Genesis 6:15,

And this [is the size] you shall make it: three hundred cubits the length of the ark, fifty cubits its breadth, and thirty cubits its height.

fifty cubits its breadth = "chamishim ammah rachbah"

This song brought me an idea, long ago already:

The sizes of the ark spell the word "lashon" = tongue, language, just that they aren't given in the right order.

During the flood the ark is lifted up by the waters. The ark being submerged eleven cubits it has nineteen cubits above the surface (you can reckon after -- see Rashi on Genesis 8:4, ).

You also can reckon after that the waters at highest level were with 30 cubits above the earth. (Weinreb did). So it follows tah the ark came to touch the 50th cubit above the earth with it's top where the skylight was, "tsohar" --Genesis 6:16, You shall make a skylight for the ark, and to a cubit you shall finish it to the top.

I said: The bent "nun" changed there into an outstretched "nun".

Breadth = "rachav" - the visible reality disappears in the corners of your eyes.

"tsohar" is from root "tsahar/ "hitshir" = to press olives (to obtain the oil for the candle) --

Breadth = Greek πλάτος

cf. Mathew 7:13-14,

Εἰσέλθατε διὰ τῆς στενῆς πύλης: ὅτι πλατεῖα ἡ πύλη καὶ εὐρύχωρος ἡ ὁδὸς ἡ ἀπάγουσα εἰς τὴν ἀπώλειαν, καὶ πολλοί εἰσιν οἱ εἰσερχόμενοι δι' αὐτῆς: τί στενὴ ἡ πύλη καὶ τεθλιμμένη ἡ ὁδὸς ἡ ἀπάγουσα εἰς τὴν ζωήν, καὶ ὀλίγοι εἰσὶν οἱ εὑρίσκοντες αὐτήν.
“Enter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few.

narrow = Hebrew "tsar"

Rachav is also the name of the whore of Jericho.