KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR was kind of like Babylon he was the Head,
He ruled the people with a mighty hand, and brought them there to be fed.
Daniel and his 3 companions didn't like the food that was served at his table,
so they got special permission to eat only 'pulse'..
(at least that's what it said on the label..)

They seemed to get smarter and wiser on this special kind of food,
Except for the time they were thrown in the pot, and themselves were almost stewed!

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR almost had a seizure when Daniel told him his dream..
The man made of metal got him very unsettled--it was a sight unlike any he'd seen!
The heads of gold and silver and brass, walked on feet of iron and clay..
It was a totally new kind of body to him, and it nearly ruined his day!
It was kind of like Humpty-Dumpty, and all on account of a Stone...
The terrible image that went all to pieces, would in the latter days be known.

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR had all sorts of leisure, and he made a special decree,
that when he played his music, nobody could disagree.
He'd made a golden monument, sixty cubits high,
and he ordered the people to bow to it, or by fire they surely would die.
The 3 Hebrew children absolutely refused: they said to his face they would NOT,
so the king ordered the fire stoked, and for them to be thrown in the pot.

They went into the fire, but for sure they didn't burn; the fire didn't even harm their clothes!
God was with them in the pot and for them it wasn't hot, but it burned up all those other foes!

KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR was a funny old geezer; in Babylon he ruled all the land..
and finally God sent Daniel to tell him it wasn't simply by his own hand.
The ax would be taken to his roots, Daniel said..(telling the king he was a tree!)
and when he'd been taken down a notch, maybe then he would agree.

It wasn't completely hopeless, he said -- a root would still remain,
and after a period of probation, the king would be restored again.
It all came to pass like Daniel said, and to make the story short...
KING NEBUCHADNEZZAR finally took pleasure in giving God a glowing report!