Heaven's Light, romantic sight,
Moon waxing way up high.
Silently the evening falls
with hushes from the sky.

A carefree breeze among the leaves
scatters flickered light
Quiet descends and modestly lends
itself to the coming of night.

The heat of day has blown away
and left a cooling balm,
Now heaven in all her majesty
becomes a David's Psalm.

Orion marches overhead as the
Dippers circle North,
Arcturus, Polaris, the Milky Way,
A host of stars come forth!

Lightning bugs begin to strobe,
A cricket chirps from hiding.
The far-off yapping of a dog
intrudes the quiet now abiding.

Not everybody knows the peace
of an awesome silent night.
Not everybody knows The Truth...
Reflected in Holy Light.

Heaven's Light, so cool at night,
Waxing and waning all year...
Could we ever Rest in Peace
if the nightlight wasn't near?