When David heard what Goliath said, it made his blood to boil,
He determined then and there, that the giant's plan he would foil.
He told King Saul that he would fight--that he was not afraid,
And then the battle could be won, and Israel would be saved.

King Saul was concerned about David's youth--he was only a lad, so fair,
But David told him then that he'd already whipped the lion and the bear.
"God had delivered him then", he said, and He would do it again,
Because the battle between Good & Evil was for Israel to win.

So David prepared for the battle, and he tried on the armor of Saul,
But that armor hadn't been tested, he said; and it didn't fit him at all.
So he removed that armor, and instead took his sling and his staff,
and 5 smooth stones from the brook, to go up against the enemies wrath.

Then David marched out on the battlefield, while the Army of Israel waited
with bated breath, to see young David go up against the foe that they all hated.
Goliath stomped and raged as he saw the lad draw near,
And he cursed him in the name of his gods; but in David there was no fear...

You see, David was wearing the Armor of God, and in his mouth was a two-edged sword;
And he hurried forth to meet Goliath, in the name of his heavenly Lord.
He told him he'd take his head off, and feed his flesh to the birds;
That the Lord of Hosts, God of All-Israel, was with him to accomplish those words.

Then David loaded one of his stones, and began to whirl his sling;
..and he guaged the giant's position, and then the stone he did fling!
......It hit Goliath in the forehead--right between the eyes--
and he crashed to earth upon his face, amidst the enemies cries.
With Goliath's own sword, David cut off his head, while Israel shouted for joy;
That Uncircumcised Philistine was dead--cut down by a spirit-filled boy!

Why was King Saul agreeing to the Giant's terms? Why didn't he send out a SWAT team or dig an elephant pit? It really should have been King Saul's fight (cause he was a tall man), and why was he allowing young David to determine the fate of Israel? Put on the armor of God, Eph6, to fight the N.T. "giant" of sickness. Their adversaries were flesh and blood, but ours is the spiritual battle against sickness and ignorance of the Truth--an enemy bigger than any one man.