the Pentagon

She also shows how two different Pentagon clocks, and this lady's wrist watch, all fried at the time of the explosion at the Pentagon, 9:31-32 AM (not the official 9:37:46). How would a jet do that? She also said that when she hit her on button for her computer, the computers in her area, all burst into flames.

What about the skilled air pilots that say they couldn't pull off what this bad Sessna trained pilot presumably succeeded in doing? Why not question the inability to fly a Boeing 757 at that altitude, or how it didn't rip up the grass with the underside of the jet? Why do you ignore all this, but seem all to ready to rally around a false video, as though that was the only fact under scrutiny?